Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Jan. 10, 2017
By Marc Platt
Starting Tuesday Senate Confirmations begin with many controversial (Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson) posts being "Advised & Consented" on by a GOP-led US Senate.
Look guys. Let Trump hang himself with these God-Awful picks. Mitch McConnell's wife is going to be a part of this dreadful administration, so he will never be of any help.
They have NO PLAN to replace the ACA. Trump really doesn't want to tinker with entitlement programs.
The 2nd most important person in Washington will be Jared K. He is married to Ivanka Trump, a very liberal woman caught in a surreal trap of her father about to become a Republican President.
Jared will always be the last guy in the room. NO decisions will be made without him being on board. Jared takes his orders from Ivanka. This is going to be fascinating to watch.
David Cay Johnston, the fine economic writer really framed this "Watch his actions, not his words." David has been covering The Donald for decades. He knows this guy inside out. Trump will often say one thing and do the opposite and then spin it.
I have learned to ignore ALL of the Trump surrogates. They don't know jack shit. Jared and Ivanka are the ones to watch. Trump has put a bunch of insane ideologues in cabinet positions, but they will now serve at the pleasure of the Trump's.
So enjoy the spectacle and watch as a bunch of creeps get confirmed, who will be powerless now that Jared and Ivanka are running the show. Yes, Steve Bannon will get some ink and have a say, but the final decisions will be made by the Trump Troika. Take that to the bank.
Jan. 6, 2017

By Marc Platt

So now Tom Cotton and Paul Ryan are tightening the leash on the ACA Repeal efforts. They are walking it all back saying the GOP must have a replacement in place before removing 30 million people from their health care. Yep...

Let's review...

The Republicans just spent 8 years trying to de-legitimize our first African American US President and demonized him for wanting to help millions of citizens who needed health care, especially after the Republican Economic Crash of 2008. Yes it was THEIR fault. We can argue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the credit default swaps and deregulation of the Bush years until the cows come home...

Obamacare will NOT be repealed. It will be re-branded under the Trumpcare insignia. Yes they will vote and repeal it officially, but that don't mean jack shit folks.

Politics is a nasty business. When you take things away from people, especially something like health care that should be a right, not a priviledge people notice WHO is responsible.

Trump will do everything in his nature to NOT be the guy who took stuff away from hard-working Americans, even if only for his own vanity.

We are screwed in so many OTHER ways. Health care will not be one of those IMO.

