Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Nov. 2, 2017
By Marc Platt
Atty. General Jefferson Sessions is going to put Da Prez in a weird spot. Trump will have to fire him for lying to Congress and then have a free path to firing Mueller.
Congress will then have to rehire Mueller as the outrage sparks action. If Trump were to fire Sessions during the holiday recess, there will be less outrage because members of Congress will be in their home districts.
What will Trump do with Ivanka and Jared? He will jetison them back to New York, but that will not stop the Grand Jury in New York from indicting Kushner for his own business dealings.
They will not get Trump for collusion. They will surround him with all his campaign staff and administration people (just like Nixon in 1973). He will have NO ALLIES. Robert Mercer is already shifting his business dealings around. How long will he stick with Trump?
Looking back on the 2016 campaign, I see so many bear traps I missed. But I give myself a pass, because who in their right mind would think that one of our political parties would allow themselves to be infiltrated by a sworn enemy like Russia? How could I (or anyone) believe that a political campaign would actually team up with a political campaign to destroy the opponent?
It happened. It is being proven. I have always thought that the voting machines and voter rolls were tampered with in precincts that have always been Democratic. When I saw such small Republican margins in Midwest strongholds I was very suspicious. I texted a good friend who knows a lot more about these computer shenanigans than I do.
November 8, 2016 (7:38 pm) Text to my friend:
Me: "Hey something looks funny with these results. Trump is leading in counties in Ohio & PA that NEVER go R?"
Him: "Yep. Something is going on."
Me: "Can they get in the voting machines?"
Him: "LOL. For the last 30 years. It is easy. Voting mach. are so easy to infiltrate. Takes minutes if you know how to get in."
Me: "You can?"
Him: "a 15-year-old hacker can get in. Anyone can mess with a voter roll and a lot of old machines."
I want to believe that you can't fix an election. We are talking about 51 separate elections when you are dealing with a national election. Something smells and always has.
The problems we have will take years to straighten out when it comes to electing our leaders.
Aug. 31, 2017

By Marc Platt

Try to wrap your head around the thought that we have a disrupt-or leading our country. This man is willing to provoke a kid who can destroy Japan and South Korea in two minutes.

This week the country saw a focus group of Trump voters who are having serious "Buyers Remorse," making statements like "I never thought," "This man is unstable," "Un professional" and "I don't like what he is doing."
There are THREE (3) MAJOR investigations going on to try and remove him from office and we are in year #1.

He is undoing decades of social programs that help feed and clothe our poorest citizens.

He wants to take our poorest citizens off health care.
He wants immigrants to have the hardest possible path for remaining in America. He wants WHITE people to get jobs before everyone else (his actions speak loudly on this fact).

He has left important State Department and Justice Department positions unfilled, setting America up to fail "Bigly" when certain crisis arise.
I will only mention the Tweeting and boasting of "big crowds" to go along with the apparent out-of-control corruption he is allegedly being accused of. There is a lot of smoke (Trump Tower Moscow), which would mean President Trump WAS dealing with Putin and his banks to get that project made, despite telling America he had "No Dealings" with Russia.
This is the "New Normal" created by Trump and a handful of plotters and voters who made him #45.
Jun. 1, 2017
By Marc Platt
Everything going on in the DC Beltway is Kabuki Theatre. #45 just took America out of a non-binding Climate Agreement that 189 other countries are supposedly sticking to. This is like an international Weight Watchers meeting. The countries "Weigh In' every year to show how they are lowering their emissions . Each country has "Targets." No one is penalized for not reaching those targets. This is a non-binding agreement.
I personally wish the USA would stick to the program. We do have a pretty good record ourselves of lowering these emissions. DJT threw a bunch of red meat at his base, but he will pay a price. MANY CEOs (like Elon Musk) will start to back the hell away from him. He is using up what little political capital he has left.
General Flynn seems to be chirping like a canary to the FBI. The Donald calls Mikey all the time, desperately trying to keep Flynn clammed up. It is not working. Flynn was a good soldier for many years. He always took orders from OTHER higher up generals. When HE was the man giving the orders, it went badly during the Obama administration. His life and emotional self esteem seemed to take a turn for the worse and he became a $$$ mercenary.
When this story is all told in the history books, we will all take a careful look at our own side of the street. Yes, the Russians tinkered and did what they do. The REAL story is our lack of institutional security. The Obama administration is at fault here just as much as anyone.
Barack Obama KNEW the Russians were doing these. He KNEW that the FBI was investigating Trump and his campaign in the summer of 2016. That means Loretta Lynch and the entire intel community are equally responsible for this all getting off the tracks so badly.
Obama is just as responsible for Trump becoming president as Comey, Lynch and the Russians. This was a total clusterf@%k from top to bottom.
Hillary Clinton looked dopey trying to go through the events and not take any real blame for her loss. We don't have a "Popular Vote." America is stuck with the Electoral College and she knows that. Jared Kushner was basically the man pulling the strings and figuring out how to suck out every last electoral vote from states that had been a safe haven for Democrats for decades.
I still maintain that Trump was shocked and sickened at the thought that he actually won and was going to have to govern. He does not know how to govern and proves that every day. He has undone so many positive Obama era policies that it will take the NEXT POTUS a full term just to put America back on EQUAL footing with the rest of the free world.
Trump is not a good executive. He is a good marketer.
We are screwed until he exits the stage.
May. 17, 2017

