Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

May. 26, 2016

By Marc Platt

Donald J. Trump on being in politics (5/26/16): "I'm in real estate, my father was in real estate. He must be looking down and saying what is this?"
Exactly. This is the point of his entire candidacy. He is going out and "ACTING" like a reality TV star running for president. He tries to destroy everything in his path. He is willing to debate Bernie Sanders because it would be a ratings bonanza.
His children are now running Trump Enterprises. He is a star. He can rail on Obama, Bernie and Hillary and control news cycles, something he is great at. He can deflect with BS excuse about releasing his taxes. That will NEVER happen. There is no way The Donald wants the public to know how much he REALLY has and what associations he has.
America needs to wake up and understand what this guy is really trying to accomplish. The way he talks about issues (as Obama and many others have pointed out) is so uneducated. He knows nothing about foreign policy. He seems to comprehend little about the economy.
Don't you believe the network debate moderators will get to the bottom of this in the fall? The favorable GOP Debate set-up played right into his wheelhouse. A general election is a different beast altogether. Just ask Paul Ryan (2012) and Sarah Palin (2008) in their VP debates against Biden. They were exposed for their lack of knowledge. Does anyone think The Donald can survive debating real issues with Bernie or Hillary?
May. 20, 2016

By Marc Platt
May 20, 2016

Let us fast forward to August, September and October 2016. The political conventions will be over with those natural poll bumps. Donald Trump will be going across the country with HIS message of fear-mongering, zenophobia, sexism and Hillary bashing. He will have Chris Christie, Batshit crazy Senator Jeffrey Sessions (Alabama), Bobby Knight and possibly Ted Nugent all supporting their man.

Hillary Clinton will have Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and daughter Hillary Clinton at her events.

My question to you is what OTHER extraordinary things can Trump add to his arsenal to go with: The Wall, Banning Muslims and Punishing Women for their abortions that will capture the hearts and souls of women, African Americans, Asians and Latinos that will gain him the keys to the Oval Office?

What exactly does The Donald have to offer American going forward that gives our citizens hope?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (and now Bernie Sanders) are among the best political campaigners of the last several generations. Warren is a powerful voice for progressives and an able attack dog against Donald Trump.

After the smoke clears from Cleveland and Philly and those spectacles, the Presidential Polls will normalize and the REAL Polls (The States) will start to paint a true picture of the U.S.A. electorate will become evident.

Trump is in WAY over his head and the world will see that.

States like Utah which is so Republican will swing towards Clinton. Trump got trounced there by Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney has a lot of pull there.

If we all think this through, we will likely come to the conclusion that angry, disenfranchised (and dying off) white Americans do not elect presidents anymore. The afformentioned groups do.

Let me leave you with this one thought.

When Ronald Reagan won the White House in 1980, minorities comprised 15% of the overall electorate. It is now 30%.

Game, Set and Match...Hillary wins in November.


May. 14, 2016

By Marc  Platt

There will be a lot of speculation over the spring and early summer until Hillary Clinton names her running mate.

I will make my case for progressive Democrat Minnesota US Senator Al Franken.

1. Franken is "Ready For Hillary" and has worked well in the US Senate with fellow progressives Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He can also work with Republicans, just like current VP Joe Biden did for decades in the senate.

2. Bill Clinton chose Tennessee Senator Al Gore to be his VP. That gives us a glimpse into the way the Clintons thing about governance. Franken would give Hillary Clinton a front row seat into a US Senate that could likely go blue in the fall. Franken is known as a sharp-witted progressive who can play ball with everyone.

3. Franken is NOT a camera whore. He has done relatively few interviews during his time in the US Senate. 

4. He knows show business like the back of his hand and could defuse Donald Trump throughout the fall campaign. Franken will utterly frustrate Trump on the stump and should be able to keep him busy as the Democrats serve a huge can of whoopass on these amateurs.

5. This is where is gets a little complex, but hang with me...Bernie Sanders will want some concessions in order to get his full support. You have been hearing stories of "Platform Policies" etc...The Democratic Platform is a useless document. Hillary Clinton can give Sanders something much more valuable. A running mate with progressive bonafides. 

