Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Sep. 30, 2016
By Marc Platt
This was not intended to be a re-tread of the many articles I have written about how Trump does not want to win this election, but it really is...
1. If he really wanted to be US President why does he find a way to sabotage his campaign every time the polls tighten?
2. If he really wanted to be US President why does he insist on running his own campaign and forcing his surrogates to call him "Mr. Trump" in public?
3. If he really wanted to be US President why does he live in an alternate universe where only bogus online polls are used as a source to prove he won a debate he got killed in?
4. If he really wanted to be US President why does he does he keep firing campaign staff for his own miscues?
5. If he really wanted to be US President why does he not run ads in swing states on the same level as HRC? He now has the money to do so.
6. If he really wanted to be US President why did he not REALLY hammer Hillary on her health when she DID have an issue?
7. If he really wanted to be US President why does he continually have rallies in states that are either out of reach or solidly in th ebag for the GOP?
Have you noticed how The Donald is completely on the defensive because Newsweek, New York Times and Washington Post are just hammering Trump on his criminal (Trump University) and shady business dealings (Cuba, Russia and casinos) in articles that are drip drip dripping out down the stretch.
Hillary Clinton has the advantage to put out her message and hope for the future. Trump has to defend "Fat Shaming," illegal dealings, etc...
I repeat myself for the umpteenth time...Donald J. Trump has NO INTENTION of being the next US President. He NEVER planned on it. He loves all the attention and will find a way to reinvent the last part of his life and celebrity. This is a career move, not a real legitimate campaign. Hillary Clinton understands this and has run a campaign accordingly.
More on that later.
Sep. 27, 2016
By Marc Platt
Most of America, who were paying attention to this election before the first debate is firmly entrenched in one side or the other. The rest will either sit this one out or vote for a third party.
The first debate was a first chance for the electorate to see these two candidates side by side, face to face and mano a mano..You pick the cliches.
The voters who love Trump will stick with their guy and the Hillary voters will stay with her.
The fact that Hillary exceeded her expectations and Trump fell way short of the very low bar that his campaign set is NOT the point. The point is one candidate really wants the job and the other just wants to WIN the job and not necessarily DO the job.
I would think that being US President is one of the hardest, loneliest jobs on the planet. It will age a person well beyond their real years and is truly thankless for the most part. Sure there is an air of greatness surrounding the office, but the human being who handles all these responsibilities begins their day with whatever crisis their staff puts on that desk and then goes well into the late night hours catching up on the rest of the problems they are responsible for dealing with.
The President then has to go out and smile and comfort the nation almost on a daily basis and set the tone, all the while dealing with a congress who has only their own best interests to protect.
Hillary Clinton is a masochist and is willing to take the heat and be #45. Donald Trump loves to play the strong man big shot who "Can fix it" if we trust him. Man oh man, that just ain't ever gonna happen.
Hillary will never be beloved by this country, but she can govern.
What Debate #1 just showed the world is Hillary Clinton IS establishment and can capably govern. Trump came off as a petty self-serving game-the-system business guy who doesn't pay people he has hired to do jobs, doesn't pay ANY federal taxes because "He is smart." I could go on and on.
I would never want the job, but in the end of this crazy year of "Change" and "Insurgency," we will end up with the ultimate insider and I am damn glad we will get her.
Sep. 18, 2016

By Marc Platt

You have to learn the landscape if you want to evolve into a winner in any field in 2016.

Donald J. Trump, the alleged billionaire figured out a few nifty realizations right from the start when he peddled his phony "birther" theory about the first elected African American US President.

When that PR professional advised him to listen to right wing radio for a few weeks, that woman didn't realize that Trump already had a long history of associating with wacky conspiracy theories and already knew that terrain. 

What the political world didn't know was how easy it is to lie and keep reiforcing that lie with other lies to the point of almost hypnotically convincing the listener that it was not only credible, but YOU were nuts if you did not believe that lie and all the other lies.

Trump was dodgy with lines like "People are saying" and "I've been told by people who know" and "There's something going on here" AND my favorite "Believe Me."

Mitt Romney was detroyed by his infamous "47%" donor talk because it fed into a narrative that Romney didn't care about "people like me." Trump's entire campaign has been based on the "No one can fix it but me" line of thinking, which is rather hard to digest if you deal in facts.

