Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Sep. 6, 2015

By Marc Platt

It looks to me like Fox News is slowly pulling its viewers towards the middle, which is a smart move by news chief Roger Ailes and Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

They will likely phase blowhards like Cheney off the network just like when Megyn Kelly sealed Karl Rove's fate at the network in 2012 when he tried to futility argue the re-election of Barack Obama by having Chris Wallace FINALLY start calling the Bush/Cheney administration out for their terrible Iraq strategy, we may finally start to put that gruesome episode aside and get on with it.

I would look for guys like Mike Huckabee and ted Cruz to start diminishing in the next few years. Fox News is NOT stupid. They know that they went too far with the incendiary right wing stuff. They created Glenn Beck and perpetuated the Rush Limbaugh brand way too much.

The Republicans must start drifting back to the center (where Reagan actually was) and away from the wacko garbage.

This is why I applaud what they TRIED to do in that September 6 Republican debate in Cleveland. Conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt is carrying on the debunking of Trump on his lack of foreign policy knowledge. It is just a matter of time before Trump's act wears off, but he will have damaged the brand (what was left of it) forcing the entire party far to the right.

America still will have to endure the Carson, Trump, Fiorina onslaught for another month or so leading into the actual primary season. Look for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current Ohio Governor John Kasich to somehow emerge as the closest things to moderates capable of competing with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders next year.

Sep. 4, 2015

By Marc Platt

I'm going to try and keep this simple.

"Simplicity" is the key to winning a national election.

The public gets to see the differences between candidates and how it affects THEIR lives.

In early 2008, America didn't know who this African American U.S. Senator (Barack Obama) from Illinios was who began running for president against a Hillary Clinton machine poised for success.

She seemed unbeatable, but Obama had a few tricks up his sleeve. He was inspirational, represented change, opposed Iraq from the start and knew how to use math to his advantage. This has been the key to his success from the start.

The GOP presidential candidates are complicated.

They battle each other to get to the bottom of the political barrel. They are willing to shut the government down. They brag and boast about keeping government small, yet put America in peril at every turn spending on wars we cannot afford. They fundraise off of tragedylike Sandy Hook and they just plain beat each other into submission all the time.

Americans are not stupid. They want there government to run smoothly, have lower gas prices, health care that is affordable and not to send their young men and women off to die in some war they never really wanted. 

Why do you think we fight our wars with unmanned drones now?

Hillary Clinton was a part of a very successful Obama administration that MOST people recognise has been excellent in every way.

Sure they have had their weak points, but when all is said and done, Americans will look back on the Obama years as a hallmark presidency and Hillary was a part of that.

When George W. Bush came to power with Dick Cheney, they IMMEDIATELY ruined most of the work Bill Clinton did with a huge surplus and peacetime. They used the attack on the World Trade Center (which they ignored serious warning signs) to get us into a war in Iraq. We know all that.

The Republican elected officials are full of bluster and little true substance lately. Gone are the days of thoughtful policy ideas from that segment of the political spectrum. Moderates are at a premium in the Republican bubble.

Do you remember how Dubya gave us tax rebates? That was his big gift to Americans and a standard Republican talking point. They always want to lower taxes, especially on the richest segment of society.

Dubya's entire presidency was a farce. He put two wars on a credit card in which Obama has had to pay for with crafty shifts (sequestor) to satisfy blood thirsty congressional Republicans who have to keep their jobs.

This atmosphere has been hostile. Barack Obama continually tried to reach across the aisle only to be rebuffed by Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the congressional Republican-elected officials.

Bottom line is Americans want to wake up every day and feel like their president and government has THEIR backs. That is why the Democrats will retain the White House in the next election.

Government is nuanced, but the notion of security is actually very simple. On election day, I truly believe this will be a no brainer and we will see our first woman elected to be #45.

Hillary Clinton.


Aug. 26, 2015

By Marc Platt

I have been accused over the past six years of being an "Obama Apologist." 

For the most part I have been.

There is an area I feel our president has fallen short on policy, but not the rhetoric surrounding that lack of policy.

The "Middle Class" has all but disappeared in America and wages are stagnant. When the U.S. Congress failed to fix the "Unemployment Insurance" issue a year or so ago, it was basically just forgotten by Barack Obama and millions of citizens have suffered in the wake of the job redistribution correction that is now taking place.

What this correction is, is basically the new economy and the types of jobs that are now available throughout the United States.

America is veering away from the manufacturing jobs that were so important in creating the Middle Class and have now is experiencing more entry level-type jobs that don't fit the educational backgrounds of the two previous generations.

Baby Boomers who have been displaced from career jobs have had to figure out new ways of making a living. President Obama has spoken at great length sympahizing with that group of Americans, but has done NOTHING to help fix the problem.

