Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Nov. 7, 2016

By Marc Platt

This should have been a "Change Election" cycle. The Republicans almost always win Presidential elections in a change year, but what if you have a "candidate" who really doesn't want the job?

That is certainly the case here with Donald J. Trump, a businessman who has zero public service. 

This is not one of those demeaning pieces I have written in the past about this man. I really want to simply explain why America will go with the most establishment candidate ever in a year and cycle that would normally go to the opposing party.


When a "populist" candidate uses old school racist buzzwords and displays no respect for all the minority voters necessary to secure 270 electoral votes, you always lose. You cannot call Mexicans "rapists" on day one and expect them to vote for you. George W. Bush was able to secure 43% of the Latin vote in 2004 and he barely won a very close election to John Kerry. Trump has 20% of the Latin vote in 2016. That is a loser. That is a "No chance" proposition. Trump has repeatedly doubled down on his "Wall."

Trump also demeaned Muslims, Asians and disabled people. These are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of someone who votes.

You cannot win elections with only older, uneducated disenfranchised rust belt voters. There are simply not enough of that dying demographic to win.

It is math and reality.

Hillary Clinton is a woman. In the end, women voters have come home to her gender. Clinton has embraced the Obama voting coalition who will help, but in the end it was a man who yelled and screamed, made headlines, sold a lot of Corn Flakes for the TV networks who made the news, but delivered the White House with a cherry on top to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We are back to where we started at the beginning of the election. It would have been interesting to see what kind of campaign HRC would have run against Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. They both have huge Latin connections. This would have been a far different race.

We end up where we began. Two celebrities who have been center stage for 30 years. Trump is a man who had no coalition and had to stitch one together out of anger. Hillary Clinton has a coalition, but was dragged far to the left and then in the mud by Trump.

She will have to repair her image by her service as the 45th POTUS. She certainly has been able to work with Republicans in the past. Time will only tell if she can govern a nation that is so divided after an election cycle like no other we have ever seen.

Stay tuned.

Nov. 5, 2016
By Marc Platt
"Badges, badges. We don't need no stinkin' badges"
(Mel Brooks 'Blazing Saddles')
I told you I would explain just what has happened to the American political system in simple terms.
It really is quite simple, if you think about it. Hillary Clinton tried to explain it with her "Half of Trump's supporters are deplorable" comment. She nailed it. HALF of his coalition is deplorable. The other half are good people (I assume).
Day one, the table was set when The Donald called Mexicans "rapists" and "bad people" to highlight his assertion that immigrants are to blame for all of our problems.
That sounds like Hitler blaming the Jews in 1933 in Germany. It is no secret that Trump admires dictators. He reads all their biographies and uses elements of their success/failures to gin up his base.
Let me use a sports analogy to try and explain a little more. If female candidate Hillary Clinton were the Chicago Cubs who finally had a chance after 100 years to break through with most of the women and a great part of the country rooting for her to win, this is more understandable. Trump is like the Cleveland Indians and their relatively unknown big bats who crush their opponents. Baseball fans I am not demeaning your teams here. I am making a point about tradition versus strength.
Our tradition is a long list of white men and one black man becoming US President. Now we have a woman knocking on the door. Donald Trump found a way to make this about criminality and a group of disenfranchised voters who he has exploited, knowing full well he didn't even want the job.
Poll watching is a no no. Using the FBI as a politically partisan entity is a big no no and engaging the Russians to get involved in an American election is disgraceful. Let us see if our government cleans up all the corruption after the election.
It really is quite simple, but we never make anything easy in America. Do we?
Oct. 26, 2016

By Marc Platt

Listening to pundits criticizing how Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) gives speeches in these last two weeks really shows short-sided thinking. The "Message" HRC surrogates is delivering ALSO contains "Messages" for the down ballot races. Warren is expertly making a case for a Democratic senate and congress, as well as state legislatures. President Obama has done hundreds of ads for local, state and national candidates. HRC and her campaign are doing 40+ fundraisers not for HER campaign, but for these other races. Trump stopped doing any RNC fundraisers a week ago.

So when I hear this bullshit about Mr. Trump and his "Movement" I laugh. It is Hillary Clinton and her army of surrogates who are creating the real movement. The movement away from GOP congressional and state legislative hijacking of women's reproductive policies, religious terrorism (policies), LGBT rights.

Our country really has "MOVED" in a different direction since President Obama took office. Depending on your political leanings, that direction is good or bad.

This election is a mandate for the direction of the country at it appears by the poll numbers, people are pretty happy, despite the partisan yelping.

Oct. 20, 2016
By Marc Platt
Watching the first 30 minutes of the debate, I was reminded on what a fine showman "The Donald" is. I call him "The Donald" here because he is always in performance mode. His top advisors Steve Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway continue to egg him on to say outrageous and controversial things like "I will keep you in suspense" regarding the common acceptance of the final verdict of the people November 8.
President Obama has classically reminded us "This is not a show." Mr. President, I respectfully disagree. This has ALL been a show by Trump. They are rolling out "Trump TV" at $9.99 per-month. The 20% of the country who love Breitbart and far right wing conspiracy theory activities will love paying Mr. Trump. These are people who may be bored with Fox News and need a more fiery brand of crazy.
Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has been tasked rounding up the next set of suckers who will invest in this sure-to-fail venture, but not before The Donald walks off with a bunch on cash. He will brand this, but remember my friends he is going to be a huge loser in the election and as so many of his ventures have failed, I give this 2-3 years.
Let's see how this plays out, but yes "The Donald" has played the media, the world and the American voters for fools this cycle.
Oct. 15, 2016
By Marc Platt
Who would have ever thought we would be where we are right now just a few weeks from a "Change Election?"
This is a cycle that would most-assuredly have gone to the GOP if not for a series of idiotic maneuvers by Reince Priebus and the RNC, as well as the GOP establishment starting back in 2012.
Their own autopsy condemned the Republican's inability to reach out to Latino and other minority voters.
The fact that Donald Trump was able to exploit the inherent inadequacies by going AGAINST that autopsy by railing on Mexicans and other immigrants, as well as Muslims (a religion) and just about every other voting segment in our society except ANGRY WHITE PEOPLE who feel left out.
WARNING: Trump will lose this in a landslide, but does not mean that another Trump-like man or woman won't pop up in 2020 with a nice smile and a gentler demeanor.
We could see someone rise up with the same horrifying policies and backwards thinking, but in a more palatable and younger version of Trump's fear-mongering, race baiting and xenophobic tactics. I fear we are on the verge of a never-going-back-to-decorum style politics after this cycle.
This may be the legacy Donald J. Trump has left America after this brutal cycle ends.