Facts like he bankrupted four companies and used the bankruptcy rules to benefit himself. He wears that fact like a badge of honor. The US government BAILED HIM OUT at one point.

There is no way we will ever see his tax returns ever. That would ruin him. He is under no legal obligation to show them.

All of this "Policy Talk" and "Political Correctness" are against the nature of his campaign. People who are not interested in the actual policies and are tired of decorum DO NOT PAY ATTENTION after awhile.

Trump is banking on the stupidity and ignorance of the voters who are sick to death of facts and policy. He wants THOSE people to keep it close.

I have noticed every time Trump stays on message and pulls closer in the polls, he panics and then goes rogue on his handlers. He goes on Twitter, off prompter and lays into Clinton in the most innapropriate ways like suggesting her Secret Service team "Lay down your arms" and then she'll see how dangerous it will be for her. 

He completely lies about her 2nd Amendment views and tries to justify what could be termed as a violent threat against Clinton, but does it in a way he doesn't have to take responsibility for his reckless views.

Anyone who criticizes him is a know-nothing "loser."

I will say this for the umpteenth time...This man does not want to be US President. That job would be too tough in reality, but he loves all this attention. I am personally shocked he is still in there.

That debate should be something else September 26th.

Sep. 14, 2016

Commentary by Marc Platt

Trying to make sense of this election cycle is actually not complicated if you look at the big picture.

Everyone is losing their minds because of the "Insurgent" campaigns Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have run. When it all comes out in the wash, America will choose an establishment regular in Hillary Clinton to be the 45th US President, but she and the country are not exactly in the same place anyone would have expected.

The electorate has changed and keeps evolving.

In order to govern effectively, things needed to change politically. Hillary Clinton can work with Republicans much better than Barack Obama, yet she will have to take care of the progressive voters that are going to carefully watch her every move. She needs them and will need them to govern.

Things HAVE changed, yet we will have a President who can hang out with conservative legislators who have demonized her for decades. Hillary Clinton has a very thich skin and learned many lessons in the 1990s when she got her ass kicked during the health care debates of that decade.

Let us all remember that the current Health Care Affordable Care Act was a REPUBLICAN think tank idea, not a Democratic program. Let us all remember that Mitt Romney's Massachusetts version was the model for Obamacare. These are facts.

Will Hillary Clinton catch as much hell as Obama, being the first woman? Maybe, but not likely. Hillary KNOWS how to play the game with her GOP counterparts. They will tone down the divisions on a personal level with her. She can make deals and they will want to deal.

The disdain Republican legislators have exhibited towards our first African American US President has been disgraceful, but that episode is about to end. We have divided politics, but something has to give.

So yes "Insurgency" was the big deal during the campaign, but do you really think the country was ready for a far right wing candidate like Ted Cruz? Scott Walker? or Ben Carson?

Trump makes sense from that stand point.

Was the country really going to stand for another Bush? Jeb Bush was an establishment candidate, but had taken some risky stands during his tenure as Florida governor, including some hanky panky in the 2000 general election giving his brother the US Presidency that year. Our country is likely not too happy with the way that turned out.

So...When it all comes down to it..We get an establishment-type POTUS in 2017 (most likely). She will be battered and bruised, because you don't just give someone a third term without a battle. Hillary Clinton will in no way shape or form be an "Obama Third Term."

Clinton will have her own wars to fight, but will have the fortress of the White House gate to shield her for at least a little while. The rest will be up to her. 


Sep. 13, 2016

By Marc Platt

Kentucky Republican Governor said this in Washington DC on September 10, 2016: “I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically,” he said during the Values Voter Summit in Washington. “But that may, in fact, be the case.”

I am very fearful that we are getting close to a boiling point and will see a political assassination sometime in the near future. Use your logic:

1. More people have guns in America than anytime in our history.
2. All decorum has gone out the window from-Trump-to Ted Cruz-to-Matt Bevin.
3. The racist, Islamophobic and Xenophobic elements of our country have now been given a voice by the nominee of a major party.
4. A kid was stopped at a Trump rally. This kid wanted to shoot Trump several months back.
5. More killers are taking their own lives than ever before word wide after killing people.
6. It has been a long time since it has happened, so it will be very shocking and really raise the temperature in our already heated political environment.

This is a very dangerous time we live in and I fear it is going to get a lot worse before this cycle ends.