Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Feb. 2, 2016

By Marc Platt

The Political Media Machine exists to sell advertising. They have a stake in the horse race as long as they last long enough to keep selling ads.

Donald Trumpo is a huge TV star. That does not mean he is a GREAT artist, or even a worthy political candidate. Trump SELLS. Did Ted Cruz WIN the Iowa Caucus? Or did Donald Trump LOSE the Iowa Caucus?


Ted Cruz is one of the most unlike-able politicians in the history of our republic, but he had a great ground game in Iowa.

Let's remember you could barely fill a few football statdiums with the amount of people who voted in the GOP Iowa Caucus. Cruz spent nearly a year there to write his only possible ticket out of Iowa. The road gets very murky from here on out for Cruz. New Hampshire will bring him down to earth. Trump has big numbers there.

If Trump under-performs in New Hampshire and we see the rise of Rubio and Kasich, there will be a rush of donors flocking to those candidates. 

Of course you don't need to listen to me or anyone else. You can think this through yourself. Is America ready to have a thrice-married casino owner run the country in light of his four bankrupcies? REALLY?

Will people actually consider electing Ted Cruz, the man who is responsible for the government shutdown a few years back? REALLY?

Will America vote for a 74-year-old Independent self-proclaimed socialist (Bernie Sanders) who wants to gut Obamacare and start over with asingle-payer system that was already rejected by congress and raise your taxes to do it? REALLY?

Like I said "Believe what you know, not what the media tells you." Think this through yourself.

Lat thing...

I love shows like 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC with the conservative Joe Scarborough and the liberal Mika B. That show was on the verge of absolute collapse until they started supporting the notion that Donald Trump could win. They bring him on their show 2-3 times per week and all th epolitical shows have sucked up to Trump to bolster their ratings for 7 months. That act will start wearing thin very soon.

The real horse race begins in South Carolina. That is when the diversity electorate kicks in with many African American and other rising minority electorates having THEIR say in who will run the country beginning next January. That I do know.


Jan. 26, 2016

By Marc Platt

I have been thinking about this upcoming Presidential election a lot for the past year. It is frigging crazy to think that Donald Trump could possibly be the nominee for the GOP.

The only path I see to changing the dynamic now is if Trump wins Iowa and we get a surprise runner-up like Rubio. and Cruz falls to third.

If Trump wins New Hampshire and John Kasich keeps improving and finishes a decent 2nd, THEN the GOP establishment coalesces around Kasich and a machine is built to support him as their candidate. That is the ONLY scenario I see happening to beat Trump. I don't believe people will unite around Jeb, Marco or the Bridge Guy.

Kasich is the obvious VP pick being a popular OHIO governor, but he may have a say in the outcome of these primaries. He is a bad joke-telling, but decent institutional-ist. After 7 years of racially-divided obstructionism I truly believe the GOP will ride through this crazy phase and put a moderate Republican on the top of the ticket. Kasich is the ONLY guy running with the credentials to actually do the job on the Republican side of the aisle.

Hillary seems to me to be the only candidate who will get 65 million or more votes. I really don't see Trump getting that many voters. I know the Reagan argument, but HE was a former California governor.

This makes sense in a year that doesn't make sense...

Jan. 25, 2016

By Marc Platt

Remember that old Pat Benatar hit "Love Is A Battlefield"?

"When I'm losing control
Will you turn me away
Or touch me deep inside
And when all this gets old
Will it still feel the same"

Hillary Clinton has been fighting these battles since the 1990's with her husband Bill. The Right Wing Political Machine has demonized them and tried to turn the country against their ideals.

Now it is Bernie Sanders turn to muddy these waters with his singular issue of "Political Finance Reform" and "Breaking Up The Banks."

Even if former NY Mayor (I) Michael Bloomberg were to jump in the race, it will only get muddier.

Hillary Clinton has been put in a very awkward position of having to run towards the CENTER in the primaries and then STAY THERE in the general election. Bernie Sanders is far left and impracticle in his ability to actually put forth programs the middle class could support. Sanders has to backtrack his earlier positions of NOT RAISING TAXES on the middle class and poor voters in order to fund his "Single Payer" Health Care Plan.

