Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Sep. 8, 2016
By Marc Platt
1. Trump says he has a plan
2. President Trump would ask the generals to give him THEIR plan in the first 30 days
3. President Trump would ask the generals and if their plan were better, he would use theirs
4. The generals are "terrible" and "reduced to rubble" because of Obama.
5. President Trump will then fire the generals and get better generals
That is President Trump's plan to defeat ISIS.
Sound familiar? Didn't Richard Nixon have a secret plan to end the Vietnam war? More people died during Nixon's administration AFTER he sold that "Secret Plan" than during LBJ's tenure.
Do I need to point out North Korea is launching ballistic missiles that can reach Japan?
This election will have consequences one way or another for everyone.
Sep. 4, 2016

By Marc Platt

Tim Kaine simply and correctly explained to Martha Raddatz on ABC's "This Week" (Sunday 9/4/16) the situation about Hillary Clinton's "misuse" of classified emails. He was clear as a bell, but Raddatz just glossed over it. This is what has been happening for over a year.

Let me give it yet another try. I have been saying the same thing for over a year, because I HAVE PAID ATTENTION when she explained it. The American media and public are having a problem understanding what is a very simple explanation.

When emails are sent to someone that "Are not properly marked" as classified, but contain a sentence or a paragraph that "ARE MARKED" within the contents of the email then the receiver is "Mishandling sensitive and classified information."

It still does not excuse HRC for setting up the private server out of "Convenience," or excuse the fact that she was "Careless" with sensitive information.

But I feel it is important to clarify exactly what she did as Secretary of State.

If she were not running for President...NO ONE WOULD GIVE A CRAP.

Does this make sense to you?

Sep. 1, 2016
By Marc Platt
I grabbed this from John McCain's Youtube Ad...I see a VERY interesting strategy about to happen nationwide and McCain will help lead the way: "My opponent, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, is a good person. But if Hillary Clinton is elected president, Arizona will need a Senator who will act as a check - not a rubber stamp."
The GOP is about to start running away from Trump. This is just the beginning of a tidal wave.
Think about it. Why would moderate Republicans embrace what I call "Political Ebola." Rachel Maddow used a very good analogy of the current GOP on 8/31. She compared this GOP to the defunct Whig Party (Lincoln was originally a Whig). That party was "Nativist" just like the current Trump wing. It is possible that the current GOP could go the way of the Whigs, unless the institutionalists like McConnell, McCain and Graham talk some sense into the rest of the less wacko part of their party.
Paul Ryan seems to lack the political acumen of his predecessor John Boehner. Boehner could be a total hack at times, but he rose through the ranks playing the GOP institution card for decades. He got out at the right time and may be looked back at with something more than the obstructionist label Ryan and McConnell will be left with when history is written.
McCain will surely have a dogfight keeping his senate seat, especially seeing "Minimum Wage" and "Pot Legalization" will be on the Arizona ballots in November. There will be a lot of Democrats coming out of the woodwork to vote for those measures. Will McCain EMBRACE the "Minimum Wage" hike? Trump is against it.
John McCain has EVERY reason to completely dump Trump at this point. I know Arizona is a red state, but it is in play and he must play to his "Maverick" label.
Let us see if his fellow Republicans start to steer clear of The Donald.
Aug. 29, 2016

By Marc Platt

If I were Hillary's campaign I would make these changes...

1. I would do weekly press conferences all the way to the election.
2. I would have reporters on her plane until November. Complete transparency.
3. Release all her medical records just like she did her taxes.
4. Release her emails (if possible) and her paid speech transcripts.
I would do all that and not utter a peep about what Trump releases, or doesn't release. The media and the public will do the rest.
HRC could put this election away and go into January with no unanswered questions. She could hit the ground running and start to govern.
Yes I know there will be things that are unpleasant in some of those items, but it will all be out there and she can change a very important narrative of "Non Transparency."
She could turn the "Different Set of Rules" narrative on its ear. We already know that she is an "Establishment Candidate."
I'll take it one step further. When Donald Trump says "She's for amnesty and sanctuary cities," Hillary Clinton should say "Yes Donald you are right. That is exactly what I am for." She can mention how her policy positions have been out there for many months.
When Trump accuses her of something, she can illuminate exactly what he is accusing her of and say what she really means. Trump will NOT KNOW how to deal with her correctly identifying their differences in a debate.
Aug. 24, 2016
By Marc Platt
This is no ordinary political cycle.
There is no respect among the candidates, voters, pundits, networks and mainstream media. We used to have something called decorum. With the rise of the Trump Movement, it is all out the window.
I can't remember a candidate calling his opponent "A Criminal" never ever in my lifetime. My first recollections of US Presidents is LBJ. I was a little kid, but people didn't call each other names.
This stuff really began during Dubya's rein of "Swiftboating" and dirty tricks. The 2000 GOP Primary included Karl Rove's "Whisper Campaign" in which he led media types to think that John McCain had an illegitimate black daughter. This story was fabricated and ruined McCain's bid for that year's nomination.
Rove continued the next cycle with the false narrative of John Kerry's military service. This is really gruesome politics.
Now we get The Donald and his Twitter, Race-Baiting, Fear-mongering degradation of decency. He calls the Clintons "Criminals" and gets away with it.
This man will not release his tax records, yet insists that Hillary Clinton release her medical records for the Republican's ridiculous claim that she has health issues that would keep her from executing her duties as President.
It has come to this. A no holds bar free for all for an office Trump doesn't even want. This man has NO INTENTION of governing. He would actually have to work for a living.
I have been saying this since August of 2015 when I realized he was never going to run the type of campaign that would actually get into the weeds and go door to door if necessary to get votes.
He won't speak in front of racially diverse groups. The African American, Asians, Latinos and Women seem to hate him as voting blocks. This is an obvious NO GO people.
Donald Trump don't need no stinking badges.