Mar. 8, 2013

NBA Regular Season Winding Down

The NBA Season is a true marathon. I have had a lot of people tell me it is unwatchable unless you have a dog in the fight. I agree. It is hard to watch two teams you don't care about play, knowing that a 25-point lead can disappear in an instant.

My Lakers were down 25 points in New Orleans the other night and came back to win by 6 points. If you are a Laker hater, that must have been hard to swallow. If you don't care about the Lakers, you might shrug it off as a sidenote to the Miami Heat being on their way to a second straight Larry O'Brien Trophy.

That well may be true, but the Heat have currently won 16-straight games themselves. That is one short of the Clippers December tally. There are interesting stories, you just have to care. Most people don't. Football is still the number one sport in America, despite it's bad press lately.

Baseball season is on it's way. That is a regional sport as well.

Back to the NBA. Miami, Knicks and Bulls look dominant. Miami will prevail with a few bumps in the Eastern Conference. Thunder, Spurs, Clippers & Lakers (YES THE LAKERS) could come out of the west. 

The Lakers are still a very interesting squad. They are on the verge of getting into that 8th spot. I look for them to finish 7th in the conference. If you are a Laker Hater, you probably are looking right past them, BUT they have far too much talent and will thrive in a defensive half court setting that a playoff series offers. Mike D'Antoni is slowly winning the locker room over. Dwight Howard looks a little healthier as the games progress. Kobe Bryant HAS to be put in the Top 3 for MVP consideration. Lebron James WILL be the MVP, but Kobe certain;ly deserves honorable mention in his old age (34-years-old and 17 years in the league). Bryant has average over 27 points per game throughout the season, even with several weeks off to facilitate his team and collect multiple 10-assist games.

When all is said and done Oklahoma City and Miami will likely square off in the finals again, but this season we saw improvement from the Clippers, Nuggets and Knicks in the league and maybe they will be formidable in the coming years.