Dec. 29, 2016
Political Thought:
By Marc Platt
If you go back to 1932 and look at who America has elected to the Presidency, there are two factors that overwhelmingly were major factors. "Change" and "Charisma" are the two most-common factors that determined the winner. Sometimes BOTH came into play.
1932: FDR defeated Hoover in a year that definitely needed change from the Republican administration who presided over the stock market crash and the ensuing depression. Roosevelt also had charm and charisma which didn't hurt his chances. He won huge by 7 million votes.
1936: FDR defeated Alf Landon who received only 8 electoral votes. FDR's popularity and charisma crushed the Republican candidate.
1940: FDR defeated Wendell Wilkie (a businessman outsider). Sound familiar? FDR was VERY popular and even with the war looming, easily dominated.
1944: FDR defeated Dewey while the war raged on. Dewey was a popular NY Governor, whose baggage would be exposed 4 years later.
1948: Truman defeated Dewey in an upset in what should have been a "Change Election," but America had warmed up to Truman's workmanlike attitude. Dewey was looked at as a stodgy rich guy.
1952/6: Ike beats Adlai Stevenson twice. Ike was a popular and somewhat charismatic WWII general who easily won twice in change elections that cried out for stability in the 1950's.
1960: JFK beat Nixon narrowly almost exclusively on his charm and youth. The two men were actually close friends from their early years in congress.
1964: LBJ crushed Barry Goldwater in what was the beginning of what would become the modern far right movement that spawned Reagan. LBJ was all personality and hadn't mired the country in Vietnam at that point.
1968: Nixon slipped by Humphrey in the ultimate "Change Election." Nixon lied about his secret plan to end the war in Vietnam. He ran his campaign on "Law & Order" after the riots in the urban areas and political assassinations of MLK and RFK dominated that spring and summer. Nixon restructured the south's electoral prominence by turning disgruntled southern voters into Republicans after the civil rights legislation.
1972: Nixon crushed McGovern. Shenanigans and lies would become the undoing of Nixon, who would resign in disgrace in 1974.
1976: Jimmy Carter beats Gerald Ford in a "Change" election. Neither man was that charismatic, but Watergate and Vietnam had taken their tole on the country.
1980: Reagan crushes Carter. Charm, charisma and change all kicked in. The modern far right was now infiltrating all branches of government.
1984: Reagan crushed Mondale and then went on to get bogged down in scandals like Iran/Contra.
1988: Bush Sr. beats Dukakis. This should have been a change election, but Dukakis's stupidity of driving around in a tank and the "Willie Horton" ads did him in.
1992: Bill Clinton outlasts Bush, Perrot. Perrot was the "Personality" of this election, but bizarrely dropped out for a few months before coming back to give Bill Clinton (a charmer in his own right) enough cover to get the job done. This was a huge "Change" election.
1996: Bill crushed Bob Dole. By this time Bill Clinton's charm and charisma were dominating. He would go on to have his sex scandal, impeachment and congressional censure, but left office VERY popular.
2000: Dubya kinda beats Gore. George W. Bush was the guy you wanted to have a beer with. Gore rhymes with bore.
2004: Dubya "Swift Boats" Kerry. Dubya was a dolt, but Kerry and his Frankenberry image did not survive Bush's foul play. We all know how his term ended.
2008: Obama "The Celebrity" cruised past McCain in a "Change" Election full of Obama Charisma. Both factors contributed.
2012: Obama overwhelms Romney with his popularity and charisma.
2016: Trump squeaks by Hillary in a change election. Trump is ALL charisma and no substance, but this was a "Change" election year...So here we are.
Dec. 21, 2016

By Marc Platt

I just heard Republican Strategist Elise Jordan say that the only real scandals in the Obama administration were Hillary Clinton's scandals, that cost her the election.

I want you to digest this incredibly sophomoric way of thinking. I normally actually think this woman is insightful and thoughtful, but this IS the thinking that Republican politicos display when discussing this election cycle.

Obama has had ZERO scandals. The first and only administration with nada, zilch, zero scandals in an eight-year span. William Henry Harrison had no scandals either. He died one month into his first and only term.

Did you know that the infamous "Comey Letter" was just deemed illegal because of search and seizure issues in obtaining Anthony Weiner's laptop? Did you know that the FBI agent who illegally grabbed that laptop has had his name redacted from the document? And we all know the "Comey Letter" was bogus in that they found nothing, zero, zilch...

There were NO HILLARY scandals. The only thing Hillary Clinton is guilty of is being BORING. She was a boring mainstream Democratic candidate.

You can call Donald Trump everything you want under the sun, but not boring. This man is controversial and we are in for the bumpiest ride you can imagine.

Dec. 1, 2016

By Marc Platt

The President-Elect may be up to something the media and public may not realize. He could be draining the U.S. Senate of "deplorables." Think about some of the names being floated and taking jobs: Sessions, Tom Cotton, Corker, Tom Price and others like McConnel's wife Elaine Chow, General Flynn...etc...If they work for HIM, he can control the narrative regarding social issues that these people have been so gung ho on. Remember this guy was Pro Choice, Single Payer Guy for decades. If he calls the shots, these people are out of their old jobs and under his control. Even Mitt Romney would be beholden to Trump's desires.

I want to stress the importance of reading "The President's Club" for a greater understanding of the bond between living Presidents. Trump has been leaning on Obama since the election was over. Obama and Trump are both very astute politically.

Just look at the Tom Price (our next Health Services Secretary) move. This guy has actually written the bill to repeal Obamacare 57 times. If he pulls that garbage while working FOR Trump and Trump shuts it down, problem solved, right? Trump HAS NO IDEOLOGY. Pay attention to what he does, NOT what he says. You will sleep better at night.