Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

May. 17, 2017

By Marc Platt

Much of America got hoodwinked this past November. They wanted change and man oh man they've got it now.

Donald J. Trump went to the isolationist/racist/Richard Nixon playbook to get himself elected. He stitched together an electorate that for some strange reason...Worked. I give him props for finding the only possible path to victory.

What is now apparent is his inability to actually DO THE JOB. He has zero ability to analyze and actually govern. The only thing "President" Trump knows how to do is get down in a bunker and use his "Word Salad" skills to deflect his corruption and ineptness as a President. He has little or no knowledge of domestic policy or foreign policy.

He cannot sit still long enough to even understand his "PDBs" (Presidential Daily Briefings). This point was brought home this week when it was disclosed that he passed on "Code Word" and "Classified" information to the Russians (at the behest of Putin himself). Yes..Putin asked Trump to have these guys IN THE OVAL OFFICE. They played Trump in a big way getting him to brag about his ISIS policy (which he may or may not understand).

Trump was able to correctly assess that Nixon's "Silent Majority" was being neglected 45 years later and Lindberg's "America First" isolationist movement of the late 30's was the proper playbook to run during the campaign, but that has little to do with governing in 2017.

Trump will either resign (like Nixon) or go into battle (Like Bill Clinton) and deal with the US Congress who all want to save their own asses.

This is where we are.

May. 8, 2017
By Marc Platt
The Trump's have no problem peddling influence around the world. The Kushner's are going to find out a hard lesson, just as DJT, Ivanka and the rest of these high-powered grifters in the end.
Trump is unable to get anything done in Washington except roll back the stuff Obama did during his 8 years. Congress can't get anything passed, despite the fact that they own both houses and the White House. Think about it, the Republicans CONTROL everything and yet they can't control ANYTHING.
You would have to think that McConnell and Ryan know what they are dealing with and even this bogus Health Care ramrod job will have a big "Toxic" tatoo on all their foreheads in the midterms.
McConnell is aware that they cannot do any meaningful health care legislation without Democrats help in the US Senate. They will have enough trouble passing a "CR" (Continuing Resolution) to keep the government doors open later this year.
The US Congress is completely hamstrung by their own civil war and internal strife. The voters have to start by electing Jeff Ossoff in the Georgia 6th to replace the corrupt Dr. Tom Price, who now lies for Trump as head of HHS (Health and Human Services).
The people will have to suffer for a few years and then take the House and Senate back and get Trump (or Pence) to deal with them. Chuck Schumer and Nany Pelosi (or her replacement) will have to pick up the pieces at some point. Paul Ryan will have a hard time surviving Trump. He is practically married to the guy politically right now.
The Washington establishment ALWAYS wins. Just watch how all these investigations continue to absorb the administration. McConnell and Ryan will let their members slowly unravel all the corruption that got Trump elected. We will have to overhaul everything (probably for the better).
So I will give Trump credit for succeeding in draining the swamp, but it will be "HIS" swamp that will be drained. Trump truly has been a "Disrupt-or," but not in the way he thought or campaigned.
He truly WILL change Washington DC forever.
May. 1, 2017
By Marc Platt
Here are more observations about #45
1. Trump loves to campaign
2. He changes positions in a matter of seconds when giving an interview.
3. Our president does not understand basic concepts of how a bill is made and legislation is passed.
4. Mr. Trump does not know why we had the Civil War, or that Andrew Jackson died 16 years before that conflict even started.
5. He derides the media at rallies and then runs to them to be interviewed. When he is pressed by a journalist, he will literally walk away.
6. He sells legislation to the public that is completely false and can be proven.
7. He thinks it would be an honor to meet with the fat crazy North Korean dictator. Trump wants to bring these bad actors into a room and make peace for the world, like he was mediating a real estate deal.
8. He has not come close to filling hundreds of government jobs. The chickens will come home to roost when we have a real crisis with no one to fix it because those jobs are "part of the swamp" in Trump's opinion.
9. Many more Trump administration officials will quit or be fired in the first year. It is like playing a baseball game with no outfielders and a weak starting pitcher.
10. Mike Pence is just as dirty as Trump and will be under investigation as long as HE is in this position of VP also.
11. Trump believes an executive order is the same as passing laws. Most of the 31 he has signed are worthless and have been challenged in court.
Does that make sense to you?
Apr. 17, 2017
By Marc Platt
In October, 1962 John F. Kennedy had to make decisions that would affect the world and the history of the world. He had been in office for twenty months, but had served as a US Senator and US Congressman (of little accomplishment) for 16 years.
He was in a deadly game of chicken with the USSR. The Soviets had missiles placed strategically in Cuba that could decimate the USA in a matter of minutes. This was the real deal. Kennedy shunned his military advisers who urged him to bomb Cuba, a move that would trigger a possible nuclear war with the USSR. Through diplomacy and two clear-thinking responsible leaders, war was avoided and everyone went on with their lives.
Fast forward to 2017...We have a US President who went to a boarding school and wore a uniform. He used to brag that it was like military service. It was nothing like military service. He now has left all military decisions to Generals "Mad Dog" Mattis, Kelly and McMaster.
You tell me if you feel safer as Trump keeps Tweeting that North Korea had "Better Behave" or else AND If "China doesn't" stop this nuclear testing "We will."
Trump is completely unfit to serve as "Commander In Chief" at this point. I'm not saying that he won't grow into the job, but I am saying that his rhetoric is VERY DANGEROUS regarding the "Crazy Fat Kid," as hawk-in-chief John McCain keeps calling the leader of North Korea.
Barack Obama had a solid North Korea policy that worked during his 8-year tenure. He IGNORED the "Crazy Fat Kid" and that seemed to keep him a little less crazy. Trump cannot do that. He has to pipe in on everything and let the generals do all the dirty work. He sends Pence out to make speeches tha inflame the situation even more.
Yes my friends, I am concerned for the 150,000+ Americans who live and work in Seoul South Korea. We have a lot of military personnel there also.
Someone needs to sit Bozo the Trump down and educate him on the true danger that awaits the world if he doesn't stop before there is no turning back.
Apr. 14, 2017

