Jan. 10, 2018

Gary Stockdale's "Keep Letting Go" Review

By Marc Platt

Gary Stockdale is a music "Lifer." He has been nominatefd for Emmy Awards and often gets his music placed in films and television projects, along with making solid records as a singer-songwriter. His music crosses over many musical genres.

To my ears, I hear traces of some Hall of Fame artists like Peter Gabriel and even Stevie Wonder in the grooves. This is a record worth checking out made by a man who knows his territory.

His ballads shine like "I Still Love You," which seem unique to him, yet would be coverable in the Adult Contemporary market easily. This song is inspirational and moving, but solidly written in structure. 

The most rocking tracks come near the end of the 14-song musical journey that this CD is. Check out "You Don't Know," which has a huge chorus. This song would have fit nicely on any Toto album and has a current commercial feel.

The record ends with my favorite track, the country-tinged "Live Fast." This song has a lot of placement and coverage potential for the tunesmith.

“KEEP LETTING GO” was co-produced by Greg Prestopino. Stockdale's band includes Grant Geissman on guitar, Steve Deutsch on bass, MB Gordy on drums.

So if you are in the mood for solid commercial music, I highly recommend Gary Stockdales "Keep Letting Go."