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Jul. 7, 2015

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If you go back to the days of FDR, you can trace the genesis of modern "Presidential Race Politics." You can gain a clear understanding why the United States has been divided racially. In this multi-media presentation, we trace the political attitude of each (from FDR on) U.S. President through their actions and evolution. You can WATCH (videos), READ (text) and LISTEN to audio notebooks. There is content about Lee Atwater (Reagan & Bush Sr.), as well as Democratic-Frontrunner Hillary Clinton. You can check out key speeches by Eisenhower, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that give us a clear idea how America has changed racially through its chief executives.

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Jun. 26, 2015

By Marc Platt
June 26, 2015

President Obama made a very interesting observation in his WTF Podcast interview with Marc Maron (June 19, 2015). Obama pointed out that he, as President, cannot try to move the country too quickly. He has done it incrementally. This has been the KEY to his entire Presidency.

Look where the United States was in January, 2009 when he took office...The country headed towards a complete financial collapse. General Motors was in serious trouble and his administration took extraordinary steps to bail that company out and they are now thriving and a lot of manufacturing jobs were saved.

The Bush administration did little if anything about the Credit Swap Derivatives and Fanny May and Freddie Mac (housing) except to let Wall Street run rampant to our citizen's detriment. President Obama had to deal with that and put a hault to the careless self-serving business interests, but to his credit, most of the maneuuvering was done without fanfare behind the scenes.

The Bush administration also did little if nothing to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice, instead misleading our country into a war in Iraq under the guise of 9/11. Obama had the intelligence community track Bin Laden down and bring THAT episode to a gruesome end.

President Obama also quietly changed the way we fight wars. We don't send hundreds of thousands of young men and woman to fight in foreign lands...We send unmanned drones to do the dirty work now. Obama has continued that policy from George W. Bush's days and expanded it in a huge way. That is definitely an incremental change without a lot of bravado.

Gay Marriage was an issue Barack Obama did NOT originally embrace, being a Christian. Vice President Biden helped change his mind on that issue and Obama then embraced it and the country took his lead and it is now the law of the land. This is now an incremental change that was a long time coming.

The Affordable Care Act was originally a Republican idea fully embraced by The Heritage Foundation. Once Obama embraced THAT concept and began to use his political capitol (having a Democratic Congress to work with) to shove that legislation through in a hasty manner in 2009/10. This was a not-so-incremental change as it has polarized the country because the GOP went the other direction. Congress has repeatedly tried to repeal the ACA.

After years of battle by the right-leaning legislators, the United States Supreme Court finally came down on the administration's side and The Affordable Care Act is not going to be a permanent fixture.

The final point I would like to make is about Trade. Most Presidents have had a similar take on how the country makes trade agreements with other countries. The Senators and Congresspeople are almost always caught in a political bind as their constituents have lost countless manufacturing jobs because the big companies have sent those jobs overseas for LESS money. President Obama has repeatedly said he wants to bring America into the competitive 21st century with "NEW WAYS" to make a living with "NEW TECHNOLOGY."

This is incremental change that will far outlive Obama's administration. His legacy has been cemented mostly because of Preident Obama's resolve to do what is best for all of America, despite the Political Polls. This is the key. Obama's use of history as his guide will cement his legacy along with United States Presidents like Lincoln, FDR and JFK. 

President Obama's legacy has been about WINNING from day one and the citizens of America now have better Health Care, Less Wars, 21st Century Trade Possibilities and an Economy with dropping Unemployment Numbers.

He has had to do it in a climate of 24-hour newscycle and as the first African American U.S. President with half of the country dealing with rising racial tension.

Jun. 14, 2015

Commentary by
Marc Platt
June 13, 2015

Houston (And America), we have a problem here...

There is a long way to go until that election on the first Tuesday in November of 2016. 

The Beltway Press and the rest of the press and media outlets will play even more of a role than many recent cycles when it comes to choosing the 45th United States President.

We all know there is going to be even MORE money in this election cycle, which will prompt super pacs far and wide to vilify their oposition even more than George W. Bush's "Swiftboating" of John Kerry in 2004. Karl Rove was able to get some of Kerry's former Vietnam acquaintences to denigrate his service to our country as a war veteran. Many people say that was the determining factor that got Bush over the hump in that cycle.

