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Apr. 13, 2015

By Marc Platt
April 13, 2015

Jeb Bush: Helped get his brother elected in 2000 by nefarious means in his state of Florida. He WAS for Immigration Reform and Common Core. Let's see if he is still for those issues in a few months.

Ted Cruz: Joseph McCarthy redux. He will say anything to disrupt government proceedings and make himself look like a demonic savior.

Rand Paul: Doesn't believe ANYTHING he said before he announced for Presidential Campaign. He is a clean slate, right?

Marco Rubio: A Conservative good-looking empty suit. He is a contender for the GOP. He doesn't know much, but he is Cuban.

Carly Fiorina: She failed so miserably at Hewlett Packard. Their stock tanked and paid her out as CEO, yet she continues to claim she is "Accomplished."

Hillary Clinton: Former First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of Defense who lost in 2008 to one of the strongest Presidential campaigners in U.S. history. She is a WOMAN who is inevitable.

Apr. 10, 2015

by Marc Platt
April 10, 2015

Florida R-Senator Marco Rubio is about to announce his candidacy for President of the United States and I think he has a shot. A small one, but a shot.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are giving textbook anti-rollouts and Rubio can learn some serious lessons from their blunders. There is a campaign Mr. Rubio can study and study some more and then emulate to have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton in a general election...

Marco Rubio should study Barack Obama's 2008 campaign from A-to-Z. Every move that campaign made was one step ahead of all his competition. They used social media. They used traditional media. They used Bush as a "What-Not-To-Do" example of ineptness. If I were Rubio, I would try to run towards Obama's views on many issues, because that is where the country is.

I have always felt that the best way to win an election is to "Look" presidential and present yourself as someone who would have "My Back."

Rubio has fallen into many traps in his short senate career. He attached himself to "Immigration Reform" and THEN backed away. Bad move. His first instinct was correct. FIX THE PROBLEM, don't become part of the problem.

The next Republican to take the White House will be a much different kind than the ones who are now in charge.

Rubio is a good-looking Southern Republican who is afraid of the GOP base. If he wants any chance at gunning Jeb, Ted, Rand and the rest of the "Candidates," he needs to come off as a worthy adversary to Hillary and he needs to be his own man.

Barack Obama is all of the things I have described above. He comes off as a "Fixer."

The Bush administration did so much damage that future U.S. Presidents must be "Fixers." We need to know that our Commander-in-Chief actually wants to deal with foreign countries and not isolate. Rubio has recently been on the wrong side of history regarding his native Cuba. Obama is opening a big door and Rubio could walk right through that door and be a part of the solution and not the problem.

The closer Rubio is able to maneuver himself towards Obama, the less space Hillary Clinton will have to seperate herself from Rubio. It would be a gutsy move and a move Rand Paul could have made, but he is far too stupid to be who he is. He thinks he needs to be a right wingnut like Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio could be a serious threat if he were to pivot closer to Obama and suck out anyone else.

Of course he would need to pick up reasonable Republican voters and convince them to vote for him in Primaries, but I see this as his only chance. He needs to run an Obama-like campaign TWICE to get to The White House.

Of course, this will never happen...He is Marco Rubio, after all.

Apr. 5, 2015

By Marc Platt

Whether you like this Iran "Framework" for a deal or not, you should be aware that the GOP opposition has a lot more to do with Quid Pro Quo  ("something for something" in Latin) means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other) than ideology. 

You need to know and keep telling yourself that Senator Lindsay Graham (R-So. Car.)was given less than $100,000 in the 2008 election cycle from pro-Israeli donors to more than $285,000 (source NY Times) in the 2014 election cycle.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) on the other hand saw his drop from $300,000 to less than $150,000 (source NY Times)

Tom Cotton is the GOP Freshman from Arkansas who gathered the 47 signatures before ANY framework was presented. Republican columnist Bill Kristol heads up an organization called "Emergency Commitee for Israel." Mr. Kristol's outfit spent...Are you ready??? $960,000 to get Cotton elected.

The next thing you know, the former military veteran and Arkansas conservative is the NEW champion for extreme military intervention in the U.S. Senate. He gets this letter signed by wingnuts and moderates alike to shove it in President Obama's face.

Why do they care?

Because...They have failed at every single measure aginst Obama for six years. The Affordable Care Act, The Economy and Gay Marriage. There are many others.

The GOP has decided to go back to their old playbook. Foreign Policy. The problem here is the fact that Preident Obama has actually made some significant improvements in the way our military operates in a time period that is most dangerous.

The Republicans who oppose him on nearly everything he has ever done is treading on a very tenuous ground on this Iran deal, mostly because the military complex may end up endorsing what Obama, Kerry and his team have done in reaching out to our enemy Iran and opening the door.

In my opinion, the alternative is untenable...War.

WE just got out of two wars in which we overtaxed our young men and women with multiple deploymants. These were ill-advised wars. They made Vietnam look mild in comparison.

We fight our wars with drones and technology in 2015. We don't face off like the Civil War musket to musket. It is way more complicated than that.

When Senator Cotton jumped on the U.S. Senate Floor a few weeks back and said we needed to spend "MUCH MORE" to build our military back up to "ACCEPTABLE" levels, he was speaking from where his bread is buttered. Mr. Cotton is in the pocketbooks of some heavy hitters.

The GOP will buck and kick because this is all they have left in their playbook.

It is a very dangerous batteground they have chosen. The President of the United States conducts our foreign policy. The Republicans still cannot accept that Obama has continually gotten over on them and will continue to do so.

Bottom line...He is smarter than all of them.



Mar. 21, 2015

 To the GOP-Elected Officials:

Stop being idiots.

You hate Eric Holder, yet you are holding his replacement (Loretta Lynch) hostage even though you love her because the Democrats won't allow abortion language in an UNRELATED "Human Trafficking" bill. This all comes after your ineptness in funding DHS. I have to say I AM surprised.

Mitch McConnell AND John Boehner, you are both establishment "Lifers" who know all the ins and outs when it comes to getting shit done. You have lost your caucus and now you look like racists.

Your stupidly supporting a guy (Netanyahu) who more than disappoints me as a Jew. This guy used racist rhetoric (disparaging Arabs) on election day and flip-flopping on a two state solution. The rest of the world is NOT happy with Israel right now and I don't blame them. The people of Israel are getting bamboozled the same way many Americans are by YOU.

I LOVE Israel and the Jews that live there. I am very disappointed that Netanyahu got over and through in his election. Israel needs new leadership in my opinion.

The good news is the deal with Iran may be getting better with a possible 20-year timetable instead of the 10 years that had been rumored to end this threat of a nuclear weapon once and for all.

Let Obama and Kerry do their jobs. Get out of the way. You have proven that you cannot govern.

What the hell will you do if millions of American citizens lose their health insurance because of you and your hatred of the very people you are supposed to protect. You better hope that the Supreme Court DOESN'T end the Affordable Care Act.

You will be blamed and thrown out of office in 2016.

Stop letting junior peons like Tom Cotton steer you towards extinction.

Get a grip and a hold of your party once again.


A VERY-Concerned Citizen.


Mar. 17, 2015

I know this will sound very simplistic, BUT how can we even consider the GOP's proposed budget and its philosophy of cutting government "Safety Net" programs and boosting "Defense" and "Military" spending???

Aren't we missing a very important factor? If their proposal were to go through, who would be in the military? Our country completely overexposed ourselves in Iraq and Afghanistan with young men and women being deployed 2-6 times. We are not investing in our future.

We are lining Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham and MANY Democrats pockets, as well. Are we going to institute another draft? I listened to Tom Cotton's U.S. Senate Floor speech yesterday and he was going on and on about bolstering military spending with NO PLAN to get people to JOIN that military.

Rand Paul seems to say whatever is necessary to get people to even consider him to be President. Ted Cruz is busy scaring three-year-olds with his "The world is on fire" statements. Cruz is a well-schooled constitutional lawyer who says a lot of nothing that means anything. This man has argued in front of the Supreme Court, yet all he does is gin up his base with a lot of nothing. The words that come out of his mouth are venom.

Political convenience is starting to lose out to careful "Calling Out." These guys get called out without any consequences for their lack of governance. We need to hold them accountable when they want to cut a program. THEY need to feel some pain themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled for a logical plan and let me know when you hear of one....