This all stems from the 2008 Economic Meltdown and Obama's own agenda of changing our economy and the culture of the workforce. There have been many citizens who are fed up with the hoplessness flocking to Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats really need to take a look at this. The media is so busy covering "The Summer of Trump," they are really missing the big story. Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of Baby Boomers and white students who were raised in middle class families following Bernie and Elizabeth Warren's message. These are the voters who could swing this election, along with the growing Latin, Women and Asian voters who got Obama elected twice.

President Obama owes it to the Baby Boomers and the "Greatest Generation" of now-senior citizens who depend on the government to make good on the promise of Social Security.

We will see if Hillary Clinton starts coming up with real and do-able policies that the Sanders-Warren progressives have been showing they want. Hillary could have issues on the left if she doesn't step up her game on inequality. Clinton has always been known as a fighter for these middle class people, but things are rapidly changing and the fight is getting MORE acute on the liberal side of the Democratic Party.

In closing, Obama has been great on so many things like health care, but has fallen short on actual policy that will really help Americans become the best workforce in the world once again. He has a little more than a year to start a new correction for the long-lost middle class.

Aug. 20, 2015

Commentary by
Marc Platt

Talk about going negative...The Donald has made a mockery of the political process by going negative on everything and everyone who gets in his way..Jeb, Rand, Hillary, Obama, Perry...This is how it works "We are losing as a country" he recently said at a a press conference in New Hamphire.

Trump also feels justified in going after Hillary Clinton's closest advisor (Huma Abedin), calling the woman's husband Anthony Weiner "A Perv."

Donald will spout off about building a wall that the Mexican government will pay for. They have said that will never happen, yet the media never drills down deep with Trump.

The "Illegals" and "Anchor Babies have to go." He would send them back if he were president. We all know that ain't gonna happen. We all know that he will be back at some point anhialating the network ratings with his "Apprentice" series.

"We cannot let ISIS continue to do what they've been doing," he says. He doesn't say HOW we will stop them specifically. "We'll cut off their finances and their oil."

HOW Donald How? How do you stop ISIS? Do you send 100,000 troops, many who would perish in a ground war? 

How do you get around the 14th Amendment, which allows babies born in the United States to become INSTANT citizens.

He builds himself up by calling Mitt Romney a "Loser" and a "Choker." He makes himself seem like a winner by calling everyone else losers.

We cannot stop watching this train wreck.

This is just too much fun.

The lamestream media (left and right) are focused on a dopey "Email Server" story that has Hillary Clinton sparring with Fox's Ed Henry and other reporters who have nothing better to do. This is another Benghazi-type story that will go away and be a non-issue by the time the general election comes up.

Mr. Trump will continue on for as long as he isn't bored of the process.

One of my favorite "Inside Trump Baseball" side show issues is the "FIRING" of his chief strategist Roger Stone who has appeared EVERYWHERE as a surrogate FOR Trump. This guy wasn't fired..He is going out under the false pretense that he no longer is employed by Trump. If that is true, WHY is he the ONLY Donald Trump surrogate going out on all the TV shows completely lambasting Trump's detractors. Come on people, this is all part of the "Campaign." You watch Mr. Stone OFFICIALLY will magically reunite with The Donald.

Enjoy the show, it ain't going away for awhile.

Aug. 19, 2015

Commentary by
Marc Platt

The horse race is just beginning, but these are not beginners. This is a crop of seasoned politicians and a few business and medical professionals running to be the next POTUS.

I'd like to concentrate on Hillary Rodham Clinton, who grew up the daughter of business magnate Hugh Rodham, a conservative Nixon & Goldwater Republican. Hillary grew up supporting those men and even volunteered for their causes early in her life.

She evolved into liberal politics during the Vietnam era, opposing that war and becoming an activist during her law school years. She had a job out of law school working for attorney Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Clinton on the Watergate investigation. Clinton was dismissed from that position, but the irony is that she worked to bring Nixon DOWN just a few years after canvassing her neighborhood in 1960 for his presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton has always been a tireless, yet controlling fighter for causes she believes in. She desperately wants to be President, but has had a problem exhibiting the sense of purpose and joy of campaigning both Bill Clinton and her former boss Barack Obama did in their presidential campaigns.

Mrs. Clinton should take close notice of Bernie Sanders and his love of big crowds and getting his message out. Sanders' campaign has a sense of purpose missing in Clinton's. She could also take note of Donald Trump's style on the stump. He is ALL PASSION and NO SUBSTANCE. If Secretary Clinton were to add style to her substance, she would cruise to the nomination and the general election.

People WANT to love her. They WANT to support her historical run to the White House, but she needs to step up and make us all take notice of her message. 

She recently met with a few members of "Black Lives Matter" and was brilliant advocating her position on black mass incarceration and other issues her husband's administration was greatly responsible for. THAT Hillary Clinton needs to get out there every day and fight.

This email server story will eventually go the way of the Benghazi story and Hillary Clinton will need to stand up and take charge of her campaign with more than policy papers and talking points.

Donald Trump's GREAT LESSON to all the candidates is to tell your story and never apologize for that story.

Time to kick ass Hillary. It is time...