Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Mar. 4, 2013

"I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did...I see my mistakes and I see my flaws, and I did better this time than I did the time before."
                                      Mitt Romney (March 2013)

Just think where we COULD be. President Romney would probably have armed guards surrounding our borders. Bread lines, Unemployment at 12%-to-20% and Mitt and his Buddies paying 4% tax rates in a few years.

The Senate would still be BLUE, the House RED with a tinge of "Crazy Herbal Tea-Party." What makes anyone think that we would not be experiencing the same gridlock in Washington? 

I really do not need to recount the entire Romney episode to you faithful politicos, but I should point out that nearly half the country bought into his "message." This is very scary to me. To me Mitt Romney's message was "White Rich Guy Who REALLY wanted to be the boss of everyone." Ann Romney DID say at one point in the campaign "It's OUR turn."

Romney would have been an interesting Democrat. I would have loved to actually watch him deal with sane politicians and not the wackos far to the right. How would he maneuvered trhrough a field in 2008 of Obama and Hillary Clinton? What could he have possibly have flip flopped on to get states like Iowa to vote for him against THOSE opponents?

How would President Romney deal with Speaker Boehner? Would they cut and slash to the point that there is no Medicare or Social Security. Would Harry Reed want to strangle the would be conservative Romney for caving to the Tea Party Wingnuts like Boehner has had to do?

Obama has had to walk a fine line since day one. Nothing comes easy in that town. It's business as usual and everyone is postering for the midterm elections, which will happen next year.

This sequester business (Automatic Spending Cuts) sucks. Obama was basically forced by the  GOP to suggest this form of spending cuts, hoping that cooler (that's a laugh) heads would prevail. The Republicans want these cuts to happen, KNOWING that they will enact legislation to keep the government running when that comes up. The House Republicans also know that President Obama cannot afford to have most of these cuts happen randomly.

The public is getting played by Obama and the congress. They are making it out to be the end of the world and blaming each other. BUSINESS AS USUAL. 

That is why we live in alternate political universes. The universe we are told is full of bi-partisan TEAM BUILDING. The real universe is the self-serving LEGACY BUILDING one where everyone positions themselves for personal glory.

I choose the 'LEGACY BUILDING" universe. 


Because in order to build a legacy, these clowns have to do right by the people they serve.

If Obama wants his head carved out on Mt. Rushmore, he had better keep the cogressional cannibals from serving his head on a platter with a really bad recession just because they can.

Feb. 27, 2013

Dear Washington:

"We The People" are counting on you to do the right thing for all of us.

There are a lot of hungry, financially-challenged, work tired, law-abiding, voting, at the end-of-our-rope people out here waiting for you to put aside your own personal best interests for once. Please do your job. Please listen to us when we call, email and tweet you and express our desires in all that polling you pay such close attention to.

You are there to represent "We The People," as the president kept saying at the innauguration on January 21st. 

Well..."We The People" have been trying to tell you that repealing Roe V Wade is a bad idea, repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act...Not good. Opposing inevitable immigration Reform...No bueno.

"We The People" have been making these messages loud and clear since that first Tuesday in November in 2008. "We The People" were sick to death of George W Bush and his puppetmaster Dick Cheney. We wanted a change we can believe in. We voted for the skinny black dude Barack Obama. He was cool, he was good with "We The People" and not so good with peeps inside the beltway. Obama is terrible at hanging out with Washington insiders. None of you like him at all.

President Obama is no saint. He DID shoot Bin Laden in the face and dump him in the ocean. He has errupted more than a few times at the do nothing congress (mostly House Republicans) for being as Bobby Jindal has said "The Party of Stupid."

Look...The Dems are not anything to write home about. Plenty of Democrats have an "A" Rating with the NRA. 

We really have to do something SOON about election reform and SUPER PACs and lobby money deciding how it will go for "We The People."

Please do something about all these self-made crisis's like "Fiscal Cliffs," "Debt Ceiling Dealines," "Sequesters" and unnecessary weapons of war on our city streets.



