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May. 22, 2015

"Emails: Hillary Clinton Got Over On You All Once Again"
By Marc Platt
May 22, 2015

Why is the media and The Republicans so caught up in Hillary Clinton's emails?

Because they are collectively stupid.

Can't you see that she and her campaign staff are GIDDY over the fact that this is a "Scandal?" You are all so caught up in the process that you are losing track of the fact that the Republican candidates are so inept at answering simple questions about "The Iraq War" and the people who lied us into that disaster and that you are focused on anything Clinton may or may not have discussed while at the State Department. 

Hillary Clinton WANTS you to focus on stupid stuff like this. The American public decided a long time ago whether she is a viable candidate for President of The United States. There is NOTHING that can/will come out in the next year or so that will change her status as a candidate.

Sure you can damage her in the polls at times, but people decided a long time ago whether she is fit for this office.

The press is being taken for a ride that they gladly go along with, due to the fact they have nothing else to do for a year. This reminds me of the famous James Cagney line "You got nothing on me, coppers."

Even when the GOP goes through the emails as they are released, there is so little material for them to use to destroy Hillary Clinton. Every time I see a story on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News about Hillary Clinton's "Email Scandal," I laugh out loud.

You got nothing Coppers. Do your jobs and find some real scandals.

The REAL scandal by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was their failure to hold George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld accountable for the deaths of 4500 America's young men and women and hundreds of thousands Iraqis in a war that was a lie. That is the real scandal of this century.

May. 7, 2015

By Marc Platt
May 7, 2015

Let's talk about Texas.

When FORMER Governor Rick Perry is the voice of reason, we know there is something gone terribly wrong in the already nutty right wing politics that is The Great State of Texas.

The current knucklehead-in-charge Greg Abbott has instructed his State Guard to monitor the "Jade Helm 15" military exercises the U.S. Military will be running in Texas and six other states. These are "War Simulation" exercises run by the U.S. Government to PROTECT its citizens from FOREIGN enemies.

The right wing fringe is scaring its uneductated electorate into thinking the exercises are part of a hostile takeover of Texas.

I know it sounds crazy. It is.

What is really going on is right wing talk radio (Alex Jones, etc...) and other profit-making (Chuck Norris, etc...) entities are raising millions of dollars by scaring the crap out of Texans. The scary thing is they are appealing to the Republican base, who will help select a GOP Presidential nominee next year.

People. TEXAS is a state IN the United States. The United States calls the shots.

To let the right wing scare you into believing Barack Obama is going to put you under Marshall Law is the craziest thing I have heard in an almost unbelievable 6-1/2 year administration of racially crazy politics since our first African American entered office.

At some point, someone needs to teach the greedy Republican profiteers a lesson. I saw a thread on social media taht made a brilliant suggestion...

Remove the military completely from Texas. Let them fend for themselves and by the way, watch the unemployment plunge in that state when they no longer have the backing of the United States.

This is a great threat to make.

Let us see how Mr. Abbott governs with the threat of United States "Exceptionalism" 'Muslim Socialist Style.' Of course if President Obama made that threat, impeachment articles would be on the table so fast it would make your head spin, but at some point, I would hope the citizens of the great state of Texas would use the Internet and Google to get a better understanding of how the United States works.

If Barack Obama wanted to impose Marshall Law on Texas, he would simply have to sign a document. He wouldn't have to use the military training exercises and Walmarts to jail citizens of a state.

Presidential "Candidate" Ted Cruz has even asked the Pentagon to look into these exercises. I would think a man like Cruz who has argues at The U.S. Supreme Court would now basic civil studies issues, but Cruz needs his uneducated Texans to just blindly believe him and Governor Abbott.

"In no way will the constitutional rights or civil liberties of any American citizen be infringed upon while this exercise is being conducted,” White House Press Secratary Josh Earnest said.

Hey ELECTED Republicans like Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert. It is time to do your jobs and govern, not raise money by scaring folks.

If these scare mongers keep this up, someone will need to scare them into doing their jobs for a change and govern the people who elected them. I know there is a lot of money to be made on the backs of hard-working blue collar workers, but these treasonous assertions need to stop.

Apr. 30, 2015

By Marc Platt
April 30, 2015

President Obama laid it out perfectly in the Rose Garden earlier this week when he said something to the effect that our urban city streets should not be "...a pipeline from the streets to the prisons" for the young men of color.

A few things to note about the current situation in Baltimore.

1. It does not matter that this 25-year-old man had a long arrest record for minor drug offenses, etc.
2. The police department insinuating that Gray was responsible for his own death because he tried to hurt himself in the police van is laughable.
3. The Baltimore Police Department is apparently infamous for "Rough Rides" in which they let prisoners flail about in the vans while stepping on the brakes.
4. The Baltimore Police Department has had to settle several similar cases over the past five years in an amount of in excess of $5 million. They will inevitably give Gray's family a lot of dough.
5. Looking at the prospects of young men of color in our African American heavily-populated urban cities looks hopeless right now.
6. High crime rates are a cottage industry in these cities that have NO JOBS to offer these citizens. These police departments make a lot of money locking up these men and boys who have few options.
7. Baltimore has experienced a culture of violence for decades and the people who live there and many other cities just need someone to care once in awhile. 

It is understandable that young African Americans are fed up and want free stuff. Looting and destroying their own communities is not the answer, but there is a lack of family unity, because many of the fathersw are locked up.

Maybe it is time to start taking care of business and stop making money by locking people up and start bringing businesses in and EMPLOYING people. How about training centers for 21st century jobs?

I know I am dreaming, but these are the things that will have to happen in the future.