Once Franken becomes US Vice President, he will have to be replaced in the senate by his DEMOCRATIC Governor Mark Dayton. Hmm. Who would replace Franken? How about Progressive Bernie Sanders supporter and Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison? That would make Bernie pretty happy, right?

If you are thinking Sherrod Brown, you would run into Republican Governor John Kasich who would be able to apoint any one of three Democrats put up for the seat. Cory Booker from New Jersey..Ahem...Chris Christie is (for now) the Republican governor.

I am using Hillary Clinton's past associations as a springboard for my thinking. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary had something to do with the selection of Senator Al Gore in 1992 as her husband's running mate. I would think she would stick with a similar formula in 2016 in a Democratic Party that has been driven to the far left by Bernie Sanders.

Al Franken is the logical choice. The question is whether Senator Franken WANTS the job.


May. 12, 2016

By Marc Platt

In 2004 the George W. Bush campaign decided to embrace the Latino voters earlier in the primary season. That was a fortuitous decision as they were able to correctly target voters (47%) would would help them squeek by John Kerry in the later general election. Of course, they used their old dirty tricks like "Swiftboating" and other election-defining tactics to overcome their natural deficits in GOP voters to win that election.

In 2007-8 Barack Obama had a team that included many young and seasoned political advisors who were able to build on what the Bush team had done. Obama's election organization used metrics to target districts, neighborhoods and even homes that were friendly to THEIR message and cause.

Obama's team took these new metrics and absolutely crushed John McCain and then Mitt Romney in the next two presidential elections.

Donald Trump has decided to scorn those tatcics for his campaign. Trump has said that he is doing everything right with his message and really doesn't need to use the current campaign-styles to beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

This tells me he doesn't truly believe he can win this election. He is not a stupid man.

The fact that he is projected to have a record-breaking 12 million GOP primary votes does NOT translate to a general election win.

Mitt Romney received over 59 million votes in 2012 in the general election and got CRUSHED by Obama.

The fact that Latins, Asians, African Americans and women view Trump with disdain may get him 45-50 million votes and lose the senate and the house to the Democrats. There are gleeful Democratic down-ballot campaigns starting to run ads AGAINST Trump to get their senate and house candidates elected. The GOP candidates in those downballot races are being forced to line up against Donald J. Trump.

We are talking "TITANIC"-like results for the GOP. This is going to be quite a show, but it will come down to basic math when is all said and done and the math is on the Democrat's side.

I predict Hillary Clinton wins by 150 (or more) electoral votes and the US Senate returns to the Dems. The House of Representatives will stay red, but not by much.

Apr. 28, 2016
By Marc Platt
Rachel Maddow correctly pointed out last night (April 27)a very important point about Donald Trump's "Foreign Policy" speech in Washington. The speech was pointed at dissatisfied Americans who want their government to think about "America First." If you don't understand the Charles Lindberg "Isolationist Movement" of the late 1930's, than it sounds reasonable.
If Lindberg (a HUGELY popular figure) had his way, we would all be Nazis right now. America would have never entered WWII. Hitler would have destroyed England and made his way to America. That discredited "America First" slogan and political movement was unsuccessfully resurrected in 1992 when Pat Buchanan ran against Bush I and Bill Clinton.
Americans have a short memory and are slogan-friendly.
"America First" is a VERY dangerous way of thinking IMO. It isolates America from the rest of the world.
I just want my friends to think about this as the election cycle movesd along and Trump demonizes Obama and Hillary with these careless political slogans.
This is not about MY political ideology. This is about what America really stands for. Who are we? We are NOT "Isolationists."
Trump will not win in November, but he will certainly damage America on the world stage with his nonsensical word salad that means NOTHING. He talks of making deals with Russia, but fails to mention what deals. There is ZERO substance, just constant sloganeering. Please pay attention to WHAT this gut is saying and NOT saying. I feel that it is dangerous for our youth to get zero substance and only anger.