By Marc Platt

Much of America got hoodwinked this past November. They wanted change and man oh man they've got it now.

Donald J. Trump went to the isolationist/racist/Richard Nixon playbook to get himself elected. He stitched together an electorate that for some strange reason...Worked. I give him props for finding the only possible path to victory.

What is now apparent is his inability to actually DO THE JOB. He has zero ability to analyze and actually govern. The only thing "President" Trump knows how to do is get down in a bunker and use his "Word Salad" skills to deflect his corruption and ineptness as a President. He has little or no knowledge of domestic policy or foreign policy.

He cannot sit still long enough to even understand his "PDBs" (Presidential Daily Briefings). This point was brought home this week when it was disclosed that he passed on "Code Word" and "Classified" information to the Russians (at the behest of Putin himself). Yes..Putin asked Trump to have these guys IN THE OVAL OFFICE. They played Trump in a big way getting him to brag about his ISIS policy (which he may or may not understand).

Trump was able to correctly assess that Nixon's "Silent Majority" was being neglected 45 years later and Lindberg's "America First" isolationist movement of the late 30's was the proper playbook to run during the campaign, but that has little to do with governing in 2017.

Trump will either resign (like Nixon) or go into battle (Like Bill Clinton) and deal with the US Congress who all want to save their own asses.

This is where we are.

May. 8, 2017
By Marc Platt
The Trump's have no problem peddling influence around the world. The Kushner's are going to find out a hard lesson, just as DJT, Ivanka and the rest of these high-powered grifters in the end.
Trump is unable to get anything done in Washington except roll back the stuff Obama did during his 8 years. Congress can't get anything passed, despite the fact that they own both houses and the White House. Think about it, the Republicans CONTROL everything and yet they can't control ANYTHING.
You would have to think that McConnell and Ryan know what they are dealing with and even this bogus Health Care ramrod job will have a big "Toxic" tatoo on all their foreheads in the midterms.
McConnell is aware that they cannot do any meaningful health care legislation without Democrats help in the US Senate. They will have enough trouble passing a "CR" (Continuing Resolution) to keep the government doors open later this year.
The US Congress is completely hamstrung by their own civil war and internal strife. The voters have to start by electing Jeff Ossoff in the Georgia 6th to replace the corrupt Dr. Tom Price, who now lies for Trump as head of HHS (Health and Human Services).
The people will have to suffer for a few years and then take the House and Senate back and get Trump (or Pence) to deal with them. Chuck Schumer and Nany Pelosi (or her replacement) will have to pick up the pieces at some point. Paul Ryan will have a hard time surviving Trump. He is practically married to the guy politically right now.
The Washington establishment ALWAYS wins. Just watch how all these investigations continue to absorb the administration. McConnell and Ryan will let their members slowly unravel all the corruption that got Trump elected. We will have to overhaul everything (probably for the better).
So I will give Trump credit for succeeding in draining the swamp, but it will be "HIS" swamp that will be drained. Trump truly has been a "Disrupt-or," but not in the way he thought or campaigned.
He truly WILL change Washington DC forever.