There is a big difference from 11 years ago that may play out in a more-important way in this cycle. There are many more ways that Americans (especially younger Americans) get their information and "Opinions" than 2004.

Social Media has changed the equation and there are so many more ways to get a candidate's message out there. 

Here is a case study and an angle for you to look at regarding Hillary Clinton's recent poll numbers and why they should be completely disregarded. Clinton is underwater in her "Trustworthy" numbers because of a concerted effort by the media and the oposition to play up her involvement in her husband's Clinton Global Initiative organization and her possible quid pro quo when she was Secretatry of State. The GOP has linked this "Suspicion" to her usage of a personal email server, stating that she is hiding "things" from the world about those issues and her involvement in the already litigated "Benghazi" episode in which congressional committees have already cleared Clinton and the Obama administration.

Okay. Allow me to offer you some of my perspective on what this all means. Nothing, absolutely nothing. 

The ONLY people paying any attention to any of this are already likely comitted FOR or AGAINST Mrs. Clinton anyway. The voters Secretary Clinton is interested in are in hiding. They are deep in the woodwork right now and we won't see them until the summer of 2016.

The "MAINSTREAM" media is a non-stop relentless high-powered engine that rolls on and on 24/7. The voters in 2016 are going about their lives who may or may not read and/or listen to stories about stuff they don't care about or even understand.

You either like someone or you don't.

People "LIKED" the approachable George W. Bush as a person. They didn't love Kerry, McCain or Romney.

The Republican field for President has a voter base of people who:

1. Watch conventional Television.
2. Reside in rural and southern states and certain midwest states.
3. Are mostly conservative white voters who are older.
4. Are willing to vote against their own financial interests for ideological reasons.
5. Vote the same way their parents have voted for generations.

The Democratic field for President has a voter base of people who:

1. Are mostly registered as Democrats or Independents and far outnumber the Republican voters.
2. Have a growing base of minorities, women and unhappily disenfrachised voters who are willing to stand in long lines to vote for the candidate of their choice.
3. Get their information from MANY different outlets including TV, The Internet and many other social media outlets.
5. May be first generation Americans who vote with their heads to protect their interests on social issues like Choice, Immigration, Voting Rights and their Financial Well Being.

It is very important to realize that the math is very much in Hillary Clinton's favor. You may or may not like the Clintons, but her middle-of-the-road approach will likely resonate with most voters more than the extreme views any GOP nominee will be forced to take due to their terrible primary process.

The Tea Party has turned out to be the worst possible development to Republicans when it comes to a national election.

The "Mainstream" media's job is to report what is going on even if they know Hillary Clinton's email server will end up being a non issue in 2016. The media is stuck in their own 24/7 News Cycle and the needs of their outlets to sell advertising.

The startling amounts of money the Republicans will spend will once again be wasted. The Clinton/Obama Election team knows how to spend THEIR money more effectively using math and the U.S. Census numbers to dissect the electorate and effectively go after those voters just like President Obama did in 2012.

This election will come down to how that money is spent and the effective usage of the media and commercial spots and where those spots run. I suspect the Republicans will bombard the airwaves with negative ads that will be watched by the same voters who are already likely to vote for their candidate. The Democrats use Twitter, Merkat, Instagram, Snapchat and any other emerging technology to get their message out.

In 2016 I believe the "Mainstream" Media will end up losing out to the newer information outlets and elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th U.S. president.


Jun. 5, 2015

By Marc Platt
June 4, 2015

I never thought I would say this out loud, let alone think it possible...Lindsay Graham may find a way into this election against Hillary Clinton. He is a longshot for sure. He may really only be in the race to stop "Wahoos" like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Here is what I'm thinking. He is a middle-of-the-road "Old School" War Hawk Republican along the lines of Reagan, Bush Sr. and John McCain.

I listened closely to him on "Morning Joe" talk matter-of-factly about raising the Military Spending and closing tax loopholes and revising the Tax Code domestically to pay for the 10,000 troops he wants to put on the ground in the Middle East. We all know that would just be the start of a protracted long war that would never end if President Graham had his way.

He is unabashidly militaristic and proud of it. He uses the words "KILL" and "MURDER" like a badge of honor. He would be the Middle East President and he is not ashamed of his positions on anything ever. He is the most confident Republican candidate I have seen since.....GEORGE W. BUSH. 

