Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Mar. 14, 2016

By Marc Platt

Why is it that The Donald and Sarah Palin can rile the masses up against minorities who are American citizens who ALSO have a right to assemble and protest even against THEM without threatening the same Americans?

That is a long lead, but the question needs to be posed to these "American" candidates. Aren't the protestors the same people they want to govern and protect?

Or is it only the Americans who agree with them...You know....WHITE PEOPLE who are bigots, racists and angry people who only share the same political ideology with them.

The United States of America is a big country with many diverse interests. Shouldn't Donald Trump be going out of his way to EMBRACE minorities and women? Aren't they his constituents also?

Is it acceptable for Rubio, Cruz and Trump to demonize our first twice-elected African American President? These men aspire to that position, but have gone out of there way to deligitimize his presidency.

I submit to you that history will not look kindly to any of those three men. I would think with Barack Obama's long list of achievements, he WILL get good historical coverage right alongside Dr. King, President Lincoln, FDR and JFK.

History has a way of looking down on outliars like Trump, George Wallace, Mitch McConnell and several other "Obstructors." George Wallace is best remembered for obstructing African American students who tried to enter an American unuiversity in Alabama during a lot of civil unrest in the deep south. Wallace is also remembered for being a bigot and a racist who was shot. To his credit, Wallace repented for his lifetime of bigotry.

I would find it hard to believe that Trump would ever apologize for accusing our sitting U.S. President of being a Kenyon. I find it hard to imagine Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell and all of the GOP-elected officials who obstructed Obama's presidency from day one. These men shut the U.S. government down in 2013 over health care. They are/were willing to take millions of U.S. citizen's health care away for their own political ideology.

I really want America to remember this important fact. The American President is supposed to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the citizens. The President WORKS for the people, not the other way around.


Feb. 29, 2016

By Marc Platt

We are in the final year of our first African American President's administration. The obstructionist Republicans who have blocked everything he has brought to congress is now coming to grips with a monster they allowed to be created through fear and racism.

Duh. Did you think this would go smoothly?

Campaigning through fear and ugly demagoguery will always result in candidates that will most likely govern the same way.

America is coming to grips with The Donald and his Muslim-hating, Mexican-baiting campaign that is now being embraced by the Klan. Senator Jeff Sessions, a man denied a federal judgeship due to his views on race has endorsed Trump, as has David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of said Klan.

This has now become a reality. Trump is skating through the south, getting voters sympahtetic with these racially divisive attitudes and views. Trump and his fellow Republicans have demonized Obama for years and have skewed reality so much that it has become evident race is going to once again play a huge part of our electoral process.

The media has also played a part in this terrible onslaught of fear Trump and Cruz has been able to freely display.

The media has benefitted as much as anyone with ratings. The Trump phenomenum is a ratings bonanza because the public cannot get of the reality-star-turned-politician, who says whatever is on his mind. This act does not seem to get old, so they cover everything. Even the insults Marco Rubio and Trump lob at each other to try and nail down Super Tuesday.

Trump will likely be the nominee and will have to square off against Hillary Clinton. We may see an unprecedented amount of establishment Republicans endorse Clinton in a general election. Everyone seems to now be scared of a possible Trump Presidency.

Good luck America. I hope you do the right thing for everyone.

Feb. 23, 2016

By Marc Platt

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died, most people assumed that the highest court in the land would be in a state of flux. I beg to differ.

Anyone who knows anything about the make-up of the most recent court, would have to admit that the most powerful conservative voice was Antonin Scalia. He was the conservative force that Clarence Thomas followed like a puppy dog for decades.

Anthony Kennedy has been a swing vote on many perilous issues and has saved the liberals bacon several times in recent years.

Chief Justice John Roberts avoided a national disatster when he upheld most of President Obama's ambitious Affordable Care Act legislation.

The MOST severely conservative voice on the court is now history. Even with a 4-4 Supreme Court, they are now free to function without the pressure of Scalia to move them towards obscurity with so many decisions that have done damage like The Voting Rights Act and Heller (guns).

I understand that Roberts and other conservative voices on the court never liked the 1964-65 legislation, but they WILL have to move on that in the next few years, especially if the Democrats retain the White House.

There will also be abortion cases, guns, affirmative action, LGBT cases. Just watch how they function even with Republican obstruction.

It is only a hunch, but I believe the CURRENT SCOTUS will be much more conducive to doing the right thing with Scalia silenced.


Feb. 18, 2016

By Marc Platt

Okay Marc...Wake up... It's only a nightmare...Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will really not be the next US President...


That was close...

have you noticed that The Donald has NO SPECIFIC policies when pressed. He can tell you and a crowd of disciples what is wrong with America: "We never win anything," "we negotiate terrible deals" and "Our military is weak."

We only get answers like "I will be the greatest jobs President," "I will be the greatest military president."

You can fool some (Republicans) of the people some of the time, but not all (Independents and Democrats) of the people all of the time.

Ted Cruz has the same problem. He can tell us what the problems are, but offers no real solutions. The ones he does offer are extreme. No "abortions" under any circumstances, just like Marco Rubio. "No exceptioons. I am pro life."

Guys...Have you heard the news? 52% of the overall electorate are WOMEN. Young women, mothers and grandmothers of child-bearing age women. That will not fly in America in 2016.

Have you also noticed that The Donald will just yell and scream right over a questioner's question with incessant talk? Do you really believe Trump can just stand on a stage in a general election debate and call Hillary Clinton "Such a liar" like he does with Cruz, Jeb and Rubio? That will not fly with a general election audience.

Bernie Sanders knows he is up against it with Hillary leading in seven of nine Super Tuesday states. His campaign is putting a lot of eggs in the Boston area market. he desparately needs MA. There are a lot of delegates there. Sanders is also doing big advertising market buys in Oklahoma for that March 1 primary.

Sanders has been critical of Obama in the past and now tries to cling to him, but Clinton is wrapped around the Obama flag and the president himself has signaled more of a kinship with his former Secretatry of State. Bernie has a very tough road starting in South Carolina. He might eek out the Nevada Caucus, but shit gets real in South Carolina and beyond as Hillary Clinton already has a huge SUPER DELEGATE lead.

On the GOP side, kasich and Rubio are hanging tight hoping Cruz and Trump knock each other out in their knock down drag out war of "Liar" claims, etc...

Yes shit is getting very real...

Feb. 13, 2016

By Marc Platt

Antonin Scalia's death is a game changer in American politics. The US Supreme Court will now be evened out at 4 liberels and 4 conservatives. President Obama will come out with his nominee, who will be looked at as a sacrificial lamb with no chance of being confirmed.

Justice Kennedy becomes the KEY MEMBER of the current court. The cases this court had chosen to hear are significant. There are abortion, affirmative action and electoral matters slated to be heard. Kennedy could be the swing vote that keeps many of these cases from serving the conservative judicial aggenda Scalia so greatly championed.

Barack Obama has little, if any chance to get his potential nominee confirmed, which makes this election season even crazier as both sides will undoubtedly fund raise off his death and the importqance of getting a presidential candidate elected.

Ted Cruz wasted no time citing Scalia's death as a "most important" reason to get a Republican elected.

My prediction...America will have its highest general election turnout ever with the future of the US Supreme Court now the number one reason to get a new President elected for their side.

This will be a Battle Royale that will definitely help more establishment-type candidates. Keep an eye on Donald Trump's poll numbers as the sobering thought of him selecting the next justice sinks in to the voters of the deep south. Ted Cruz will be able to shore up his base. Jeb Bush and John Kasich will seem more reasonable to voters who thought they wanted change.

This development changes everything about this election cycle for the White House and US SEnate.