Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Mar. 20, 2017
By Marc Platt
1973 Watergate Hearings were on TV all day everyday throughout the spring, summer and fall. We all know how that ended on August 9, 1974.
Today was Day One of "Russia Gate" and this will not let up until a certain resolution happens. Depending on what the GOP agenda really is, this may or may not end up in resignation and/or impeachment.
Trump's approval ratings are in the high 30's...THAT is and will be devastating as more is exposed. Dubya bottomed out at 28%, but that was near the end of term #2.
I am one of those who do not believe the Russians actually hacked into the voting machines, although in real time I DID believe that. Russia did help Trump greatly, but there were a lot of people who never would admit they voted for the guy who DID. They are now likely having a lot of "Voter Remorse."
America really needs to go through this partisan purging of our political souls. WE are getting a first hand civics lesson that we all need right now. We are all learning what the US Constitution is all about and how our three separate branches must function.
Everything has been fractured since November 2000 when Bush and Gore duked it out with The Supremes basically deciding who our President was going to be. The Obama election didn't help the matter much as our racial politics had been virtually ignored for decades. You can read my eBook if you are interested on that subject: "Political Timebomb"
Regardless. This investigation will likely end up in the release of The Donald's taxes. This is a place he has ever wanted to go, but it will happen as we move along.
Washington ALWAYS wins. remember those words....
Mar. 16, 2017

By Marc Platt

Can we have a quick review of these first 7 weeks:
1. Inauguration debacle with Trump calling it bigly when Obama crushed him twice in numbers.
2. Trump continued to call his election "One of the biggest." Lost popular vote by 2.8 million.
3. BOTH Muslim bans knocked down by the courts
4. ACA Repeal and replace on deathwatch
5. Mentally-challenged can easily purchase firearms
6. Pipelines going forward with very few new American jobs being added.
7. Rich people will get richer. Poor people are screwed by executive actions and a Tax Plan that will be anacted to please Paul Ryan and rich people and Wall Street.
8. GOP and DEMS not buying that Obama wiretapped Trump before and after election.
9. EVERYONE concerned that our president is being compromised by Putin.
10. The entire cabinet has been put together to "Destroy" the governmental norms, because Trump is being advised by Steve Bannon and that young punk Miller.

Other than that, life is rosy.

Feb. 26, 2017
By Marc Platt
What makes The Donald so much more dangerous than anyone in the past, including George Wallace, is the fact that while he might not be a racist, bigot, sexist and anti-semite himself...He is letting the lunatics like Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Greg Pruitt run the asylum.
The generals are all backtracking from Trump's idiotic proclamations of taking oil from Iraq, using military to round up Mexicans, etc...
These ARE dangerous times and America needs leadership from congress, the media and Barack Obama. Obama is going to step up at some point and make his voice heard before it gets too late.
The former president will have to break with tradition of keeping silent and rallying the people who are on the fence. Obama will be hesitant, but he will eventually step out from the shadows and start spouting off like only he can do.
The country is already divided. We need leadership desperately.
Feb. 20, 2017
By Marc Platt
I know about gambling. I spent many losing years at the racetrack.

Donald J. Trump is a gambler.
He is in debt.
He is our US President, but maybe not for long.
Here are a few of the ways he is gambling with our well being for his own personal gain.
1. He sure could use some Russian money if Exxon is able to drill in Russia with its partner Rosneft (The Russian-own oil company). Russ Tillerson would be able to negotiate a deal with Putin to lift the sanctions that is keeping that from happening.
1a. If Trump were to broker a deal with Putin for peace between Russia and the Ukraine, the door would open up for those sanctions to be lifted.
That is gambling. Trump is gambling that he can broker a deal that will make him look good and free the pipes for him to get money to ease his massive debts.
2. Trump versus The Media. Politicians need foes. Hillary and all of his primary victims have all been defeated. Trump has picked the Media to be his enemy, so he can rile up his "Trump Base." This makes it easy for him to control news cycles.
2a. These writers will be the ones who write the history of Trump in the end.
This is gambling in that some crackpot could kill or seriously wound one of these members of the media. Trump is gambling with lives of writers and TV media people.
Feb. 3, 2017
By Marc Platt
The Democrats have some serious issues to address, concerning how this government will run. Trump is not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to dealing with other human beings. We KNOW this, but that doesn't mean he isn't good what he is good at. Disruption, manipulation and ego-tism.
He WILL get his supreme court nominee through. Chuck Schumer can force Mitch McConnell to go nuclear on the senate rules, OR the GOP can actually do some work and get the Democratic votes then need. If I were Mitch, I would do the work and try to keep the 60-vote threshold.
Schumer could try to deal directly with Trump, but I doubt Trump would buckle on some of his more extreme cabinet picks. The Carl's Jr. guy Andy Puzdner will likely take himself out. We will get stuck with the corrupt HHS pick Price and most likely the dopey Betsy DeVoss will sneak through, due to internal GOP pressure by Mitch and his henchmen.
The Democrats REALLY have ONE choice. Take it directly to the people. An all out assault on the streets of America by the citizens and the elected officials like Corey Booker, Warren and Bernie. These are the real leaders of the Democratic Party. There are a few rising stars like Boston mayor Marty Walsh, Ohio Rep Tim Ryan and possibly Kamala Harris who would make their voices heard.
Bottom line is we are in the "Season Of Trump" and they will run the show into the ground, or some folks will come around. It is fascinating to watch him govern by Twitter, but there are a lot of nervous citizens whose future depends on clear-headed thinking by some of our elected officials.