Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Apr. 17, 2017
By Marc Platt
In October, 1962 John F. Kennedy had to make decisions that would affect the world and the history of the world. He had been in office for twenty months, but had served as a US Senator and US Congressman (of little accomplishment) for 16 years.
He was in a deadly game of chicken with the USSR. The Soviets had missiles placed strategically in Cuba that could decimate the USA in a matter of minutes. This was the real deal. Kennedy shunned his military advisers who urged him to bomb Cuba, a move that would trigger a possible nuclear war with the USSR. Through diplomacy and two clear-thinking responsible leaders, war was avoided and everyone went on with their lives.
Fast forward to 2017...We have a US President who went to a boarding school and wore a uniform. He used to brag that it was like military service. It was nothing like military service. He now has left all military decisions to Generals "Mad Dog" Mattis, Kelly and McMaster.
You tell me if you feel safer as Trump keeps Tweeting that North Korea had "Better Behave" or else AND If "China doesn't" stop this nuclear testing "We will."
Trump is completely unfit to serve as "Commander In Chief" at this point. I'm not saying that he won't grow into the job, but I am saying that his rhetoric is VERY DANGEROUS regarding the "Crazy Fat Kid," as hawk-in-chief John McCain keeps calling the leader of North Korea.
Barack Obama had a solid North Korea policy that worked during his 8-year tenure. He IGNORED the "Crazy Fat Kid" and that seemed to keep him a little less crazy. Trump cannot do that. He has to pipe in on everything and let the generals do all the dirty work. He sends Pence out to make speeches tha inflame the situation even more.
Yes my friends, I am concerned for the 150,000+ Americans who live and work in Seoul South Korea. We have a lot of military personnel there also.
Someone needs to sit Bozo the Trump down and educate him on the true danger that awaits the world if he doesn't stop before there is no turning back.
Apr. 14, 2017

By Marc Platt

Not a good start for Trump, but I am actually rooting for him to survive the 4 years. He will be crippled by corruption and investigations, but I believe Mike Pence is FAR MORE DANGEROUS and needs to be neutralized.

The first 85 Days have been abysmal...

1. Inauguration Debacle because of Trump's ego regarding numbers in attendance.
2. Both Muslim bans blocked by the courts.
3. Flynn exposed as he spoke to our adversaries the Russians about lifting sanctions. Fired for "Lying" to Pence, who HEADED the transition team. He is a liar also.
4. Sean Spicer and his endless gaffes and half truths.
5. Kellyanne Conway is now a ghost in the White House, surfacing on Fox News once in awhile.
6. Stephen Miller is another obnoxious "Trumpladite" who will likely be jettisoned not long after Bannon.
7. Bannon is the biggest of all the egos in the White House. He was able to sucker Time Magazine into outshining Trump. He has alienated Jared and Ivanka. Bye bye is coming soon.
8. The "Yemen" Debacle in which several collateral civilian casualties were lost along with a Navy Seal. Trump blamed the failed mission on Obama.
9. Trump accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign.
10. Being investigated by FBI for "Criminal and Collusion" involvement in the "Russia-gate" fiasco...

So...I REALLY get tired of reading posts on how "Obama was a pussy" and "Trump is so strong" with his recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan.

I have no doubt that Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Dubya advised Trump to take both actions. What they wouldn't have advised is to threaten North Korea directly. The "Crazy Fat Kid" could take out Seoul South Korea with one drunken stupor. You don't threaten crazy people. They do crazy shit and YOU Donald will get blamed.

