Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jul. 14, 2016

Commentary by
Marc Platt

I want to start with the Democrats and how the media has failed to reveal the true story about Hillary Clinton's "Email" issues. When I hear Morning Joe rail on Clinton day after day, reinforcing Director Jim Comey's blistering non-indictment, I want to tear my hair out.

  • Let me start with the FACT that previous Secretary of States Powell and Rice BOTH had their own private accounts.
  • HRC never sent or recieved emails that were MARKED classified and then opened or sent those emails.
  • HRC received emails that had CLASSIFIED MARKINGS inside the emails. In other words there could have been a sentence with (C) INSIDE the email. This is what Comey and House Republicans are yakking about. They are saying because emails sent and received from her accounts had these (C) markings, she was putting America at risk.

Give me a frigging break. This is complete and utter crap and EVERY news outlet that doesn't point this fact out every time this issue comes up should be reprimanded.

Hillary Clinton has explained and apologized for this for two years. Joe and Mika, as well as other shows and outlets helped bring us The Donald and have gone out of their way to "Be Fair" to both sides by railing on Clinton on this matter. Bernie Sanders completely understands what Secreatary Clinton did and did not do and to his credit, never made this an issue. That shows complete integrity.

This is very wonky stuff and Joe Scarborough, Mika, Mike Barnacle, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and ALL the Fox "News" people have been remiss in discussing exactly WHAT Clinton did.

The State Department's email server has been hacked SEVERAL times over the years and Comey admitted under oath that Clinton's server was NOT compromized. I am not giving her a pass at all. What she did was wrong, but NOT disqualifying at all.

I have written so much on Trump over the past two years, but will repeat that all media outlets that have raked in fortunes in advertising and ratings bonanzas are what has given America the disgusting Trump candidacy in oodles of free media.

The Morning Joe TV Show was the trailblazer in Trumpness. Their show was in serious trouble until Trump bailed them out in June, 2015. I love the show, but have to point out that they were "H-U-G-E" Trump supporters in the sense that they brought him on all the time and gave him that first real platform that all the other news organizations followed down the rabbit hole the country now finds itself in.

Neither Joe or Mika supports Trump's candidacy as voters. They have been fair about pointing out his deficiencies and racism, but they KNOW they helped move their "Friend" along with a releationship that goes back many years.

We already know Fox News is the platform Trump now uses, because MSNBC and CNN have not been Trump-friendly in the way he insists at this point.

It is a mess.

Hillary Clinton will/would defeat Trump in the end because of demographics and basic math. There are not enough white people in America to elect a xenphobic, racist president.

There are several reporters like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell who HAVE explained what Clinton did with her emails and have gone into the weeds about Trump's excesses from the start.

I hope after this is all over, the media takes a long look in the mirror and makes a decision on HOW we should cover these long election cycles in the future.

Jul. 7, 2016

By Marc Platt

Remember June15, 2015 when Donald Trump paid people to attend his announcement to run for President of the USA?

That was just the first of what was to be hundreds of circuses. Each Trump rally has its share of white supremacists, racist, bigots and gun rights freaks. He refers to black attendies as "My African American."

Trump's call to action items like "The Wall," "Muslim Ban" and my personal favorite "Get him out" when someone protests at these rallies. It is almost like a mantra.

In Cleveland, there will be loud and boisterous screaming on the convention floor and thousands more outside protesting. It will be political armagedon, as Trump revels in his Archie Bunker-like glory.

We will hear speakers like Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric...Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and Scott Walker....Don King and Duck Dynasty Guy...Who knows?

If you have ever watched an Infomercial featuring Donald Trump, you may get a clue of the look and feel of this spectacle in red, white and the blues. There will be divisive dis-unity with the "Never Trump" underbelly speaking to media outlets.

Let us just hope that we don't see riots reminiscent of Chicago, 1968 when the Democrats hand-picked Humphrey to carry the fight to Nixon, just narrowly missing out.

