Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jul. 28, 2015

Commentary by
Marc Platt

It is apparent that the crazy GOP Presidential race has taken most of the focus away from the peeps in charge of the store right now. The Donald dominates the Internet, TV and all other relevant sources of information.

It is also becoming apparent to me that President Obama, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must have some sort of arrangement to govern the United States. It is the only thing that makes sense seeing how the congress moves along on a crisis-to-crisis basis right now.

President Obama has actually governed MORE effectively since the GOP took over both the House and the Senate in the last midterm elections.

The Republican caucus has gone mashugana (crazy) with several U.S. GOP Senators running for President in 2016. Those senators continually make moves that cry out for attention to even have a place in the Presidential Debates.

To watch Texas Senator Ted Cruz get on the U.S. Senate floor and call his own majority leader a liar. Cruz has few if any friends in the U.S. Senate. He is beholden to his grassroots organizations who fuel his presidential bid.

Rand Paul uses a chainsaw on the tax code, Lindsay Graham detroys his flip phone after Trump gives out his cell phone number, Rubio calls Obama "Classless." These are men who were sent to Washington D.C. to get stuff done.

The way I see my scenario playing out would have to be an Oval Office meeting between President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell...

(What WOULD a private conversation look like between the three leaders?)

Here is that possible conversation:

The Prez: "Mitch, John...I have to govern and you guys can't control your people. Go ahead and blast me, make me the devil...I will just do what I have to do to get stuff done...Guys, please try not to screw things up too badly and we can get through this."

Boehner: "I'll do my best Mr. President" (Really thinking 'When Hell Freezes Over')

McConnell: "We'll do our best" (Really Thinking 'I hate this arrogant $%&#@')

The Prez: "Go ahead and make a few more Obamacare repeal votes...That will make your base feel better." (Really Thinking 'I wanna play some golf today')

Boehner & McConnell: (Laughs)

I have no idea if that scenario is how this came down, but I really think it did in some way. The United States government is actually getting stuff done and functioning with all this dysfunctional stuff going on. 

The Iran deal will go through in an equally dysfunctional way with President Obama vetoeing what the Senate and the congress will send back to him after they go through their partisan dealings to vote it down, knowing full well it will be enacted and it is a very important deal for the safety and security of the middle east.

The men and women running for the presidency will do what they do to try and get as much traction. Donald Trump will continue to shake up the entire political system without spending much of his own money in the process.

Ohio John Kasich will make a rapid rise in the GOP hunt for the highest office BECAUSE he really is a serious candidate and maybe the best the Republicans really will have to offer. 

It will be fun to watch, but remember in January 2017, Barack Obama will have to hand the keys to The White House to somebody capable of getting stuff done. That truly is a serious thing that we should all take seriously, right?


Jul. 22, 2015

Dear Mr. Trump:

I've gotta hand it to you. You have (in a great way) made a mockery of the United States presidential electoral process.

Just look how much money Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee have been raising when you can get way more bang for the paltry amount you have been spending to suck out all the oxygen in the room.

I sit back here and laugh at how easily you can manipulate the media and the Republican Primary voters by calling Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham names. By belittling all of the candidates, you have clearly demonstrated that money can't really buy love in American Politics, but a little name calling goes a long way.

You know, just like I know, you will never be President of these United States, but you are making a point that clearly needs to be made. Our process stinks and everyone who buys into this "Citizens United" age, is going down a path that will lead to an open election process that will see the rise of third parties that may have a real impact in future election cycles.

You are George Wallace-by-way-of-Ross Perot all wrapped up in one Reality Show-in-real-time package.

You, Donald Trump are brilliant in a PT Barnum kind of way that paves the way for a Morton Downey Republican free-for-all that our country so craves.

On a day when the most-qualified GOP candidate entered the race (Ohio Governor John Kasich), you gave out Lindsay Graham's cell phone number and completely overshadowed his entry into the race. 

Every day it is a new outrageous remark.

I completely understand Huffington Post limiting your coverage to "Entertainment" coverage next to stories about the Kardashians, but I feel that they are missing the big picture. The entire electoral process is a joke you get.

It has been fun to watch. I will certainly enjoy watching you on the debate stage for a few of these spectacles. I will be sorry to watch you leave the Republican stage, but would certainly enjoy watching you make a third party run and deliver Hillary Clinton the election much like Mr. Perot did in 1992 and 1996.

Donald J. Trump, you have certainly made your point.


A Grateful Nation


Jul. 17, 2015

"Why Jeb Loves The Donald"
By Marc Platt

I purposely waited to write anything about the "Candidacy" of Billionaire/Real Estate/Reality Show Host Donald J. Trump to get an accurate assessment of what it all means. 

It means we are headed for a Clinton-Bush general election in November of 2016. That is something I first wrote about in March, 2013 when I wrote my "Why Jeb Bush Will Not Be The Guy" blog piece. I still believe he will not be the guy, because Hillary will likely be the woman who wins the big prize at the end.

Donald Trump is a "Player" in the GOP mess that this Presidential season has become. The more attention Trump gets, the less everyone else gets. This is killing hopes of candidates like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Huckabee, Cruz, Carson and everyone else who lacks the funds Jeb Bush has been amassing.

The more The Donald calls Jeb "Stupid," the more people focus on Jeb and Donald. Everyone else gets short shrift.

Here is why The Donald WON'T be the guy...His negatives are terrible, which means serious voters would never vote for a guy who acts like a circus clown. I truly believe he has struck a nerve in the "Archie Bunker" wing of the GOP and could continue to thrive in the national polls, but that means nothing to Democrats and Independents who KNOW what has been going on in the country. 

There are millions of people who are HAPPY with Obamacare and many other issues like LGBT, Minimum Wage Increases and the current administration's handling of a dicey foreign threat like ISIS. Those people pretty much keep to themselves and the media rarely promotes what THEIR thinking is on Trump, Bush, Cruz, Clinton, Bernie, etc..

Donald Trump is on to something with his "Nixonian Silent majority" rhetoric, but he has been touting the WRONG "Silent Majority." The real "Silent Majority" swept Obama into office twice and stayed away during both midterm cycles. The real "Silent Majority" works hard and is made up of women, asians, African Americans and other ethnic groups that will come out when it really counts.

Donald Trump is really proving that there are two completely different campaign seasons. This is the "Summer Preview" season when we get to watch the TV Pilot starring Donald Trump. It will be fun to watch him completely embarrass himself and his fellow GOP candidates in some of the debates.

Jeb Bush will likely be the last man standing and then he will get to face the only woman standing.

If I were former-Governor Jeb Bush, I would highly recommend putting South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on the ticket. She is the polar opposite of Sarah Palin. She speaks well and is a real politician who can make those around her believers. She would actually be a stronger presidential candidate than any current ones running.

When Donal Trump drops out, he will have damaged everyone else to the point of no return, even with Jeb Bush and all his money in the mix.

Jul. 7, 2015

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Jun. 26, 2015

By Marc Platt
June 26, 2015

President Obama made a very interesting observation in his WTF Podcast interview with Marc Maron (June 19, 2015). Obama pointed out that he, as President, cannot try to move the country too quickly. He has done it incrementally. This has been the KEY to his entire Presidency.

Look where the United States was in January, 2009 when he took office...The country headed towards a complete financial collapse. General Motors was in serious trouble and his administration took extraordinary steps to bail that company out and they are now thriving and a lot of manufacturing jobs were saved.

The Bush administration did little if anything about the Credit Swap Derivatives and Fanny May and Freddie Mac (housing) except to let Wall Street run rampant to our citizen's detriment. President Obama had to deal with that and put a hault to the careless self-serving business interests, but to his credit, most of the maneuuvering was done without fanfare behind the scenes.

The Bush administration also did little if nothing to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice, instead misleading our country into a war in Iraq under the guise of 9/11. Obama had the intelligence community track Bin Laden down and bring THAT episode to a gruesome end.

President Obama also quietly changed the way we fight wars. We don't send hundreds of thousands of young men and woman to fight in foreign lands...We send unmanned drones to do the dirty work now. Obama has continued that policy from George W. Bush's days and expanded it in a huge way. That is definitely an incremental change without a lot of bravado.

Gay Marriage was an issue Barack Obama did NOT originally embrace, being a Christian. Vice President Biden helped change his mind on that issue and Obama then embraced it and the country took his lead and it is now the law of the land. This is now an incremental change that was a long time coming.

The Affordable Care Act was originally a Republican idea fully embraced by The Heritage Foundation. Once Obama embraced THAT concept and began to use his political capitol (having a Democratic Congress to work with) to shove that legislation through in a hasty manner in 2009/10. This was a not-so-incremental change as it has polarized the country because the GOP went the other direction. Congress has repeatedly tried to repeal the ACA.

After years of battle by the right-leaning legislators, the United States Supreme Court finally came down on the administration's side and The Affordable Care Act is not going to be a permanent fixture.

The final point I would like to make is about Trade. Most Presidents have had a similar take on how the country makes trade agreements with other countries. The Senators and Congresspeople are almost always caught in a political bind as their constituents have lost countless manufacturing jobs because the big companies have sent those jobs overseas for LESS money. President Obama has repeatedly said he wants to bring America into the competitive 21st century with "NEW WAYS" to make a living with "NEW TECHNOLOGY."

This is incremental change that will far outlive Obama's administration. His legacy has been cemented mostly because of Preident Obama's resolve to do what is best for all of America, despite the Political Polls. This is the key. Obama's use of history as his guide will cement his legacy along with United States Presidents like Lincoln, FDR and JFK. 

President Obama's legacy has been about WINNING from day one and the citizens of America now have better Health Care, Less Wars, 21st Century Trade Possibilities and an Economy with dropping Unemployment Numbers.

He has had to do it in a climate of 24-hour newscycle and as the first African American U.S. President with half of the country dealing with rising racial tension.