Mar. 23, 2015

Album Linernotes- Review - How The Beatles Did It

- Review -
How The Beatles Did It
Marc Platt

The last couple of weeks I've been spending some time with Marc Platt's ebook "How The Beatles Did It." 
Here are my thoughts. First of all, it would seem that there would be no new ways to present the monumental work of The Beatles, but that would be incorrect. Mr. Platt has figured out a very engaging way to communicate the details of not only their recordings, but their influences and the recording techniques used at that time. The site is easily accessible and user-friendly. The videos are concise but don't skimp on information. They are just the right length to keep our attention in these distracted times (the longest one is the Abbey Road Medley, but that's okay). The only thing you end up wanting is more of them. There aren't enough and you find yourself wanting to hear about many other songs. Especially those which the newer or average listener might not be as exposed to or know the significance of. Again, I'd love to hear more. 

Here is what the website looks like:

There are six videos and 14 audio notebooks, not including the 78 page book. The book has a large amount of information and even acknowledges Chris Thomas as a Producer (which is something that other books don't come right out and say). For that reason alone, I would agree with the author when he says 'this is a content-heavy book with a lot of analysis. It is designed for Beatle fans newer and older." There is a lot of information here for those who think they know everything already (and there are plenty of us), while still having enough information for young people who may still be starting out and keep them interested. Overall, I highly recommend this ebook for all the reasons mentioned above. Lastly, you will learn a few new things about the group that you didn't know before and for that reason, it is a very valuable resource for long time fans and newbies.

You can pick up your copy by following this link: