Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jan. 28, 2013

Sarah Palin is about to close one door, but a bigger door is sure to open...Do you believe me? Read on brothers and sisters...

There are so many jokes we can make about Sarah Palin NOT being renewed by FoxNews, but I don't want to go there. Palin was a HUGE reason Obama won two straight elections. I want to thank her personally for her assistance. She was well paid in the venture by the Right Wing Fox network and right-wing Americans, who have been willing to pay for "Anything Sarah."

I will miss her. Barack H. Obama will miss her.

Having Palin's continual lunacy for the past five years has been a blessing to progressives. We have loved to hate her for her wonderful sayings like "paling around with terrorists" and "I can see Russia from..." OK, you get the idea.

Her political craziness has made her a millionaire many times over with that Fox contract, book deals and a future full of high-paying speaking engagements forevermore. Her base will never tire of her message. 

Now she can show up on Rush Limbaugh, Hannity (as a guest from the outside), NBC, CBS, CNN & ABC. At some point, she will be sought after by all the networks to give "her side" of the issues that will come up.

We are NOT losing Sarah Palin, we are gaining Sarah Palin with multi-network credibility. There are people who like her a lot. The networks may take a break, but they will come calling.

Oh Sarah please do not take too long to come back to our living rooms. We will be waiting...

Jan. 24, 2013

Let me preface this entry with the fact that I am a fan of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I voted for her in the 2008 California Presidential  Primary. I have also been a proponent of a qualified woman running our country as president. Clinton IS qualified, probably more so than ANYONE on the scene or behind the scenes in our current government.

I also know that she has always wanted that job, but I hope and pray that she doesn't want it when she needs to decide about running for the 2016 nomination.

Why on earth would I think, or even say this? 


Reality is a bitch when it comes to what we want, rather than what is best for ourselves, or our country.

Hillary was an exemplerary First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. She has served and excelled at everything she has done. We forget she was a great attorney before politics entered Bill Clinton's and Her life as a profession in the 1980's.

OK. Let me get to the point. 2016 is a long way off and she will be older (69 years old in 2016). Obama's America is a vastly different place than it was in January, 2009. He has governed with a Democratic-sized elephant on his back in a climate that has NEVER been seen in Washington, but has managed to get a lot of stuff through, despite senatorial fillibusters, Tea Party interference and a slew of nominees who were never confirmed during his first term.

This political minefield has become the political norm in Washington and Obama has used VP Joe Biden in a very active way NEVER scene in presedential politics in the past. Our past VPs have been VERY behind the scenes and figureheads for the most part. George H.W. Bush was the closest thing to a working VP we have had before Biden. Cheney was more of an advisor co-president to "W." They had wars to wage and an economy that was flimsy due to Credit Default Swaps and "No Money Down" investments.

Would Hillary REALLY want to follow Obama if he continues to excel in a job no one in Washington thought he was qualified for in the first place? Obama surprised a lot of those pudits and insiders with his ability to maneuver through the crap known as congress.

Hillary was AWESOME facing the senate and then the house on Benghazi. She excels at being MORE prepared and eloquent. She knows more than most of her former collegues. Hillary Clinton is smarter and has more stamina than anyone, having traveled more tha 1 million miles in her 4 years working for Obama. She was incredible as Secretary of State.

Here is my ONE thing. It is a big one. Hillary has NO PATIENCE for small-minded politicians. She blows her cool quite often when other people do not see her point. The difference between her and President Obama is his willingness to educate the public over and over again on whatever issue he is pursuing. I really don't see her using this now-proven technique. Obama is professorial and commited. He was a constitutional law professor in a past life. This has helped him greatly in getting the public support.

If Hillary Clinton were to pay close attention to her former boss and use some of these techniques. If her health is good by then and she gets a little bit of a makeover again, it could happen.

I have to say that in my opinion America loves energetic and youthful leadership and someone we can trust and WHO LISTENS TO US. That is what we are getting right now.

I hope Hillary gets some rest and REALLY thinks about these ideas and really watches how President Obama progresses through these next 4 years. Will we get somone to carry on, or move us in a different direction?

This is what will really get addressed for the next graduating class of presedential candidates.

Jan. 22, 2013

Are we "fired up and ready to go?"

That is what the Obama administration is asking progressives, as the new administraion is starting. Brilliant. There is one thing this president does better than any other in recent memory...Campagning...Barack H. Obama is so adept at getting a crowd fired up at a campaign rally, his people have decided to keep the campaign going indefinitely.

"Organizing For Action" is the new/old organization headed by Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.

Whenever the administration pushes an important piece of legislation OFA will help take up the fight by getting grassroots support from ordinary citizens. There will be rallys with Obama in attendance. They will pressure congress into action. If you are interested in finding out, you can go to the Obama website to find out. The GOP is about to become even more annoyed with the Democrats, as they watch Americans become more involved in government.

"We, the people" have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to gun control, climate change, marriage equality and abortion rights. The states have been trying to take rights away by shuttling legislation through their state legislatures. It is most troubling to see Tennesee and Kansas make it nearly impossible for women to get legal abortions, because there are no facilities because the GOP-run state legislatures have passed legisltion which makes it impossible to operate an abortion clinic.

What can we, the people do?

We have to pick a side and operate politically. This is what divides the country. Roe V. Wade is constantly under pressure based on who is in power. The people must speak and tell their government that it is NOT okay to shut health care facilities down because of politics.

OFA may be a great way for us to get involved. It is so new an idea, but I'd rather put my energy politically torwards moving America more to the left of center than to the right. OFA may be a good way to start. I think I will join.

Jan. 2, 2013

Yes it was News Years Eve and New Years Day, but MSNBC chose NOT to call the troops back in to cover the biggest political story and crisis that could have crippled the middle class. 

Obama, Biden and the Congress were working around the clock this time but NO Rachel Maddow, NO Ed Schultz, NO Andrea Mitchell, NO Lawrence O'Donnell and NO Chris Matthews. This was shameful to not have the A-Team on the network to explain what the hell was going on.

The good news was Luke Russert, Richard Lui, Chris Jensing WERE there with some of the regular beat reporters.

We also had to endure REPEATS of holiday shows from matthews, Sharpton, O'Donnell and a few "Caught on Camera's" and "Raw Lockup" episodes.

This was very poor programming during a very important political timebomb. You want to have your key players there to explain the significance of the nuances of the deals that were going to affect millions of us middle class citizens.

It surely was only partially "The PLace For Politics" with the "B" Team in there. If congress and the administration can make it back to work for a few days, then surely the stars of the network can show up like their buddies at CNN. Wolf Blitzer was there. Anderson Coopper was there. W\here were you guys?