Feb. 6, 2013

Muzik Review

Marc Platt
Blue Collar
By Brian McKinnon – Sr. MuzikReviews.com Staff

(October, 2012)


Blue Collar is the latest release from Marc Platt of Marc and the Plattitudes. It is a six song acoustic EP that comes with an emotional impact that will leave a lingering impression. In less time it takes to watch a half an hour program, Blue Collar tackles issues such as age politics, the working class, government protests, and personal struggles. 
From the first moments of “Undervalued Underpaid,” it is hard not to get hooked on its music. Once you are drawn in by the harmonious sounds, the lyrics will hit you next. Marc Platt establishes himself as a voice for the down and out in less than three minutes. “I’ve Been Told” is another song about the hardships of an ageing working man and the struggles that come along the lane of life. The divisions and inequality of the classes are at the forefront of “Living on the Edge.” 
There is a hint of anger seething behind the protest song “Whole World’s Watching” that I like. “Work in Progress” is a song that I like for its catchiness and its message, making it my top song on this release. It is the first song so far that is not overtly political and touches on more universal themes of life, love, and growing as a person. “There’s a Road” is a sobering close to this EP.
Blue Collar is a solid addition to the collection, especially if you are into acoustic rock. With that being said, as an acoustic release that is heavy on the political commentary and this EP probably is not for everyone. But if you are into having some social awareness mixed into your music, I think that you will love it.  
Key Tracks: Undervalued Underpaid, Work in Progress, There’s a Road
Brian McKinnon – Sr. MuzikReviews.com Staff
October 14, 2012