"We The People"

Feb. 15, 2013

I want to give kudos to Chris Matthews and his staff at Hardball (MSNBC) for making a profound correlation between Texas Freshman Senator (TX) Ted Cruz and the "Old Commie Hunter" Joseph McCarthy in their similar tactics and sudden impact on the scene.

It is so early into Cruz's senate career, but he has already used his debate skills and legal background to piss a lot of folks off in Washington D.C., including John McCain by using innuendo to impune the reputation of former Senator Chuck Hagel. McCain had raked Hagel over the coals two weeks before during Hagel's confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense.

In this final Senate Armed Forces Committee hearing (Hagel was NOT present), Cruz reached back in the McCarthy playbook to use innuendo to try and link Hagel to North Korea without any evidence. Cruz used a roundabout debate tactic of "What If." Cruz insinuated that Hagel may have taken $200,000 from the North Koreans for a paid speaking engagement or possible corruption without any proof. He used "What If" basically to impune Hagel's reputation.

It looked to this observer that Cruz was stepping into McCain's schoolyard and McCain had to chastise the freshman. Cruz is VERY well-educated (Princeton undergrad, Harvard Law). He is a champion debater and seems to have brought that into the senate only weeks into his tenure.

He is hanging with the "Obstructionist" wing of the GOP. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act, along with 21 other Senate Republicans, which was passed into law overwhelmingly by the Senate body that day.

So he obviously doesn't pay attention to polls. Let's see how he shakes out with other legislation. So far he has voted with the Tea Party wing of the GOP on every vote.

McCarthy allegedly lied about his war record and had all kinds of tax issues and was accused of taking bribes from Pepsicola. OY. Those were the days...The Commie Witchunt idea wasn't even his idea.  Edmund Walsh, a Catholic priest, came up with the idea, suggesting McCarthy begin a campaign against communist subversives working in the Democratic administration. McCarthy was soliciting advice at the time from his closest inner circle on HOW TO RETAIN his senate seat in what would have been a close senate race without an issue to ride on. McCarthy's first few years in the U.S. Senate were not too impressive.

Ted Cruz comes to the U.S. Senate firing on all cylindars, making the old guard Republicans uneasy and some of the younger guys like Marco ("I'm Thirsty") Rubio (also Cuban) sitting there trying to decide to become a moderate or a rabble rouser. Cruz may force Rubio's hand.

Important Note: Ted Cruz, 42 was born in Alberta Canada. He is NOT eligible to run for U.S. President. Rubio is American-born. I see this as a VERY significant fact. Cruz could make a lot of trouble for a lot of people in Washington and not give a crap. He has nowhere else to go. If Texas keeps sending him back, he could be there a long time.

McCarthy was drummed out of the senate and died in 1957 from advanced alcoholism at the age of 49 years old.

Ted Cruz is just getting going. If he uses his superpowers for good and not evil, who knows. If it all catches up to him being a one-man-army...Could be a long hard road...We shall see.

Feb. 11, 2013

He goes by the moniker "Shooter."

He fears for his life and the lives of his family, even prepping his wife for the eventuality that Al Qa'ida may enter their home with instructions to kill him and his family.

Shooter (The man who shot Bin Laden) has given this fact and many others to Esquire Magazine writer Phillip Bronstein over several months. Bronstein has said that "Shooter" (who by law must remain nameless) was left uninsured by the military, retiring 36-months before the required 20 years active service. His family's insurance was also canceled upon his retirement.

Talk about a raw deal. This guy more than served his country for 16 years and shot Osama Bin Laden in the head. Our government and the military needs to seriously change with the changing times. They cannot continue to ignore claims by vets and take up to four years to process those claims.

When a soldier is discharged, they should be given a spot at the HEAD OF THE LINE for everything this country has to offer. Our veterans have been treated like 2nd-class citizens since the beginning of time.

It was a pleasure to watch Sgt. Clint Romesha get the Medal of Valor today (2/1/13) by President Obama with such great class and distinction for his efforts in October, 2009. ALL soldiers should be given recognition and basic dignity by our society when they get back. Instead, a lot of fine men and women are looked upon as freaks by society. This is bullshit. It has to stop. There are 820,000 backlog disability cases of Navy Seals waiting to be processed. "It's a nine-month average wait for regular vets to get their disability claim adjudicated," Esquire's Bronstein said. "In this guy's case, his health care that he got, called Tricare from the military, ended the night he left. He gets no pension, none, zero."

