Sep. 1, 2016

Nick Piunti “Trust Your Instincts” review

By Marc Platt

Detroit has brought us many pop and rock nuggets over the decades. The MC5, Bob Seger, Iggy Pop, Glenn Fry and even Madonna come to mind. How about a local power pop nationally unknown 50-something family man who has toiled in Detroit for decades?

Nick Piunti delivers his third solo record and first for Jem Records out of New York and it is a gem (pardon the pun).

You know that feeling of being instantly memorable when you hear something that sounds familiar, but fresh and new? “Trust Your Instincts” fits that category with instant hooky classics like “One Hit Wonder” and “Blame in Vain,” as well as blistering guitar tracks like “Ready For Whatever,” “As Far as I Throw” and “Trust Your Insticts.”

“One Hit Wonder” has everything you would ever want in a pop masterpiece, melody, hooks and message. The song is a metaphor about a relationship using the device of what else, pop music. “We were a one hit wonder/Couldn’t follow it up.” This record has it all.

Every song has a purpose and that purpose is to take you on a historical musical journey reminding you why you love meaningful songs you can sing in your car. This record never lets up and makes you remember why you love The Beatles, Cheap Trick and 90’s stalwart Matthew Sweet’s records.

If you want a record to play endlessly on a loop in your car, pick up “Trust You Instincts.”