Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Apr. 5, 2016
By Marc Platt
The reality of this primary season mirrors 2008 in reverse for Clinton. Remember how Obama won often and early the big delegate states and was drawing "HUGE" crowds throughout the primary season, but it was Hillary winning a lot of later states, but could never quite catch up?
Remember that Hillary Clinton basically has the same squad backing her this time. The same people are helping HER win this next election.
That is called "Winning Politics." Her message is the weakest media-wise, but resonates with common folks who want to wake up every day knowing their president has a handle on things.
Free college, National Minimum Wage hikes, unrealistic health care programs all SOUND great, but still must pass through congress who control the purse strings on everything that happens in this country. Presidents cannot just sign orders all the time that magically make shit happen. Ask Obama, who has signed less of these than the demagogic GOP have tried to point out to an uncaring electorate. This electorate WANTS to believe the next president will wave his/her magic wand and make economic inequality and other issues disappear.
This is the reality we really live in people.
Mar. 31, 2016

By Marc Platt

My belief that Donald Trump has no intention of actually BEING president looks to be true. The things he says and does will not fly with the overall electorate. This "Abortion" comment is just part of the mounting drip that will completely destroy what is left of the GOP.

I do feel sorry for my more conservative friends who have had to gradually back away from this party because of a buffoon like Trump.

This is a reality that started many decades ago as wages for angry white voters have not increased. Those are the voters who are speaking loudly in the primaries and making a Trump nomination possible. They are the ones who vote in these Republican primaries.

It is my belief that Trump doesn't believe half the things he says. He panders to the max whatever will get him votes.

This man LOVES running for president. Being president is a very different matter. If he runs third party (which is where this is heading)...Hello Hillary....That is what we are looking at here. Sanders (who I admire) will have a big say in the platform, but he has to win the next two primaries decisively. She is 30 points ahead in New York.

Mar. 17, 2016

By Marc Platt

The chances of Donald Trump running as a third party candidate are gaining momentum by the day. The GOP is doing everything in their power to deny The Donald. They will change the GOP Convention Rules.
My prediction...Hillary Clinton WILL be #45, much the same way Bill became #42 with help from an interloper. The Donald's ego is so large, he will not be able to NOT run as a third party candidate and the GOP just will not be able to live with themselves as Trump as their standard bearer.
My belief is that the GOP bigwigs would rather hand the White House keys over to Hillary Clinton (who they know they can work with) than an unbalanced reality TV star.
There are so many forces going behind the scenes to reshape a party that has been hi-jacked by extremists since 2009. Look for the GOP to re-brand and start from scratch. It is their only hope for being able to govern.
This entire Supreme Court fiasco is not nearly as bad when you think that they would probably have run out the clock anyway. Garland will be confirmed during the lame duck session.
You would have to think McConnell can't be THAT stupid. He will have to back off and let the purple state senate candidates off the hook and support having hearings. At some point the GOP may back down and go through th eprocess, but then run the clock out to appease the base.
Mar. 14, 2016

By Marc Platt

Why is it that The Donald and Sarah Palin can rile the masses up against minorities who are American citizens who ALSO have a right to assemble and protest even against THEM without threatening the same Americans?

That is a long lead, but the question needs to be posed to these "American" candidates. Aren't the protestors the same people they want to govern and protect?

Or is it only the Americans who agree with them...You know....WHITE PEOPLE who are bigots, racists and angry people who only share the same political ideology with them.

The United States of America is a big country with many diverse interests. Shouldn't Donald Trump be going out of his way to EMBRACE minorities and women? Aren't they his constituents also?

Is it acceptable for Rubio, Cruz and Trump to demonize our first twice-elected African American President? These men aspire to that position, but have gone out of there way to deligitimize his presidency.

I submit to you that history will not look kindly to any of those three men. I would think with Barack Obama's long list of achievements, he WILL get good historical coverage right alongside Dr. King, President Lincoln, FDR and JFK.

History has a way of looking down on outliars like Trump, George Wallace, Mitch McConnell and several other "Obstructors." George Wallace is best remembered for obstructing African American students who tried to enter an American unuiversity in Alabama during a lot of civil unrest in the deep south. Wallace is also remembered for being a bigot and a racist who was shot. To his credit, Wallace repented for his lifetime of bigotry.

I would find it hard to believe that Trump would ever apologize for accusing our sitting U.S. President of being a Kenyon. I find it hard to imagine Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell and all of the GOP-elected officials who obstructed Obama's presidency from day one. These men shut the U.S. government down in 2013 over health care. They are/were willing to take millions of U.S. citizen's health care away for their own political ideology.

I really want America to remember this important fact. The American President is supposed to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the citizens. The President WORKS for the people, not the other way around.


Feb. 29, 2016

By Marc Platt

We are in the final year of our first African American President's administration. The obstructionist Republicans who have blocked everything he has brought to congress is now coming to grips with a monster they allowed to be created through fear and racism.

Duh. Did you think this would go smoothly?

Campaigning through fear and ugly demagoguery will always result in candidates that will most likely govern the same way.

America is coming to grips with The Donald and his Muslim-hating, Mexican-baiting campaign that is now being embraced by the Klan. Senator Jeff Sessions, a man denied a federal judgeship due to his views on race has endorsed Trump, as has David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of said Klan.

This has now become a reality. Trump is skating through the south, getting voters sympahtetic with these racially divisive attitudes and views. Trump and his fellow Republicans have demonized Obama for years and have skewed reality so much that it has become evident race is going to once again play a huge part of our electoral process.

The media has also played a part in this terrible onslaught of fear Trump and Cruz has been able to freely display.

The media has benefitted as much as anyone with ratings. The Trump phenomenum is a ratings bonanza because the public cannot get of the reality-star-turned-politician, who says whatever is on his mind. This act does not seem to get old, so they cover everything. Even the insults Marco Rubio and Trump lob at each other to try and nail down Super Tuesday.

Trump will likely be the nominee and will have to square off against Hillary Clinton. We may see an unprecedented amount of establishment Republicans endorse Clinton in a general election. Everyone seems to now be scared of a possible Trump Presidency.

Good luck America. I hope you do the right thing for everyone.