Yes my friends...This will be a circus with its clown ringleader Donald J. Trump at the helm.

Jun. 29, 2016

By Marc Platt


I am one of those people who watch politics all the time. I write about it. I worked on Bill Clinton's 1992 primary campaign in the spring of that year, so I have an awareness about "Presidential Branding."
I have written a ton of Trump blog posts since he announced this circus of a campaign. I read a lot of differing views from people on the left, right and center.
No one in their right mind could support torture and waterboarding, a wall, mass deportation.
There have been many stories this past year about HOW Trump came to the decision to run as a Republican. The PR woman who he brought in early on asked him what his intentions were. He told her he hoped to get to 12% in the polls, dominate some news cycles and then go back to The Apprentice with a bigger audience. The woman also mentioned that Trump listened to a lot of right wing radio for a few weeks and noticed what was making the far right turned on so much...Immigration, ISIS and Jobs going away were the big three....
This is all you need to know about the Donald J. Trump campaign. He has dominated news cycles, driving up ratings for news outlets ever since. He has spent NO REAL MONEY, but managed to stay relevant with "Waterboarding & Torture," "Muslim Bans," "Mass Deportation" and whatever else he calculates will get him free media and move the polls.
I will once again state IMO he does NOT want to be president. He loves the attention.
I don't know HOW he will exit the stage, but I really can't see a man who knows nothing about governance and seems to have no desire to really govern will be our next president.
I also don't believe he is a fascist, homophobic, Xenophobic or racist. I believe he USES these to gin up the base. Look for a big show in Cleveland and then some sort of big show leaving the general election.
Call me crazy, but my instincts tell me this is what is happening here
Jun. 17, 2016

Commentary By Marc Platt

I am going to keep this simple, even though it is a very complicated political climate in America and England right now.

The death of labor Member of Parliament Jo Cox on June 16 makes it apparent that "GUN" politics is an international issue, not just an American issue. The 52-year-old killer of Cox shouted "Britain First," which is a slogan fringe right-wing political groups have used to make their case for British Nativism. The killer MADE his own gun to kill Cox (41), a mother of two young children and only one year into her term.

Donald Trump's "America First" is the USA version and a battle cry of his minions.

The conservative British leader 52-year-old Boris Johnson is a former mayor of London and has used similar racial and bigoted politics in his ascension in British politics. There are similarities.

The Jo Cox killing by a mentally-derranged loner just brings it home that hatred will always find its way into politics. This man stabbed and shot this defenseless woman several times and used a phrase "Britain First" that tells the public all it needs to know about the divisive politics that is moving from the fringe to mainstream.

The chances are England will stay in the EU and david Cameron will remain as Prime Minister, but the symptoms are all there for a future revolution with an angry white electorate that wants change sooner than later.

America is experiencing a similar mood with "Trumpism." Trump will lose badly, but he has exposed the root of America's dissatisfaction with the business as usual attitude. Bernie Sanders has brought a similar point home with his brave campaign in 2016.

Would-Be President Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to pay close attention to these developments and really put forth a call to action, or there will be more Trumps, Boris Johnsons and Nigel Farage's ( U.K. Independence Party) on the horizons.

"Gun Politics" is a serious threat world wide. ISIS and other terrorist organizations will use guns to do more damage to the homelands of the world than bombers and war.

We had all better start paying attention to what is happening everywhere in the world.

Jun. 15, 2016

By Marc Platt

We may end up getting that Hillary v. Jeb Bush election campaign after all.
If you think this through, you would probably come to the realization that Trump is spending NO MONEY to try and win this election. Donors are NOT flocking to him. Elected Republicans are running away in droves.
When Trump bails on this election, the ONE guy proficient at raising money is....JEB...It makes sense that he would be drafted in Cleveland and lose dramatically to Hillary in a boring general election. Jeb COULD save the house, but the senate will likely turn blue because of all the vulnerable GOP senators up for re-election.