Oct. 24, 2013

Brand New Day - Reviews

Brand New Day: “In a world of increasing inconsequence and inanity, here 
comes Marc Platt reminding us why music matters so much. Now more than 
ever we hunger for the kind of music he makes: songs with melodies as 
luminous and lingering as his lyrics are incisive and inspirational; songs of 
grace & outrage, turbulence & redemption. He’s a true tunesmith, a man who 
knows how to craft a melody with spark and flair, inventing tunes to touch 
the heart and lift the spirit, and always matched to words that go against the 
grain of these tangential times to speak with a beautiful clarity about being 
human in modern times. The man has been great for many years, and –
remarkably – is growing ever greater.”

Paul Zollo: Senior Editor, American Songwriter Magazine (October, 2013)

Over the course of 35 years as both a solo performer and as frontman for 1980s power/pop band the Real Impossibles, Marc Platt has seen and done it all. Latest effort “Brand New Day” finds the talented singer/songwriter dabbling in contemporary folk as he tackles subject matter like patriotism, ageism, the American prison system and treatment of war veterans. Though topical, Platt is never too preachy and he scores with “Nick Drake,” “No Damn Justice,” “Best in America,” “Nine Long Years” and “This Way to War.” Good stuff.
Jeffrey Sisk - Pittsburgh Tribune (Oct 22, 2013)

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