Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jun. 6, 2016

By Marc Platt

Follow along...This will all start to make sense in a moment.

Why does Donald Trump say and do outrageous things? Coming off as a racist, narcisist and xenophobic moron?

You could come up with a ton of reasons easily, but I truly believe there is one reason and one reason only.

This man is HIDING something that he does want exposed in his tax statements. 

Everytime the press and Hillary Clinton hammers Trump about releasing his taxes, he comes up with crazy shit that gets everyone talking for days and weeks on end. He stays in the national conversation without spending a dime on advertising because he has NO MONEY. He can't raise the necessary money to properly fund his campaign.

His hotels are empty. No one is BUYING the Trump brand in the marketplace right now. His family is freaking out as th ehotels are 70% empty since he announced.

If he were to risk exposure by releasing his taxes, it would truly be over. The ONE YEAR of financial disclosure (2014) showed that he made a whopping $14,000 from 'The Apprentice' TV salary. That is just one small clue.

Do you really think he is worth over $10 billion in PERSONAL wealth? Trump University is the tip of the iceberg. EVERY TIME his opponents start to get close on the financial part of this equation, he blasts off with racist remarks. He already knows the world thinks he is a bigotted racist. That apparently doesn't matter to this man.

The main question I have is can The Donald keep this up all the way until that first Tuesday in November?

Jun. 3, 2016

By Marc Platt

There have been so many comparisons of this presidential election cycle to 1964 and Barry Goldwater's issues with African Americans and isolationism. There have also been many comparison's to the 1968 (George Wallace) cycle with the violence at Trump rallies and apparent split parties, etc..

These may be apt comparisons, but let me throw out another cycle that this resembles...1988.

Let's take a closer look at the political climate in 1988. Ronald Reagan was a popular president, despite his terrible "Iran-Contra Scandal." This scandal did not affect his overall popularity. Reagan did preside over an economic (Jimmy Carter) recovery, as has Barack Obama (Dubya).

Obama has good approval (52%) ratings and Hillary Clinton will surely piggyback on that success in the fall.

Here is another similar factor. Mike Dukakis was a stubborn candidate who rarely listened to his staff, just as Trump is. Both candidates made unforced errors that wounded their campaigns. Dukakis did the "Tank" thing that made him look like a jackass, clearly displaying his lack of military experience. Don't get me started on Trump's catalog of mistakes. Those are blatant and aplenty.

We won't know until November just how badly Trump's unforced errors will hamper his dim chances.

Dukakis had no responses in 1988 when George HW Bush's campaign staff did the original dismantling of Dukakis on the "Willie Horton" commercials, regarding a "Weekend Furlough Program" Dukakis shepherded in Massachussets during his governorship. Horton killed while out on furlough and that finally sunk Dukakis.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is adept at knocking any and all of Trump's insane allegations like "Hillary should be in jail because she lies." Clinton and her staff does enough damage control on the wounded Trump campaign, who has hardly spent a dime since he entered the race. 

There are so many similarities between 1988 and 2016, but it really comes down to getting the real message out. That won't happen until after the conventions and into the debates.

It sure will be fun to watch, especially as GOP candidates start jumping ship on Trump in the senate and house races.

Jun. 1, 2016

By Marc Platt

There are a lot of articles being written about Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee Donald J. Trump's finances. Rightfully so.

His financial success is the basis of his candidacy. This man is now walking a tightrope that could really pull the plug on not just his campaign, but his career.

I have been doubting since Day 1 that he really wants to be POTUS. Now I am wondering if he is sane. The fact that he has so many shady dealings like his phony university, steak company, vitamin company, etc. makes his candidacy dicey at best once the press has vetted him financially.

He won't divulge his taxes. He won't comment on his court case. He attacks the press when they ask him to verify whether he actually came through paying out that money to the veterans in a timely manner after boasting of raising 6 million bucks. The checks WERE written May 24, the very day the press came out with stories questioning his legitimacy as a fundraiser.

I think it is great that the money WAS raised, but that is not the issue. There will be NO TRANSPARENCY in a Donald Trump presidency.

I think Trump's real problem will be not losing everything he has built his "House of Cards" on when the press is finished with him. Forget Hillary Clinton, she is the least of his problems. The national AND international press is going to do a number on him.

He is toast.

It couldn't happen to a nicer reality tv guy.

May. 26, 2016

By Marc Platt

Donald J. Trump on being in politics (5/26/16): "I'm in real estate, my father was in real estate. He must be looking down and saying what is this?"
Exactly. This is the point of his entire candidacy. He is going out and "ACTING" like a reality TV star running for president. He tries to destroy everything in his path. He is willing to debate Bernie Sanders because it would be a ratings bonanza.
His children are now running Trump Enterprises. He is a star. He can rail on Obama, Bernie and Hillary and control news cycles, something he is great at. He can deflect with BS excuse about releasing his taxes. That will NEVER happen. There is no way The Donald wants the public to know how much he REALLY has and what associations he has.
America needs to wake up and understand what this guy is really trying to accomplish. The way he talks about issues (as Obama and many others have pointed out) is so uneducated. He knows nothing about foreign policy. He seems to comprehend little about the economy.
Don't you believe the network debate moderators will get to the bottom of this in the fall? The favorable GOP Debate set-up played right into his wheelhouse. A general election is a different beast altogether. Just ask Paul Ryan (2012) and Sarah Palin (2008) in their VP debates against Biden. They were exposed for their lack of knowledge. Does anyone think The Donald can survive debating real issues with Bernie or Hillary?
May. 20, 2016

By Marc Platt
May 20, 2016

Let us fast forward to August, September and October 2016. The political conventions will be over with those natural poll bumps. Donald Trump will be going across the country with HIS message of fear-mongering, zenophobia, sexism and Hillary bashing. He will have Chris Christie, Batshit crazy Senator Jeffrey Sessions (Alabama), Bobby Knight and possibly Ted Nugent all supporting their man.

Hillary Clinton will have Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and daughter Hillary Clinton at her events.

My question to you is what OTHER extraordinary things can Trump add to his arsenal to go with: The Wall, Banning Muslims and Punishing Women for their abortions that will capture the hearts and souls of women, African Americans, Asians and Latinos that will gain him the keys to the Oval Office?

What exactly does The Donald have to offer American going forward that gives our citizens hope?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (and now Bernie Sanders) are among the best political campaigners of the last several generations. Warren is a powerful voice for progressives and an able attack dog against Donald Trump.

After the smoke clears from Cleveland and Philly and those spectacles, the Presidential Polls will normalize and the REAL Polls (The States) will start to paint a true picture of the U.S.A. electorate will become evident.

Trump is in WAY over his head and the world will see that.

States like Utah which is so Republican will swing towards Clinton. Trump got trounced there by Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney has a lot of pull there.

If we all think this through, we will likely come to the conclusion that angry, disenfranchised (and dying off) white Americans do not elect presidents anymore. The afformentioned groups do.

Let me leave you with this one thought.

When Ronald Reagan won the White House in 1980, minorities comprised 15% of the overall electorate. It is now 30%.

Game, Set and Match...Hillary wins in November.