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Mar. 1, 2015

This Will Never Happen
By Marc Platt

Wanna know how Speaker John Boehner can break the "Cycle of Crazy" and get the U.S. House of Representatives to function?

He can team up with Nancy Pelosi and start bringing bills to the floor.

You say he will lose his speakership???

Not necessarily.

What if???

  • Boehner were able to tell the 50-or-so 'Freedom Caucus' members to sod off and KNOW that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would support him?
  • Boehner didn't have to manage his body crisis-to-crisis?
  • Boehner was able to do the Immigration Reform that the REPUBLICANS so desperately need to have a chance at the White House in 2016 or any other Presidential election year?

It is likely Hillary Clinton will be following Barack Obama and become #45. The GOP knows this, Boehner knows this, McConnell knows this. These two men have been around a long time. They are politically savvy.

John Boehner has been afraid for too long. His legacy is garbage right now. He is NOT as conservative as you might think. He is a political hack, but eager to have a legacy of greatness. The Tea Party has been blocking Boehner's agenda since Day #1.

He needs to approach Pelosi and Reid about breaking the cycle (with THEIR support). 

Pelosi and Reid are ALSO very bright political operatives who know that there is no alternative to John Boehner. They need to work with him and he REALLY needs them to survive.

What if John Boehner were to cut a deal to get stuff passed that would benefit the American People without political reprecussions? What if Nancy Pelosi were to actually support these moves and provide Boehner with the votes that woul assure his legacy.

Mitch McConnell is actually doing HIS part and making the Senate a more bi-partisan body.

McConnell WANTS Immigration Reform. McConnell wants to fund DHS. He is a smart guy.

Boehner MUST do something that goes totally against what he has been doing with January, 2011.

But of course you know I am dreaming AND...This will never happen


Feb. 26, 2015

Whether or not John Boehner and his Crazy House Republicans fund a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), he has now shown he is not fit to lead anyone or anything.

When reporters asked him about putting up a vote to fund a clean DHS bill, he mocked the press by blowing kisses. This is not acceptable.

I think we are too cynical and not proactive enough as Americans. When our elected representatives do things like this and the families of Kayla Mueller, Steven Sotlove, James Foley and the others have to sit there in total grief wondering why even bother when their government has totally failed them, I feel a sense of rage.

These people make a ton of money and work very few days in Washington. We see young congressmen like Aaron Schock abusing his office by taking lavish trips and getting massages on the people's dime WITH interns while truly patriotic young citizens are dying at the hands of ISIS.

We see irresponible public officials on the right, stick Immigration ammendments to DHS Funding bills. This is offensive to me and many Americans.

Are we going to just sit back and let these over-bloated assholes get away with this crap anymore?

Are we not going to call Justice Anthony Kennedy out for his wrong-minded vote on Citizen's United five years ago? His deciding vote allowed for this current crazy state of American Politics.

EVERY Branch (Including The Executive) has failed this country in so many ways.

President Obama is now FREE to call these corrupted politicians out by name. He has no more elections to win. 

He has acted more like I thought he would since the GOP took control of the legislative branch, but he must now start calling Boehner out for stuff like this.

It is disrespectful to the memories of ALL veterans living and dead and the recent deaths of the young people killed by ISIS.

I emplore all people reading this piece, to at least think about what you can do to make a difference. Even if it means just having this conversation at the dinner table.

Jan. 30, 2015

"Keep Your Eye on Rand Paul"
by Marc Platt
January 30, 2015

There was a learning moment in October, 2013 for Rand Paul AND Mitch McConnell. It was the day they were caught on a hot microphone gloating about the Government Shutdown that ended up costing American taxpayers $24 Billion. These two men got caught up in the empowerment of shutting the U.S. Government down over a piece of legislation that the current President would NEVER turn around on, The Affordable Care Act.

Both Paul and McConnell are way too savvy politically to have Obama's prime achievement go away under any circumstances. These men BOTH know that their state of Kentucky is benefitting greatly from what is now known as Obamacare.

Since that day, each of these men have not made any political missteps whatsover. McConnell won his re-election using Rand Paul's political machinery and Rand Paul has been marching towards the middle of the road. He is a Libertarian, but more of a "Politician" in this day and age of political division.

Paul has gone to black colleges, Berkely, NAACP and other places you would least expect him to speak at. He has backed off a lot of his earlier right wing stances like Voting Rights. He paired up with Liberal Democrat Corey Booker regarding getting rid ofDrug Mandatory Minimums.

You watch him start to start weedling his way into foreign policy in a way that doesn't criticize Obama too heavily. He has actually sounded supportive of Obama's ISIS policy in recent months. 

