Jan. 29, 2013

When Baseball Players Cheat, Who wins?

The 2013 baseball season is almost here folks...

Arod may or may not get suspended during the 2013 baseball season, Barry Bonds did not get voted into the Hall of Fame, Roger Clemens not voted in, Sammy Sosa....Nope...

The question is 'DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE?"

The answer is probably "NO."

There are so many arguments that PEDs cheat the game, the fans and the teams.

Guess what? Attendence is sky high. People are spending more money than ever at the old ballpark. Teams are getting a ton of money for TV rights from the networks.

For the bast 25 years many baseball players have defrauded fans, teams and costumers and the legacy of the once "National Pastime" and most fans still flocked to the park and still paid for those signatures at baseball card shows.

Baseball is a regional sport. People love their teams and want to win at all cost. They support their teams in their localities. It's like that wife who doesn't want to know what her husband is doing out all night as long as he brings home the weekly paycheck. Not ALL wives feel that way, but in baseball terms..The lying cheat still produces so I will forgive his infidelity.

Baseball fans are forgiving if their team wins. The wins do not get vacated like in college football. They don't take the confetti back from the parade they are given.

The player is not asked to return the $20 million dollar salary he "earned" by hitting 60 steroid-aided home runs 10 years ago, lifting his once terrible team into the playoffs. That $20 million, which multiplies by multi-year contracts and collects interest sitting in offshore accounts. Add the commercials and endorsements...Steroids and PEDs have aided many sluggish sluggers and pitchers to the point where they are sitting back in retirement on a beach in Cancun.

Now that they have ruined the Hall of Fame, it don't matta. So they don't get voted into a body that has been decimated by their greed. Big deal, right?

ONLY to the naive like me and some little kid who grows up and wants to be a baseball player. Big deal. You decide.

I still can't wait to follow MY TEAM, The Dodgers...The Dodgers have spent more in the past year on payroll than in the last several years. They have spent their way to having a contender. That is another blog...