Apr. 12, 2017
By Marc Platt
Here is a timeline of events
1. He likely thought running for President would bolster all of his business dealings and he could get 12% in the polls (this was confirmed by a PR firm he was going to hire in 2015)...
2. He then picked up New Hampshire local Republican operative Corey Lewandowski to "Manage" the campaign. They managed to pick up steam and stage campaign rallies that were able to resonate with the "Silent Majority" of white voters who were disenfranchised throughout the country.
3. Once the nomination was secure and Lewandowski was jettisoned (was arrested for assaulting a reporter), Paul Manafort (a Rebublican and foreign lobbyist with ties to Russia) was brought on board to help stage the RNC in Cleveland. Soon after the convention, Manafort was jettisoned due to reports he was taking foreign (Ukrainian) money under the table and Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway are brought in to handle the general election.
4. Bannon, Conway and Jeff Session's speechwriter Stephen Miller go on to run a brilliant general election campaign focusing on the rust belt states and win 306 electoral votes, despite getting outvoted by 2.8 million Americans.
5. Trump is sworn in and Conway, Spicer and Bannon all start to have their "Authority" undermined by a series of missteps and gaffes in the first 100 days.
Two people who are rarely mentioned are the Mercers. This married couple has financed most of this and are the ones who really call the shots. They are not public people, but probably have more influence on Donald J. Trump than anyone.
Apr. 6, 2017

By Marc Platt

I am NOT an expert on the middle east, but I have some "Political Thoughts" on what is happening regarding Syria.

It is all about messaging. Four years ago Barack Obama had to walk a tightrope when Bahir Al Assad did that major gassing of his people, signaling he was going to start military strikes.

That led to John Kerry's arrangement to remove chemical weapons diplomatically. There were no more outbursts of chemical weapons for the remainder of Obama's tenure. Obama played diplomatic chess and won the battle, but lost the war, as he was criticised for the MESSAGING of air strikes, but the diplomatic resolution that the Republicans jumped all over him saying he "was weak."

Four years later, it is Syria testing Trump, who (to his credit) agreed with Obama in 2013 Tweeting endlessly that we should not fight Syria's war. "Stay out" of Syria he kept sending that message out. Now the shoe is on Trump's foot.

Obama used the best card trick he had in his deck...FORCE CONGRESS to vote on a resolution of declaring war. They completely ran away from Obama and were quietly relieved when Kerry and Obama cooked up the back-channel deal to remove the chemical weapons from Syria.

The amateurish Trump will likely bomb Syria and his poll numbers will rise from the 34% he is at now. The best news is Mattis, Kelly and McMaster in his cabinet and in the "War Room." These men know how to make war. Congress will be left out.

The tightrope issue is Russia. We cannot kill Russians. This scares the crap out of me. Trump and his generals will have to warn Putin to remove his soldiers from these airstrips and asset sites before embarking on this course.

Hold your breath. It is going to get very dicey in Syria if he bombs them. Innocent people will be killed, just like Yemen.

Apr. 4, 2017
By Marc Platt
Who the hell am I to give Fox News advice? I can barely stand to watch the right wing trolls, but I try to watch when a big story breaks, just to see how they handle it. Whatever credibility they have, could be under question because of sex scandals.
Fox advertisers are jumping off the Bill O'Reilly bandwagon like rats off a ship. BMW of North America, Untuckit and Constant Contact, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai said they are out. This is big bucks and you know the phrase from "The Right Stuff," right? "No Bucks, no Buck Rogers."
Remember when Rush Limbaugh started calling law student Sandra Fluke "A Whore," during the birth control-in-college" era of Obamacare? Remember how he lost a ton of advertisers and then credibility? Whatever that means from a guy who calls women "Feminazis."
My point is this...Trump won and now Fox News is NOT the opposition. They are the network covering an administration under fire. When their personnel like former News Chief Roger Ailes and O'Reilly are the people bringing the network down and the Murdocks have to continually have to shell out big bucks to shut women down from suing the network because these guys can't control their sexual impulses, they will gradually slide.
Fox News really should consider becoming more of a center right network and not the far right network of Hannity (a Trump lackey) or O'Reilly, who will cost the Murdocks even more money as women come out of the woodwork with allegations of sexual wrongdoing.
Fox....Get a NEW FACE of your Network. Go more towards the center and let everyone hear fact-based reporting from your point of view. I will then be able to watch you all the time with my other usual programming like CNN and MSNBC.
I really want "Fair and Balanced."