WHat if Rand Paul were to maneuver his way towards winning the nomination in a way he isn't backed into any political corners? What if he were to pivot CLOSER to Obama's positions on several issues and suck up some of the space Hillary Clinton was planning to distinguish herself in. Hillary is hawkish and Rand Paul is not. 

I could easily see Rand Paul drifting to the LEFT of Hillary Clinton on a lot of issues, especially foreign policy.

The economy is improving and Rand Paul is astute enough to steer clear of domestic issues. 

The more I look at it, the more I see Rand Paul being th enominee and a threat to take it all. Hillary Clinton should take clear aim right at Paul ASAP and seperate herself from him. He is her toughest match-up.

Jan. 14, 2015

Guess who the happiest and most relieved politician in Washington is right now?

If you guessed Barack Obama, you would have to feel pretty good right now.

President Obama has a Republican Congress with the largest margins since the 1960s to deal with on a daily basis. These people don't want to give him anything that would make him look good, or his party. He looks like a well-rested fighting machine when he goes out campaigning for HIS agenda items like "Free Community" college programs, Immigration, Minimum Wage Increases and Extending Unemployment.

The President is also dealing with ISIS and the entire middle east landscape and he is doing it with aplomb and energy. 

When was the last time you saw a sitting U.S. President NOT looking like a beaten man in his 7th year? Think about Reagan dealing with Iran-Contra, think about Bill Clinton dealing with Ken Starr in the Lewinsky affair and finally think about George "W" Bush dealing with Iraq and a declining economy in his 7th year.

Obama has experienced in two years something Mitt Romney would have called his own greatest achievements after four years of a Romney Presidency like Unemployment UNDER 6, Gas Prices UNDER $2.00-per-gallon and how about the 58 straight months of "Private Sector" job growth.

Hell, Mitch McConnell even tried to take credit for the improving economy that the GOP wanted to hang around Obama's neck just a few months ago.

Do you REALLY think the American citizens don't realize that the Affordable Care Act is doing everything the President said it would do? It is not perfect, but there are more Americans signed up for insurance than ever before. This is something U.S. Presidents had tried and failed to get accomplished since Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican).

The 24-hour newscycle and Social Media have made it possible to demonize anyone and there will always be a willing audience to listen, BUT in the end it is the PEOPLE who can feel that things are improving. McConnell and Boehner can yell and scream all they want. They can continue to pass unfriendly legislation for these two years.

In 2016 there will likely be a complete overhaul of the U.S. Congress and these two guys will retire, or become marginalized. Harry Reid will likely not be the next Majority Leader in the Senate as well. Nancy Pelosi may be the ONLY leader to stick around when Hillary Clinton takes over.

In the end, history will serve Barack Obama very well and the obstructing, racially-challenged GOP will have to pay the piper for their terrible governance.

Yes. Barack Obama is one happy dude, who just goes about his job even during those long Congressional vacations and inept legislative sessions when they are in Washington.

Dec. 2, 2014

History will not be kind to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s legacies. They began their dive on the very night Obama took office when they decided to obstruct his every move.

I want to remind you all of a few things that have taken place in the past six years since Barack Obama was sworn in.

  • Unemployment was over 9.9% during his first year (now 5.8%)
  • Gas Prices were over $4.00 (now under $3.00)
  • 10 million less people had health insurance
    Congress averages 137 workdays per year (since 2001)
    The average salary of House members is $174,000-per-year
  • 2013 Government Shutdown cost taxpayers $24 billion.
  • 2011 Sequestration Deal (2011 Budget Control Act) between Congress and White House has cost our Defense Department, as well as ALL Public Sector  jobs.

We are on the verge of another GOP Meltdown because of the President’s Immigration Executive Action. They are accusing him of “Lawlessness” and of being a “Monarch.”

The American people are starting to tire of these childish temper tantrums. I still can’t believe that no one held the GOP accountable electorally for the LAST Government Shutdown.

President Obama has the upper hand. He wins no matter what. If the GOP shuts the lights off in Washington, no one will buy into the “President Did This” anymore. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are not racists, but many of their caucus members are. I am sick of the media not OVERTLY calling them out.

This is the guy in the White House for two more years. He will end up in history as a “GREAT” President, yes “GREAT.” He will be credited for Health Care and a ton of other things he did to help Americans and people around the world.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will be footnotes, known as obstructionists. History will not be kind to these two men. Remember Newt Gingrich? He shut the Government down in the 1990’s and is known as a right wingnut.

In January, the GOP will have a massive majority in both chambers. They will then have LESS control of the process. Their every move will be even more transparent, just as Obama’s moves on the chess board.

President Obama is way smarter than these guys and he will end up winning the biggest prize…The RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY.