Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Mar. 15, 2013

Did you know that the mayor of Davie, Florida gave former bartender Scott Prouty and two of his motorcycle dealership fellow employees a proclamation that said they displayed "valiant and swift lifesaving actions in the face of an emergency without thought to their own safety." This was in 2005 when Prouty helped free a drowning woman when her car submerged into a canal along I-75 and sunk into the water.

This is the type of person we are dealing with. Not a self-serving celebrity wanna be. 

Scott Prouty was a bartender at an event in Florida in May, 2012 where Mitt Romney was speaking. Prouty hit record on his camera at the bar when Romney started talking about buying a factory in China with young unmarried girls waiting to find husbands. There was a lot more on the tape, but that one fact was the reason Prouty debated with himself for months whether or not to release the tape, NOT the 47% comments that David Corn (of Mother Jones Magazine) jumped all over.

This tells you even MORE about the guy.

The fact that Prouty was more interested in the lack of "moral fiber" Romney displayed in a private gathering was MORE important than the politically disasterous "47%" comments says a lot about the guy who shot the video.

Prouty waited until September to go for it. He had a lot of sleepless nights, knowing that this act could get him fired from his bartending job. Prouty also was well aware that there would be threats on his person and home. Apparently, there have been threats since the public found out his identity.

Prounty has NOT made one cent from this video. He did land a union gig in Washington and feels safe enough to come out 3.5 months after the election. He made the rounds on MSNBC, publicly identifying himself on the second-to-last "Ed Show."

Prouty could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars if he had come out BEFORE last November 6 or in the weeks following the election.

Prouty (a registered Independent) said he did not want to be the story. He wanted Romney's words to undeniably be the story. Romney has admitted this video hurt him badly in this election. His own words did him in and the country was saved (in my opinion) from another distaerous administration. 

I personally never thought President Obama could lose that election, but with unemployment hovering around 8% I was in the minority in that thought pattern. Mitt Romney was always a terrible candidate and the Obama Ground Game was very strong. Prouty helped seal the deal and will always be at least a footnote in Obama's re-election.

So. What did we learn from Scott Prouty?

I learned that in politics strange things can make a big difference. This was a strange thing. Think of the billion dollars Romney spent with fancy lawyers and advisors and advertisers. In the end it was a 38-year-old bartender who did the U.S. a huge favor and didn't get paid for his efforts.

I hope someday President Obama has Prouty over to the White House for a beer and a personal thank you.

Mar. 14, 2013

Little ditty about Ted and Diane
Two American senators, neither will bend...

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) tried to nail California Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) on U.S. Constitutional issues surrounding the Assualt Weapons Ban legislation Feinstein is moving through the U.S. Senate. 

Cruz asked Feinstein if she "would favor exemptions to the First Amendment's freedom of speech" by denying that right to certain books. Feinstein pointed out that she has been on the Senate Judiciary Commitee for 20 years, was a mayor and saw shot-up dead bodies riddled with bullets.

"I'm not a sixth-grader," said California Senior Senator Feinstein. "I'm reasonably well-educated, and thank you for the lecture."

Okay. There is a protocol in Washington that Tea Party members are simply ignoring. Cruz has now been dressed down by John McCain (R-Az) and Feinstein and there will be more rancor as the days, weeks, months and YES years pass and Cruz continues his assault on Senate traditions.

Cruz is NOT American-born and cannot aspire to be U.S. President. The Canadian-born Cruz has landed at the top of his elected possibility in the red state of Texas. He will be there for a full six year term.

There are signs that the Democrats are making inroads at turning the state blue, but it may take 2 election cycles. If Senator Cruz stays far right and his party doesn't shift in a more moderate direction, he will be able to keep trying to shake things up for decades.

The big question is whether the legally-trained Cruz will gain enough allies in the congress for a sustained amount of time to actually make a difference.

He is not afraid to take on respected colleagues and the ire of the "Old Guard." Will Cruz's brash style wear on Mitch McConnell, who is fighting for his political life with electoral challenges coming from within his own state? McConnell may have to reign in the younger senator in hopes he can survive some testy legislative challenges like Immigration and Gun Reform.

Cruz was eager to step up during Rand Paul's (R-Ky) "Talking Filibuster" several days ago. Cruz is no stranger to the camera and it's power. Will it be his downfall? That remains to be seen. I believe if Cruz REALLY is Joe McCarthy for this millenium, than he will do and say something that will put him in hot water with the people. When he pisses the public off enough, they will let him know. It may take 5 more years, but they will let him know.

Mar. 6, 2013

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) stood on the U.S. Senate floor on Wednesday March 6, 2013 and proceeded to protest John Brennan's confirmation hearing with an old school "Talking Filibuster." It was shades of "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."

Senator Paul was really protesting President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's flimsy assertion that the government has the right to kill American citizens on American soil with drones if there was an imminent threat. Paul repeatedly used the term "Non Combatants" in his rant. I 100% agree with Rand Paul on this issue.

By asserting the government's view that we could even POSSIBLY have these drones trolling American skies is a horrifying possibility. 

To use the Brennan confirmation as a format is another matter. I don't like the ocassion, but I wholly agree with the sentiment. The cable news outlets were immediately spinning Paul's filibuster for whatever their agendas are. MSNBC had a correspondent say the Paul was "shoring up his base for 2016" Presidential bid. Who knows, who caresd. Maxine Waters (D-Ca) called it disgraceful to hold up this nomination. I disagree. The senate's job is to "Advise and Consent." If Paul or ANY senator has questions, they have the right to obstruct until they get those answers.

I have NOT agreed with Rand Paul on anything in his two years in the senate, but on this day he was making sense to me.

He and his father former Texas Rep. Ron Paul have tries to fight their Libertarian good fight for years. A lot of their ideas are dopey to me, but they know their shit about due process. They do have expertise in some areas and should be listened to. They have earned that right. We don't have to agree, but we should probably hear them out.

I am certainly not a fan of the Tea Party, but in it's essence there are principles that they adhere to. I admire that.

What I don't admire is obstruction to blow things up in Washington. This is not the time and this certainly is NOT the place right now to stop progress.

Barack Obama is not perfect and I vehementally disagree with him on the overuse of drones. Maybe Rand Paul can get his ear on issues where there could be some open discussion. Maybe these people in our government can turn a cormer very soon and actually listen to each other's ideas and get the job done.

Mar. 5, 2013

Jeb Bush was a popular governor in Florida. He left office in 2006, which means in 2016, he will have not held public office in 10 years. That is a long time. 

I always thought he was the SMARTEST of the Bush clan. He may well be, but that is not saying much in light of some recent devepments.

Jeb-ster is now saying that Immigration with a path to citizenship is NOT something he would support. Last summer he said the opposite. He is postioning himself to the right of Marco Rubio, who is currently writing legislation with Democrats to reform immigration WITH a path to ciizenship.

Don't these guys EVER learn? Mitt Romney showed the GOP that the path to the White House does not lead through the Tea Party. The right wingnuts do not offer any White House hopefuls ANY chance for general election success if the candidates have to start spouting right wing policies during the primaries. The American people do not buy those views and values in a general election. There are far too many minorities out of work to make those unpopular views fruitful to a candidate in a general election.

Jeb Bush should have stood his ground and stayed with that more moderate and progressive view.

Bush is married to a Latina and calls his own children "My Little Brown Ones." I am just guessing, but America may take issue with that in 2016, humor aside. 

The Bush family has had a history of gaffes that have hurt their "legacy." Papa Bush with his "read My Lips, No New Taxes" pledge in 1992. "W" had the great "Mission Accomplished" declaration in 2003 a full nine years before the Iraq war finally DID end. Now Jeb has flopped (for now) on his once hopeful and progressive immigration stance.

Jeb Bush is not a player at this point. Rubio and Governor Christie are the guys to fear. I will be curious to see if Christie offsets his NON INVITATION to CPAC this year with news of his own. He should go on ALL the cable news shows that day. It would eat into the Stellar Losers (Romney, Gingrich & Palin) who were invited.

Mar. 4, 2013

"I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did...I see my mistakes and I see my flaws, and I did better this time than I did the time before."
                                      Mitt Romney (March 2013)

Just think where we COULD be. President Romney would probably have armed guards surrounding our borders. Bread lines, Unemployment at 12%-to-20% and Mitt and his Buddies paying 4% tax rates in a few years.

The Senate would still be BLUE, the House RED with a tinge of "Crazy Herbal Tea-Party." What makes anyone think that we would not be experiencing the same gridlock in Washington? 

I really do not need to recount the entire Romney episode to you faithful politicos, but I should point out that nearly half the country bought into his "message." This is very scary to me. To me Mitt Romney's message was "White Rich Guy Who REALLY wanted to be the boss of everyone." Ann Romney DID say at one point in the campaign "It's OUR turn."

Romney would have been an interesting Democrat. I would have loved to actually watch him deal with sane politicians and not the wackos far to the right. How would he maneuvered trhrough a field in 2008 of Obama and Hillary Clinton? What could he have possibly have flip flopped on to get states like Iowa to vote for him against THOSE opponents?

How would President Romney deal with Speaker Boehner? Would they cut and slash to the point that there is no Medicare or Social Security. Would Harry Reed want to strangle the would be conservative Romney for caving to the Tea Party Wingnuts like Boehner has had to do?

Obama has had to walk a fine line since day one. Nothing comes easy in that town. It's business as usual and everyone is postering for the midterm elections, which will happen next year.

This sequester business (Automatic Spending Cuts) sucks. Obama was basically forced by the  GOP to suggest this form of spending cuts, hoping that cooler (that's a laugh) heads would prevail. The Republicans want these cuts to happen, KNOWING that they will enact legislation to keep the government running when that comes up. The House Republicans also know that President Obama cannot afford to have most of these cuts happen randomly.

The public is getting played by Obama and the congress. They are making it out to be the end of the world and blaming each other. BUSINESS AS USUAL. 

That is why we live in alternate political universes. The universe we are told is full of bi-partisan TEAM BUILDING. The real universe is the self-serving LEGACY BUILDING one where everyone positions themselves for personal glory.

I choose the 'LEGACY BUILDING" universe. 


Because in order to build a legacy, these clowns have to do right by the people they serve.

If Obama wants his head carved out on Mt. Rushmore, he had better keep the cogressional cannibals from serving his head on a platter with a really bad recession just because they can.