By Marc Platt

Not a good start for Trump, but I am actually rooting for him to survive the 4 years. He will be crippled by corruption and investigations, but I believe Mike Pence is FAR MORE DANGEROUS and needs to be neutralized.

The first 85 Days have been abysmal...

1. Inauguration Debacle because of Trump's ego regarding numbers in attendance.
2. Both Muslim bans blocked by the courts.
3. Flynn exposed as he spoke to our adversaries the Russians about lifting sanctions. Fired for "Lying" to Pence, who HEADED the transition team. He is a liar also.
4. Sean Spicer and his endless gaffes and half truths.
5. Kellyanne Conway is now a ghost in the White House, surfacing on Fox News once in awhile.
6. Stephen Miller is another obnoxious "Trumpladite" who will likely be jettisoned not long after Bannon.
7. Bannon is the biggest of all the egos in the White House. He was able to sucker Time Magazine into outshining Trump. He has alienated Jared and Ivanka. Bye bye is coming soon.
8. The "Yemen" Debacle in which several collateral civilian casualties were lost along with a Navy Seal. Trump blamed the failed mission on Obama.
9. Trump accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign.
10. Being investigated by FBI for "Criminal and Collusion" involvement in the "Russia-gate" fiasco...

So...I REALLY get tired of reading posts on how "Obama was a pussy" and "Trump is so strong" with his recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan.

I have no doubt that Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Dubya advised Trump to take both actions. What they wouldn't have advised is to threaten North Korea directly. The "Crazy Fat Kid" could take out Seoul South Korea with one drunken stupor. You don't threaten crazy people. They do crazy shit and YOU Donald will get blamed.