Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Dec. 16, 2015

By Marc Platt

I have been writing about this since the summer and no one seems to be getting tired of Donald J. Trump.

It has dawned on me that Donald Trump LOVES running for President. He loves Talking Points, Abusive Putdowns, Poll Numbers, Interviews and Attention. Donald Trump LOVES the action. It is like an addiction. He is like a gambler who must be "In Action" at all times. The camera must always be on him.

I still believe this man wants NOTHING to do with the actual job.

Why you ask?

When was the last time Donald Trump worked for ANYONE ELSE? This man is his own boss. He is not going to work for Americans.

When we elect public officials, they work for us. No bueno with Trump.

He has "MILLIONS" of people working for him. How would this work?

Donald Trump...Public Servant? REALLY?

This is why it will never happen.

Once he realizes that Hillary will trounce him in a general election, he will get the hell out of Dodge City, right?

I still don't believe this man has the vanity to allow people to vote AGAINST him. His ego is far too massive.

Donald Trump LOVES making speeches. I have him in the background (in Phoenix) while I write these words. He just tells us how great he is and how "America will be great again" if we make him our leader.

His followers shout down protesters like earlier this week threatening to "burn the motherfucker alive." Trump eggs them on and never shows one characteristic of being a leader.

I watched Chris Matthews (MSNBC) interview him after the Vegas debate and ask him the birther question. Trump refused to answer the question that will dog him to the general election. Trump was the leading "Obama is a Kenyon" birther starting in 2010. This grotesque notion will ultimately help destroy any chances he has if he were to gain that nomination.

I have been wrong at every turn about how the public would NOT embrace The Donald. There IS a segment of 40% of the 27% registered Republican voters who love these blustering statements about Illegal Immigrants (rapists?), Muslims (keep them all out)...The list goes on and on.

Every time Trump makes an outlandish statement, it is a substitution for his desire NOT to spend any money running ads. Trump is cheap. He won't spend any real money on advertising when he can get free media when the polls begin to dip.

Just understand this man's emotiotional need for attention and you will realize what is really going on in America.

Fear sells.

Trump yells.

All the other candidates (and public) don't KVELL.

(Webster definition of KVELL: feel happy and proud. "my mom was kvelling—bursting with pride")



Dec. 8, 2015

By Marc Platt

                  "Freedom is more powerful than fear"
                                (Barack Obama, December 6, 2015)

We live in crazy times. There is a presidential election on the horizon and we have a U.S. president who has to walk on egg shells, because he has several constituencies to answer to.

There are men and women seeking that job who are free to say whatever best serves them politically. The mainstream media makes its money reporting what these men and women say. This is a cycle that is set up for failure for a sitting president.

Donald Trump, a man who has never been elected or been in a situation where the public has ever cast a vote FOR or AGAINST in a an election, knows who to work the press. He knows how to make political gains by using the media to report outlandish things with no apparent consequence.

I personally believe Mr. Trump is afraid of losing and will not subject himself to people casting votes for or against him, but I have been wrong at every turn so far in this bizarre political season.

I believe that this man will capitalize on this Fame-On-Steroids phase of his life to make a point that he can "Game" the public and get them to support his "Archie Bunker" mantality. 

There is a price that will be paid by Republicans as they drift even farther to the right and it certainly brings out the worse in a fearful and vulnerable electorate.

When The Donald calls for the blockage of "All Muslims" into America as his solution to the terrorism problem, we need to be reminded of two eras in our recent past that we will never live down.

The Japanese interment camps in America in the 1940's during the second world war AND GITMO right now in Cuba. The GOP has blocked the Obama administration from closing this facility for seven years.

For any man or woman to advocate shunning Americans who are Muslims, especially elected officials who make a salary SERVING these very same people who pay their taxes is horrible.

There is nothing to be proud of right now in our politics. We are NOT exceptional at all. We are failing in an epic way as a country.

Barack Obama is the U.S. President and every American Democrat, Republican and non-political person needs to respect the office and get behind him. he is serving our needs as a nation, agree or disagree with his policies.

When we go to war, we go as a country.

If we don't pay attention to history, it will surely repeat.



Nov. 30, 2015

By Marc Platt

Oy Veh...

You have lost your party. It started in 2009 when Barack Obama was elected to be our 44th U.S. President. When middle-of-the-road candidate John McCain got swamped with Sarah Palin as his running mate, a monster was created.

The Genie was let out of the bottle for the GOP and it has only become worse.

Palin, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and then a slew of NEW conservatives arose from the dead and created The Tea Party.

The Republican Party used to be a governing, principled group of men and women who could legislate. The fact that this new Republican Party was able to drive a "lifer" like John Boehner out of the congress is a very telling statement. Boehner was a staunch "Institutionalist," as is Mitch McConnell. These men used to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats.

Cruz, Rubio and the other far right out-of-control oober conservatives have taken over the dysfunction and wreaked havoc on legislating for ALL the people. They don't give a damn about you or me. They care about their own ideology and their OWN pockets.

It is very ugly out there if you are a TRUE Republican.

I feel sorry for the REAL Republicans who are forced to stick with this out of date party. This NEW Republican party makes Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan look like FDR and his "New Deal."

Republicans are getting a rotten deal.

Donald Trump is NOT a Republican. He is really the TRUMP PARTY, a group of people who are ARCHIE BUNKERS 2015-style. He plays on the worst of people scaring them into believing he can save them. He never gives reasonable solutions. A Wall? Operation Wetback revisited? All Muslims are bad? Don't let ANYONE in?

Yes my TRUE old schoool Republican friends, you have LOST your party.

Only YOU can get it back. I am a liberal Democrat who knows that without a real alternative party, we are all sunk.

The current Republican party could end up taking such a beating next year when the true electorate comes out of the woodwork and elects Hillary Clinton and a slew of Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

I feel your pain and I feel all of our pain as a result.

Nov. 13, 2015

Commentary by Marc Platt

It is several months in and potential Presidential Primary voters are scratching their heads trying to make sense of the pure rubbish and dribble coming out of Donald Trump and Ben Carson's mouths on the campaign trail and in the GOP Presidential Debates.

To summarize...Trump has repeatedly insulted and denigrated Latins and immigrants (legal and illegal) who reside in America. Trump's brutal Eisenhower "Operation Wetback" reference at the 4th GOP Debate was absolutely reprehsible. Trump ginned up his base with "Deportaion Squads" that harkened back to Hitler rounding up the Jews in Germany and other European countries during WW2. Ike's deplorable program actually caused the deaths of 80+ immigrants who were left to die in the desert once they were dropped off in Mexico.

Ben Carson makes stuff up all the time and insists that he has secret informers on foreign policy that even U.S. diplomats and security personnel has all but said was false. The Chinese are NOT in Syria, but Carson seems to skate along with absurd and shows a lack of understanding of even basic foreign policy. It is a joke.

Why do these men overwhelmingly lead their party's polling?

It is simple and I can put your worst fears to rest with these simple facts.

In recent polling of the make-up of Republican primary voters, the results look VERY different than the overall American electorate.

54% of the GOP Primary voters are male.
92% of these voters are WHITE.

Now all you need to do is understand that there are far more registered Democrat and independent voters in the country than GOP.

ALSO, you should also grasp the fact that 50,000 Latinos-per-month are becoming eligible to vote turning 18-years-of-age. It is the largest emerging voting block in America.

In 2012 Mitt Romney got just over 59 million votes and was trounced by Barack Obama. The 2016 OVERALL electorate will be even more friendly to women and minorities who are eligible to vote.

The November 2016 voters in the Presidential election will look very different than the GOP Primaries. In other words...Republicans are getting MUCH whiter and the GENERAL electorate is getting a lot less WHITE.

This looks like a slam dunk for the Democrats. If the Democrats retain the White House, there is a great chance the U.S. Senate will shift back to the left and a lot of house seats could also go that way. The U.S. House is still gerrymandered to the point that the GOP will keep it until 2020.

I hope this helps, a little...I feel better

Oct. 23, 2015

Commentary by Marc Platt

I was wrong in 2012. I thought there might be some health concerns and that maybe Mrs. Clinton shouldn't run for U.S. President in 2016 or any other year, due to her age, etc...

On October 22, Hillary Clinton blew all of that out of the water with her 10+ hour grilling by the oober-partisan Benghazi Committee and their out-for-blood right wing zealots. The Republicans HANDED former Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House with their backfiring witch hunt.

The former New York U.S. Senator/First Lady/Secretary of State was a far better politician than all of the GOP members on that ill-fated committee who tried to get her at every turn. 

America and the rest of the world saw a woman in her late 60's easily handle the scrutiny and anger for 10+ hours. What the Republicans failed to realize was that with each passing hour of their "inquisition" Hillary Clinton was showing that she could stand up for herself and her country.

The GOP weakened any possible general election candidate.

This will be an electoral landslide in November, 2016. Someone like maybe Marco Rubio could make it closer than the rest of that clown car running, but there sure are a lot of women voters out there who saw Hillary Clinton looking awesome under the most remarkable of circumstances. America loves an underdog and that is exactly what the Republicans did in that hearing, they made Hillary Clinton an underdog.

It is over, finished, kaput...Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the first woman elected U.S. President. She seems up to the job and the entire world got to witness the reasons why on an October day on Capitol Hill.

Joe Biden would have been a welcome addition to the field, but he is also a smart politician. VP Biden knows the Clintons are a very tough outfit to outsmart. Now the rest of the world knows why, as well.