President Obama (and now Hillary Clinton) are endorsing FREE Community College Programs. This is a great idea that should be supported by EVERY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE in our nation. This is the first best idea that makes sense across the board for re-training our citizens.


Apr. 27, 2015

By Marc Platt

I would never pretend to know more than experts like Elizabeth Warren or our President when it comes to any area of the government, but when something smells bad, my nose works just fine.

I am liberal-minded when it comes to politics, but not on everything. 

I agree with most Republicans when it comes to trade and opening up channels for trade deals in the Asian markets. This is an area President Obama and the Republicans are in agreement. This should NOT be a partisan issue. Economics in an ever-changing world is an issue in the United States BECAUSE of the states and their geography.

A U.S. Senator like Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has to walk a very narrow line because the people of his state are used to an "Old School" economy based on factory jobs and unions that protect those workers.

The unfortunate reality of progress is the fact that many factories and union jobs have disappeared because the way the economy has shifted and automation has replaced many of those once-sacredly held jobs that would be passed down from generation-to-generation.

Massachussets Senator Elizabeth Warren, the most liberal-minded Democratic U.S. Senator of all of them has foolishly decided to take on the leader of her party and the man who "Fast Tracked" her ascendency in the U.S. political landscape.

President Obama is a shrewd educator and has a platform to explain how and why he thinks it is important to move our country into the 21st century, despite the fact that many elected representatives are howling at him because they have to let their folks in their states that they "Have their backs."

America really needs to get real on this. We MUST join the worldwide economy and start doing business like they have been doing.

Just how many Ford and Chevy cars do you think are on the streets of Tokyo right now? That's right. We have a zillion Japanese cars parading through U.S. city streets and if there are 10 U.S.-made cars in Japan, I would be shocked.

This is not right. Let the professionals (President Obama and his people) do their jobs and bring us into the 21st century so we can compete and truly be "Exceptional." We talk about "Exceptionalism," yet are far from it in reality. Sure we have an incredible military force, but that makes us powerful, not exceptional.

Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of herself for FUNDRAISING off of this situation. She got into a pissing match with Obama and sent fundraising emails to left-leaning citizens. This is the same crappy behavior Republicans use when they scream about how President Obama does things like the Affordable Care Act, which has now added millions of people to the "Health Care" club who previously didn't have what should be available to all.

Ms. Warren please stop acting like every other Washington politician and educate yourself on the reality of where America is really at. President Obama is not a perfect man, but he seems to want to help ALL Americans and you are sounding more like the enemy every day and not the bright, educated liberal you claim to be.

Apr. 20, 2015

By Marc Platt
April 20, 2015

We all need to get real people!

In 2008 Hillary Clinton would have easily coasted to the White House except for Barack Obama and his powerful Social Media Machine and ability to capture the heart of the nation with his message at a time when fresh, new and "A Change We Can Believe In" was just what this country needed after a weak administration war and financial collapse saddled the Republicans with 8 horrible years of fultility.

Anyone who ran against John McCain would have EASILY won that election. Even a young black inexperienced U.S. Senator from Illinois. Hillary would have wiped out the GOP that year. She had to wait her turn and this year (2015/16) is her turn to win The White house.

All of her possible Democratic challengers seem to be doing this tip-toe dance NOT to offend her or her powerful campaign staff that will have to choose a running mate next year. We see two guys, both independents Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt)  &  former Senator Lincoln Chaffee (I-RI) who are making noises about running. Webb (a former Republican) from Virginia is also making some noise about running. Do you see a pattern people? Former Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) is tepid at best not to step on her toes.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee.

When all is said and done, let us examine the facts.

Hillary is:

1) A high-powered attorney with strong legal chops.
2) Able to maneuver through possible scandals in a campaign AND administration ("Gennifer Flowers Gate," "Name Gate," "Whitewater," "Monica Gate").
3) Former two-term First Lady.
4) Former U.S. Senator elected twice.
5) Former U.S. Secretary of State
6) Counseled by both a former U.S. president (Bill) and a current (Obama).

Hillary Clinton does NOT need to have big rallies to get her message out. She is much better at retail politics, as she proved in both of her U.S. Senate races capturing rural areas in upstate New York no one thought possible. She has had a great partner and teacher in Bill Clinton, himself a master.

She worked closely with Obama, who will be highly-regarded once he leaves office. His long resume of success against the GOP is getting bigger each day the inept GOP-led U.S. Congress shoots itself in the foot.

There are a lot of unhappy Red State citizens that Mr. Obabma is our President. There will be a lot of unhappy citizens when Mrs. Clinton takes the election next year, but that is the political climate we live in. Half the country is always unhappy.

The Republicans seem to always find a way to present the most unpleasant candidates lately when it comes to Presidential hopefuls. Jeb Bush (a BUSH), Ted Cruz (McCarthy resureccted), Walker (Union Buster), Christie (may get indicted), Perry (indicted), Rand Paul (Flip Flopping Libertarian), Marco Rubio (Inexperienced and extremely 1950s-type conservative) and (Cue up Laugh Track) Carly Fiorina (Failed Hewlet packard CEO).

There is really no one who has the charisma of a Barack Obama, or a vision to challenge her. She has been training for this job for 35 years and knows how to win elections. Her ONE failure was against what proved to be the most formidable election machine in U.S. History.

The best news is Hillary Clinton now HAS that same machine with many of the same players who helped defeat her in 2008.

Hillary Clinton does NOT need a Primary opponent in this election cycle. She needs to lay low, get her message out and let the Republican candidates do what they do best...Beat the living crap out of each other so they can get the living crap kicked out of the last man standing by Hillary Clinton...The first woman to hold this office in the United States come January, 2017.