Jan. 30, 2013

The Lakers: Is It Time To Watch?

The answer is a resounding "Yes."

Let me cut to the chase. The Lakers players have taken over the asylum.

After the recent win over the OKC Thunder, Pau Gasol was asked how coach Mike D'Antoni's system was working for the team?

"We are running our own system," said Gasol.

That is a major statement coming from a veteran player of Pau's stature. There has been no love lost between Pau and D'Antoni, but I believe Gasol coming off the bench IS the right move for this squad. He is thriving and Earl Clark has been spectacular as a starter.

Kobe Bryant had 39, yes 39 assists in a 3-game span. This is a huge development. Those are Magic Johnson-type stats. The team is winning and the once league-leading scorer earlier this year has sacrificed his BIGGEST weapon as a scorer for the betterment of his team and they look great.

It has allowed Bryant to dish to Nash, who in turn has hit several big 3-pointers. Having two of the best assist guys in the league on the floor is very dangerous. Did I just say that? Yes. Kobe is so talented, even at 34-years-old at everything on a basketball court. He can pass as well as anyone when he sets his mind to it. He rebounds, he scores. Kobe Bryant may well end up being league MVP when all is said and done. The writers will come to the same conclusion as the season progresses.

The unwatchable Lakers of November-December-and most of January is NOW Must See TV.

Kobe, the passer makes Earl Clark and Antoine Jamison dangerous cutters to the basket. Dwight Clark is free to play anywhere on the offensive side of the court, as is Pau Gasol.

This will be a very tough beat in round one of the playoffs. I really like the Lakers chance in the western conference. Their defense is getting better each game.

Mike D'Antoni has had to grow as a coach during this transition. He now knows he has a veteran squad that knows a hell of a lot more how to win a championship than he does, Kobe has 5 rings, D'Antoni ZERO.

To quote one of my favorite childhood movies The Bad News Bears: "Let Them Play!"