Hillary Clinton knows better than to campaign on raising taxes and starting all over again on the already litigated Affordable Care Act.

I believe when all is said and done, the resonable Democratic electorate will see through Sanders inability to get ANY of his pie-in-the-sky ideas and they will gravitate to Mrs. Clinton as someone who WILL unite and not divide like Trump, etc...

Let us also remember that Clinton has already securred a great many Super Delegates. These are Party Officials and likely bigwigs in several states. That puts Sanders far behind going in. President Obama was able to do the same thing in 2008 and that greatly helped his cause.

In my opinion, the most likely person to get the necessary 270 Electoral votes in a general election is the Instutuional Favorite Hillary Clinton.

The media needs to keep fanning the flames of division and disruption. Pay attention to the endorsements and the normal Washington Institutional machinery as the voting starts. Even though the early part of the election cycle was ANTI-Washington, the electorate ELECTED these people and they will rely on them in the end to decide who will lead us into the Post-Obama era. That is what I think.

Let's see if I am right.

Jan. 23, 2016
By Marc PLatt

If you want to know what know what a "2016 Version of The Civil War" looks like? Look no further than The GOP. This is what a war looks like right now. Donald Trump is an unstoppable force WITHIN the GOP Electoral process. The fact that he has now embraced his own brand of "Conservatism" and will likely make a total mockery of the electoral process and THEN shift like a jackrabbit towards the center to take on Hillary (the likely nominee) Clinton is the endgame.
The fact that America is made up of ALL SORTS of voters. Some are educated, some are gullible and some are apathetic. The next several months are more of a re-directory period for both parties.
Bernie Sanders is making a very strong showing and he is NOT even a Democrat. Donald Trump is making a very strong showing and he is not really a Republican. He USED to be a Democrat and has identified with many liberal-leaning policies even now.
When a bunch of neocon conservatives freak out and write an Anti-Trump manifesto in the National Review, it ONLY HELPS TRUMP MORE.
Middle America does not give a rats ass what Bill Kristol thinks. He is almost always WRONG. Even his followers know he rarely gets it right.
This edition is a joke, but very entertaining. Just because an argument SOUNDS right, does not make it right. Facts are important. You and I cannot cherry pick the truth. It is somewhere in between the left and the right.
Good luck everyone in electing nominees.
It certainly is interesting to watch the Democrats and Republicans restructure their parties for the post Obama world. That is really what is happening here.


Jan. 18, 2016

By Marc Platt

A funny thing happened at the third Democratic Debate in South Carolina Sunday night. Hillary Clinton was able to define Bernie Sanders and herself. She found her sea legs over her position on Universal Health Care.

Sanders exposed himself to ridicule when he released HIS Single-Payer Health Plan just two hours before the debate in that Americans would have their taxes raised to pay for it. This was on the heals of the Vermont senator promising only a $1.61 hike at the last debate to cover "Paid Family Leave." His new plan he insisted would include a lowering of health care premiums by several thousand dollars for middle class Americans.

That was it. Hillary Clinton was off to the races and probably ensured herself an overall victory in the primary process. Clinton jumped all over Sanders forcing Americans to relaize that the country would have to re-litigate The Affordable Care Act all over again with the Republicans if Sanders were elected.

Sanders looked weakened on that South Carolina stage several times during the night. Hillary Clintons sharpened fangs came out several times for the kill on issues like guns and foreign poplicy, but it was health care that provided the opening.

It is apparent now that Mrs. Clinton's message is about embracing President Obama and an EVOLUTION of HIS policies and presidency and that Bernie Sanders message was, as he stated was about a "Revolution.

Hillary Clinton wants to help America EVOLVE and Sanders wants to tear down and start over the American economic system we now live in. Those are stark contrasts.

In my opinion, the Democratic Nomination was settled on that stage in South Carolina January 17th, but we have to let the electoral process play itself out. Clinton spoke to HER base which is considerably larger than Sander's.

It is still fun to watch.