Oct. 10, 2013

Marc Platt-PICK OF THE WEEK "Brand New Day"

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Genre: Folk
Label: Dream Wild
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1. Brand New Day
2. Nick Drake
3. The Old Man
4. No Damn Justice
5. Best in America
6. Last Train Ride to Glory
7. Nine Long Years
8. Greatest Price
9. This Way to War
10. Hard
Brand New Day

Marc Platt is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He is a strong musician and a music aficionado. This shows in his songwriting as well as his previous releases, which have shown his ability to write songs in multiple genres. His latest release is Brand New Day, a ten song folk album.

The album opens with the title track, “Brand New Day.” It has a fairly lengthy intro, long enough to make you wonder if it’s an instrumental track, before Platt’s vocals begin. The first artist I am reminded of when hearing this track was Cat Stevens. Another artist that has clearly been an influence is obvious when you see track two, “Nick Drake.” As the album progresses it become apparent that Platt appreciates musicians like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as well.

Often times, acoustic folk tunes can get boring fast over the length of an album. A songwriter’s style and vocals tend to vary only so much and song after song starts to wear on you. This is not the case on Brand New Day. Platt shows that he is not only a gifted musician, but he is capable of writing well-crafted songs that span and bend the genre to keep his album refreshing from track to track. Not only are these melodies filled with some splendid guitar playing, but the additions of harmonica, fiddles, mandolins, and harmonies add enjoyable dimensions to the tunes.

What I enjoyed most about Brand New Day were the tracks that had more of a country influence to them. I preferred the songs that had more of a Springsteen/Young vibe like “The Old Man” and “Nine Long Years” to the ones like “Brand New Day” and “Best in America.” They worked better with the stories that Platt was looking to tell here and in a classic way. While Platt doesn’t have the iconic vocals that some of the aforementioned artists do, his vocals are good and nicely evoke the emotions he is looking for. In the end, all things came together best on “Greatest Price” where Platt is joined by Matt Kabus, displaying many of the strengths that make Brand New Day an enjoyable listen all in one excellent song.


Key Tracks: The Old Man, Nine Long Years, Greatest Price

Kevin Kozel - Sr. MuzikReviews.com Staff

September 24, 2013


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