"Shooter" is going to buy his own insurance at $486-per-month. Sounds like a raw deal, doesn't it?

Do you think it is an accident that the former LAPD officer and cop-shooter Charles Dorner was in the Navy from 2002-through-2004? He never completed flight school. He went on to have a disputed career as a police officer.

The point I'm making is reassimilating soldiers back into society and getting these heroes preferential treatment when they return. I say BIGTIME AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for military is in order.

Our politicians TALK nicely about these heroes and their service and even complain that they are mistreated but don't REALLY do anything quickly to fix the situation. It should not take days, weeks, months or YEARS to process claims for returning vets. The government needs to immediately shift funding (as has been requested for YEARS) to the organizations responsible for making sure our veterans have at least basic needs met.

Think about it...The man who killed Bin Laden will never be known by name as a hero and his family has NO INSURANCE, they are in danger and he is PISSED OFF. Does this sound like something you REALLY want to see happen in America? You want to know why people snap and go on killing sprees? Hopelessness...the feel "hopeless" and could care less about their future.

Soldiers dream of glory and at least a thank you for their service, instead they have been getting the shaft by the government they are sworn to protect and defend.

Also, many U.S. cities have given returning war vets parades. NOT New York. Obama has repeatedly told those city officials to hold off until the current war is over before we give a major ticker tape parade to deserving vets.

I am barely touching on the many real issues in this blog. I know so little, but it smells bad enough to point out and isn't that what Americans are supposed to do. Look out for our brothers and sisters, ESPECIALLY these brothers and sisters.

Feb. 8, 2013

We live in two Americas I'm now NOW convinced.

With all the secession talk and the GOP Gerrymandering (manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts) to give the Republicans majority in the state and U.S. House of Representaives, America has been divided in two.

There is the majority of Americans (63% current Gallup Poll) who agree with the Roe v. Wade decision that is celebrating its 40th anniversary. 46% of Republicans polled would like to see it overturned. 74% of Democrats polled would like to see it remain as law of the land. Of the more than 207 million plus registered voters ,there are a lot more Democrats registered to vote. Some state like NY have a ratio of 2-to-1 favoring Dems.

Okay...Let's get to the heart of the matter. Abortion Rights have become the NEW Civil Rights cause celebre. Many states like Mississipi, Kansas, Virginia and North Dakota have either closed clinics by using their House State Majorities and their Republican Governor's agendas to manipulate what the Supreme Court ruled legal in 1973. They have made it near impossible for the people who run these clinics to keep their doors open. 

Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in his Kansas church after MANY threats throughout many years and a previous gun crime against the man. This is barbaric. To have citizens to ignore the "Law of the Land" and create chaos for women who want to get get basic health care at these clinics. Such a small percentage of these clinics were used for actual abortions. They used THAT issue to ruin a lot of poor women's other basic health cares.

This makes me as an American citizen outraged and just plain sad to think that my fellow citizens have manipulated the system to affect an outcome for their own political expediency.

These governors will go down in history as a footnote, along with the late Alabama Governor George Wallace and in my mind Confederates like Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. 

Let me go ahead and name some of these cowards, who will be left on the scrap heap of history for either trying to close or successfully closing these clinics:

Mississippi: (R) Phil Bryant
Michigan: (R) Rick Snyder
Virginia (R) Bob McDonnell
Kansas: (R) Sam Brownback
North Dakota: (R) Jack Dalrymple

There are more of these cowards out there. They have agendas based mostly on their religious beliefs. The U.S.A. is supposed to have a separation of church and state. Well, in my opinion, the states have blurred this repeatedly in recent years. They don't pay attention to the national polls. They do what THEY feel is best for their states, ignoring what their citizens need and want.

Don't try to argue with me that this is what the people want. How can poor women get all their basic health care needs met and these clinics, sometimes hundreds of miles away from hospitals are being snuffed out one by one.

Yes my friends, we are living in alternate universes in America and that is a VERY sad reality.