He speaks matter-of-factly and knowledgeable about everything...

Let's do a quick recap on the OTHER GOP candidates and their recent foibles.

1. Jeb Bush is being accused of abusing campaign financial laws by waiting so long to announce his impending candidacy and raking in insane ammounts of money that will be controlled by his Super Pac, that will basically run his campaign. It will be ugly.

2. Scott Walker is radically making social issues like "ABORTION" unpalatable to the masses that would vote in an election. He is also under a cloud of doubt because of his past campaigns.

3. Marco Rubio LOOKS great but keeps getting tripped up when asked relevant questions. He is probably not ready for prime time.

4. Chris Christie will not be able to run the clock out on "Bridge Gate." The U.S. Attorney will likely subpeona him and that will be the end of it.

5. Rick Perry is well, Rick Perry. He doesn't know stuff. It will hurt him.

6. Carly Fiorina could not manage Hewlet Packard.

7. Bobby Jindal is a joke. He is the gift that keeps giving when he goes against the American people's desires like Gay Marriage, Abortion and a myriad of social issues.

8. John Kasich is a VERY capable, but unknown entity from the swing state of Ohio.

9. Ted Cruz jokes about Joe Biden while the VP is grieving a dead son and making jokes about President Obama being a "N" in the White House in public places. 

10. Rand Paul makes Senate Floor fireworks taking on the establishment and his senior Senator Mitch McConnell over the "Patriot Act." That political stunt will cost him dearly in the Primaries and beyond.

I hate to say it, but that leaves us with Lindsay Graham, another "Moderate" Republican who loves war.

If he can let these other people beat each other up and he can just keep running against Hillary and President Obama, he may catch fire and be the nominee.

May. 27, 2015

By Marc Platt
May 27, 2015

They call it the "GOP Clown Car." 

This is a serious business for serious people. The U.S. President is The President of ALL the people, not just the base of their particular party.

The United States is a large country with a diverse people ethnically, politically and culturally. There are immigrants coming in and out of the country all the time. There is a crisis to deal with daily. Presidents cannot just ignore issues that come up around the world. 

Presidents have to deal with Congress. Dealing with that body is always difficult because half of the body hates everything you stand for and has lobbyists lining their pockets with cash and other goodies to protect THEIR interests.

The United States has been in a perpetual state of war since its inception. There have been 17 years of peace in the 239 years the United States has been a country. That's right, we have been in some sort of conflict for 222 years. War is our country's business and we have a "Military Industrial Complex" that supports those wars.

President Obama has stated that this conflict against ISIS will take many years to sort out.

The question I ask you is....

Out of this huge group of Republican candidates, do you really trust any of them to do the right thing? 

We hear big blustering statements of bombing some of these countries like Iran into submission because they can "Never trust them."

Isn't America tired of always putting its young men and women in harm's way? 

If Obama or the next American President WERE to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, how long would it take for ISIS to capture some of these "best and brightest" soldiers and cut their heads off. This conflict has been going on for centuries and will continue WITH or WITHOUT the United States always being the watchdog.

If the next U.S. President was named Walker, Christie, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Santorum, Huckabee, Perry, Jindal, Paul, Fiorina or Trump, I know I would have a difficult time sleeping at night.

President Obama is not perfect, but I at least feel like he is looking out after all of us. Whether you lean right, left or center, please ask yourself some impoortant questions when handicapping this 2016 horse race.

Ask yourself if YOUR candidate is capable of "GOVERNING" an entire country and dealing with leaders in countries who think vastly different thought patterns than we do. Barack Obama has to talk to leaders daily who do not believe the same things he does about liberty and human rights.

We condemn those countries. Obama has to rub shoulders with these men and women and do what is best for everyone. 

Do you really think George W. Bush thought it out when he went into Iraq? If he did, why is he ashamed to rarely come out of his seclusion. Every other living U.S. President has been able to come and go as they please. W's own father jumps out of planes.

George W. Bush has been disgraced by his actions. Dick Cheney is an asshole who pretty much only goes on Fox News to try and CEMENT his legacy as a war monger.

I won't even get into the economy and domestic issues. More on that later. I'm not even advocating for Hillary or Bernie here. I just want you to think about the seriousness of what is in front of us as a country and what the next President actually has to deal with and do for us.