Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jun. 29, 2016

By Marc Platt


I am one of those people who watch politics all the time. I write about it. I worked on Bill Clinton's 1992 primary campaign in the spring of that year, so I have an awareness about "Presidential Branding."
I have written a ton of Trump blog posts since he announced this circus of a campaign. I read a lot of differing views from people on the left, right and center.
No one in their right mind could support torture and waterboarding, a wall, mass deportation.
There have been many stories this past year about HOW Trump came to the decision to run as a Republican. The PR woman who he brought in early on asked him what his intentions were. He told her he hoped to get to 12% in the polls, dominate some news cycles and then go back to The Apprentice with a bigger audience. The woman also mentioned that Trump listened to a lot of right wing radio for a few weeks and noticed what was making the far right turned on so much...Immigration, ISIS and Jobs going away were the big three....
This is all you need to know about the Donald J. Trump campaign. He has dominated news cycles, driving up ratings for news outlets ever since. He has spent NO REAL MONEY, but managed to stay relevant with "Waterboarding & Torture," "Muslim Bans," "Mass Deportation" and whatever else he calculates will get him free media and move the polls.
I will once again state IMO he does NOT want to be president. He loves the attention.
I don't know HOW he will exit the stage, but I really can't see a man who knows nothing about governance and seems to have no desire to really govern will be our next president.
I also don't believe he is a fascist, homophobic, Xenophobic or racist. I believe he USES these to gin up the base. Look for a big show in Cleveland and then some sort of big show leaving the general election.
Call me crazy, but my instincts tell me this is what is happening here
Jun. 17, 2016

Commentary By Marc Platt

I am going to keep this simple, even though it is a very complicated political climate in America and England right now.

The death of labor Member of Parliament Jo Cox on June 16 makes it apparent that "GUN" politics is an international issue, not just an American issue. The 52-year-old killer of Cox shouted "Britain First," which is a slogan fringe right-wing political groups have used to make their case for British Nativism. The killer MADE his own gun to kill Cox (41), a mother of two young children and only one year into her term.

Donald Trump's "America First" is the USA version and a battle cry of his minions.

The conservative British leader 52-year-old Boris Johnson is a former mayor of London and has used similar racial and bigoted politics in his ascension in British politics. There are similarities.

The Jo Cox killing by a mentally-derranged loner just brings it home that hatred will always find its way into politics. This man stabbed and shot this defenseless woman several times and used a phrase "Britain First" that tells the public all it needs to know about the divisive politics that is moving from the fringe to mainstream.

The chances are England will stay in the EU and david Cameron will remain as Prime Minister, but the symptoms are all there for a future revolution with an angry white electorate that wants change sooner than later.

America is experiencing a similar mood with "Trumpism." Trump will lose badly, but he has exposed the root of America's dissatisfaction with the business as usual attitude. Bernie Sanders has brought a similar point home with his brave campaign in 2016.

Would-Be President Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to pay close attention to these developments and really put forth a call to action, or there will be more Trumps, Boris Johnsons and Nigel Farage's ( U.K. Independence Party) on the horizons.

"Gun Politics" is a serious threat world wide. ISIS and other terrorist organizations will use guns to do more damage to the homelands of the world than bombers and war.

We had all better start paying attention to what is happening everywhere in the world.

Jun. 15, 2016

By Marc Platt

We may end up getting that Hillary v. Jeb Bush election campaign after all.
If you think this through, you would probably come to the realization that Trump is spending NO MONEY to try and win this election. Donors are NOT flocking to him. Elected Republicans are running away in droves.
When Trump bails on this election, the ONE guy proficient at raising money is....JEB...It makes sense that he would be drafted in Cleveland and lose dramatically to Hillary in a boring general election. Jeb COULD save the house, but the senate will likely turn blue because of all the vulnerable GOP senators up for re-election.
Jun. 10, 2016

By Marc Platt

Political Thought:
13 million primary voters have exercised their privilege and duty to make Donald J. Trump the presumptive nominee of a fractured Republican Party.
The most-powerful Republican elected leaders cannot take him down without his consent.
The national media didn't create Trump, they exploited his brand for their own purposes and are now dissecting him piece by piece. The drip drip drip of his unavoidable demise will keep dribbling out until HE decides to exit this surreal stage.
I still truly believe he will get out of this race before the American people absolutely speak their true minds in what would promise to be a Goldwater-esque trouncing. Donald Trump will never allow himself to be "BRANDED" a loser like John McCain, Mitt Romney and other "LOSERS" as he calls them did before him.
My friends and family think I'm crazy for continually saying that he will get out, but I truly believe this man is too thick-skinned and truly does not want this job.
The only person I have felt was equally as unqualified was Sarah Palin in 2008 when she helped to spawn what would become the Tea Party and the rise of The Donald.
When does he leave? When Hillary Clinton is up 20 points in the polls? Does Trump even go to Cleveland?
You bet he will. He will go the convention, because THAT is what he thrives on. A chance to be on the biggest stage.
So...Here I go again...He gets the nomination and puts on a show and bows out sometime after Cleveland. That makes sense to me. Donald Trump head-to-head, mano-a-mano with Hillary Clinton in a general election debate...I don't see it.
Jun. 8, 2016

By Marc Platt

1. How does Trump carry on for 5 months while driving away the donors he would need to fund a successful campaign?

2. How does Trump convince fleeing GOP Establishment officials that he will rein it in.
3. How does Trump win an election if he can't be Trump?
4. Will Paul Ryan do an about face and resign as RNC Convention Chairman? Will he renounce his endorsement at some point in an effort to save the majority in the House?
5. Will the media get wise and start making Trump PAY for all this stuff he has been getting for free?
Answer to #5: NO! He will keep saying outrageous stuff to stay in the news cycles, driving all his support away. He will lose to HRC by a HUGE electoral margin. The Senate will flip and Democrats will pick up a load of House seats.