Mar. 6, 2013

I Can't Believe I Agree With Rand Paul...

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) stood on the U.S. Senate floor on Wednesday March 6, 2013 and proceeded to protest John Brennan's confirmation hearing with an old school "Talking Filibuster." It was shades of "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."

Senator Paul was really protesting President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's flimsy assertion that the government has the right to kill American citizens on American soil with drones if there was an imminent threat. Paul repeatedly used the term "Non Combatants" in his rant. I 100% agree with Rand Paul on this issue.

By asserting the government's view that we could even POSSIBLY have these drones trolling American skies is a horrifying possibility. 

To use the Brennan confirmation as a format is another matter. I don't like the ocassion, but I wholly agree with the sentiment. The cable news outlets were immediately spinning Paul's filibuster for whatever their agendas are. MSNBC had a correspondent say the Paul was "shoring up his base for 2016" Presidential bid. Who knows, who caresd. Maxine Waters (D-Ca) called it disgraceful to hold up this nomination. I disagree. The senate's job is to "Advise and Consent." If Paul or ANY senator has questions, they have the right to obstruct until they get those answers.

I have NOT agreed with Rand Paul on anything in his two years in the senate, but on this day he was making sense to me.

He and his father former Texas Rep. Ron Paul have tries to fight their Libertarian good fight for years. A lot of their ideas are dopey to me, but they know their shit about due process. They do have expertise in some areas and should be listened to. They have earned that right. We don't have to agree, but we should probably hear them out.

I am certainly not a fan of the Tea Party, but in it's essence there are principles that they adhere to. I admire that.

What I don't admire is obstruction to blow things up in Washington. This is not the time and this certainly is NOT the place right now to stop progress.

Barack Obama is not perfect and I vehementally disagree with him on the overuse of drones. Maybe Rand Paul can get his ear on issues where there could be some open discussion. Maybe these people in our government can turn a cormer very soon and actually listen to each other's ideas and get the job done.