Mar. 14, 2013

Rookie Senate Smackdown: Diane Feinstein v. Ted Cruz

Little ditty about Ted and Diane
Two American senators, neither will bend...

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) tried to nail California Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) on U.S. Constitutional issues surrounding the Assualt Weapons Ban legislation Feinstein is moving through the U.S. Senate. 

Cruz asked Feinstein if she "would favor exemptions to the First Amendment's freedom of speech" by denying that right to certain books. Feinstein pointed out that she has been on the Senate Judiciary Commitee for 20 years, was a mayor and saw shot-up dead bodies riddled with bullets.

"I'm not a sixth-grader," said California Senior Senator Feinstein. "I'm reasonably well-educated, and thank you for the lecture."

Okay. There is a protocol in Washington that Tea Party members are simply ignoring. Cruz has now been dressed down by John McCain (R-Az) and Feinstein and there will be more rancor as the days, weeks, months and YES years pass and Cruz continues his assault on Senate traditions.

Cruz is NOT American-born and cannot aspire to be U.S. President. The Canadian-born Cruz has landed at the top of his elected possibility in the red state of Texas. He will be there for a full six year term.

There are signs that the Democrats are making inroads at turning the state blue, but it may take 2 election cycles. If Senator Cruz stays far right and his party doesn't shift in a more moderate direction, he will be able to keep trying to shake things up for decades.

The big question is whether the legally-trained Cruz will gain enough allies in the congress for a sustained amount of time to actually make a difference.

He is not afraid to take on respected colleagues and the ire of the "Old Guard." Will Cruz's brash style wear on Mitch McConnell, who is fighting for his political life with electoral challenges coming from within his own state? McConnell may have to reign in the younger senator in hopes he can survive some testy legislative challenges like Immigration and Gun Reform.

Cruz was eager to step up during Rand Paul's (R-Ky) "Talking Filibuster" several days ago. Cruz is no stranger to the camera and it's power. Will it be his downfall? That remains to be seen. I believe if Cruz REALLY is Joe McCarthy for this millenium, than he will do and say something that will put him in hot water with the people. When he pisses the public off enough, they will let him know. It may take 5 more years, but they will let him know.