Mar. 15, 2013

What Have We Learned FROM Scott Prouty

Did you know that the mayor of Davie, Florida gave former bartender Scott Prouty and two of his motorcycle dealership fellow employees a proclamation that said they displayed "valiant and swift lifesaving actions in the face of an emergency without thought to their own safety." This was in 2005 when Prouty helped free a drowning woman when her car submerged into a canal along I-75 and sunk into the water.

This is the type of person we are dealing with. Not a self-serving celebrity wanna be. 

Scott Prouty was a bartender at an event in Florida in May, 2012 where Mitt Romney was speaking. Prouty hit record on his camera at the bar when Romney started talking about buying a factory in China with young unmarried girls waiting to find husbands. There was a lot more on the tape, but that one fact was the reason Prouty debated with himself for months whether or not to release the tape, NOT the 47% comments that David Corn (of Mother Jones Magazine) jumped all over.

This tells you even MORE about the guy.

The fact that Prouty was more interested in the lack of "moral fiber" Romney displayed in a private gathering was MORE important than the politically disasterous "47%" comments says a lot about the guy who shot the video.

Prouty waited until September to go for it. He had a lot of sleepless nights, knowing that this act could get him fired from his bartending job. Prouty also was well aware that there would be threats on his person and home. Apparently, there have been threats since the public found out his identity.

Prounty has NOT made one cent from this video. He did land a union gig in Washington and feels safe enough to come out 3.5 months after the election. He made the rounds on MSNBC, publicly identifying himself on the second-to-last "Ed Show."

Prouty could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars if he had come out BEFORE last November 6 or in the weeks following the election.

Prouty (a registered Independent) said he did not want to be the story. He wanted Romney's words to undeniably be the story. Romney has admitted this video hurt him badly in this election. His own words did him in and the country was saved (in my opinion) from another distaerous administration. 

I personally never thought President Obama could lose that election, but with unemployment hovering around 8% I was in the minority in that thought pattern. Mitt Romney was always a terrible candidate and the Obama Ground Game was very strong. Prouty helped seal the deal and will always be at least a footnote in Obama's re-election.

So. What did we learn from Scott Prouty?

I learned that in politics strange things can make a big difference. This was a strange thing. Think of the billion dollars Romney spent with fancy lawyers and advisors and advertisers. In the end it was a 38-year-old bartender who did the U.S. a huge favor and didn't get paid for his efforts.

I hope someday President Obama has Prouty over to the White House for a beer and a personal thank you.