Nov. 7, 2013

Translation of Review from Spain: Kick Out The Jams - Marc Platt – Brand New Day (Platt Attack Reco

English Translation of Oscar Garcia's Review from Spain:

Kick Out The Jams
Marc Platt – Brand New Day (Platt Attack Records)
Perhaps readers of this blog the name of this musician is totally unknown to them as happened to me a few months ago. Giving a clue say that Marc was the main songwriter of the Real Impossibles , band that have realized in this space. "Brand New Day" is the title of his new album, tranquil cutting ten songs instrumentally speaking and letters addressed to the conscience . An album that opens precisely with the title track "Brand New Day." : Arpeggiated guitars, mandolins vibrant give way to a kind of tribute to always longed "Nick Drake," a musician who Marc feels special devotion to. The musical simplicity of "The Old Man" resorts to the roots of American music to make an issue where a harmonica , a guitar and voices are enough to enjoy a song. "No Damn Justice" is based on the murder of Trayvon Martin, the young black man killed in Sanford ( Florida ) in 2012, "The Best in America" was written by Marc after the recent attacks of Boston and makes clear that before what are the people that prevails in a theme that exudes patriotism . " Last Train Ride to Glory" is an older song that was first recorded and released in 1989 as Marc solo single after the dissolution of the Real Impossibles for Atomic Giraffe Records. One of the topics I touch the fiber from the first chords that sound is "The Greatest Price" with a violin that is pure feeling, and sung brilliantly with Matt Kabus co-producer on this album, which is based at the crossroads of barbarians interest has moved mankind for centuries and which we call "war." With the same theme blasts "This Way to War " where the musician again under the influence of Mr Drake has engineered as the war in Iraq on a lie of his government, this theme with "Nine Long Years" could have been included in any of the last records of Elliott Murphy. Since we are closing with "Hard," one of the songs that I like this album and reflects a part of the current reality when the verse begins with " Lost my job, lost my home, will work for food, on my own ..... " . 10 Songs that are far from the nerve in his old band but that move in unison with the times . (Oscarkotj - 2013)