May. 1, 2013

NBA PLayoffs: They Never Seem To End

Calvin Cambridge: Did I come here to play, or did I come just for a show?

Coach Wagner: You were only here tonight to increase attendance, not to play.

(from 'Like Mike' 2002)

Attendance, money, network coverage...Need I say more? That is why the playoffs are now four rounds of best of seven.

Now it is even harder thatn ever to win a championship and the Miami Heat most likely will repeat. The seem to be the class of the NBA and Lebron James is on a different plane than EVERYONE else left in the playoffs.

Meet the Heatles again. Remember when everyone (except peeps in Miami) laughed at the notion "Not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6..." championships were possible with this squad. We are not laughing now.

They started to dance through the eastern conference with an opening round sweep. Just insert _______________ for the 2nd, 3rd and finals round's victims. It doesn't matter. We will watch the charade that is going on all around the Heat as they confidently dispose of each opponent put in front of them.

Maybe OKC comes out of the west, but that road became tougher when all star guard Russell Westbrook got hurt. He is out and Kevin Durant is having to rely on the other parts in place.

Denver, Memphis and the Spurs are looking sharp in their opening series. The Clippers and Warriors are up and down, but rate a look to be the victim against Miami this year. Father time and bad luck plagued the Lakers and they buckled with a D-League squad on the floor in the final game of their exit to San Antonio. The Spurs looked okay, but will have to step it up against more competitive foes.

So we go through this long postseason to crown the Heat once again.

Baseball is just around the corner. Oh yeah, they're already playing. Oops.