Jun. 29, 2014

Chauncey Bowers: "Rumors of Reason"

Chauncey Bowers
"Rumors of Reason" Review
By Marc Platt

Have you ever met anyone so talented, yet painstakenly stubborn, you feel like they might never realize their great gift to the world?

Chauncey Bowers would have been that figure had he not released his debut effort "Rumors of Reason."

Mr. Bowers toils by day as a scientist and at night as a demented crooner and I say that in the most admirable way. Late in the 15-song CD "The Wicked" demonstrates Bowers' total dedication to Biblical References-turned-absurd: "Cain was able to kill someone/The very first brothers, the first son/At tthe time you just said/"Where did that wicked come from?"

There is not one wasted word on the entire CD. This man has been brilliant for many years and with the production help of Ed Tree and the fine harmonies by his longtime collaborator Lisa Turner, he has made an intimate, yet startling recording.

This is simply the finest CD I have heard in 2014. The melodies are Americana in the finest sense that he is American, but also of the world. Let's not throw Dylan, Springsteen and the usual suspects out there to compare. He is his own artist with his own sensibilities.

He knows what he likes and he certainly knows how to play around with words, meaning and devotion to his craft.

Go back to "The Wicked" and imagine Louis Prima and Keely Smith singing this song in their lounge act in Las Vegas. Then in the next instant imagine Al Kooper, Dylan and that crowd in a blues rant like "The Last Thing I Remember," all the while waiting for Richie Havens to show up with his band to help out on a track like "Running Helpless." Of course none of these things happened in real life, but Bowers and his crew captured the essence of those artists in a very intimate way without straying from his own artistry.

This is a MUST OWN CD. Every song on the disc is a repeat play. You will find yourself playing this CD non-stop.

There are love songs that bite, there is plenty of sensitivity to go along with his evil side.

It may have taken a long time, but it is certainly worth the wait.

"Rumors of Reason" is simply one of the best CDs of the past few years. It took him many years to write and record this work and it should not go unnoticed and end up in a used CD rack down the line. It should be sitting alongside all your other BEST and FAVORITE CDs.

I believe in supporting great artists and music, but this is no hype. Check out "Rumors of Reason."